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ISCN 2015: Melissa Goodall, GUCF


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Melissa Goodall, Associate Director, Office of Sustainability, Yale University speaking on the Global University Climate Forum.

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ISCN 2015: Melissa Goodall, GUCF

  1. 1. Melissa Goodall Yale Office of Sustainability June 2015
  2. 2. March 2012 March 2013
  3. 3. ACT LOCAL The role of universities
  4. 4. “Cooperation will be maximized when risk is high and groups are small”
  5. 5. We can make global issues personal and actionable
  6. 6. We can engage and inspire tomorrow’s professionals, constituents, and leaders (tomorrow’s leaders)
  7. 7. 20,000+
  9. 9. United States (3) Australia Denmark Ethiopia China Brazil Bolivia IndonesiaUgandaRwanda
  10. 10. Australian National University: Move Out Recycle Problem: volume of end-of-year waste. Solution: yard sale! (sold over $7,000)
  11. 11. Tongji University (China): Tri-Green Platform Problem: Lack of awareness about sustainability efforts on campus. Solution: Launch a web portal to promote awareness and action.
  12. 12. Makerere University (Uganda): Water Point Project Problem: non-reusable bottles account for 80% of drainage waste in Kampala… Solution: Providing clean and affordable drinking water via street- vending dispensers around campus.
  13. 13. Developed Countries • Emphasis on waste reduction (energy, materials…) and on behavior change • Universal access to resources and infrastructure • Financial support and strong connection with institutional efforts
  14. 14. Developing Countries • Emphasis on increasing access to essential resources • Emphasis on health and surrounding communities • Limited infrastructure and access to resources - both in the university and the country
  15. 15. IARU Global University Climate Forum a climate action workshop for university students Current partners: Pending partners:
  16. 16. How it works
  17. 17. Project requirementsTeamrequirements: At least 3 student members who will be on campus during the coming academic year At least 1 university administrator or faculty member listed as their adviser. Proof of capacity and support to deliver their proposed project. ProjectParameters: Must have measureable impacts – preferably social, environmental, and financial. Academic integration is encouraged but not required. May be on campus, in the community, or in the world. May builds on existing programming so long as the proposal specifies this. ProgressandFeedback: Teams report monthly via an online site. Final survey to assess the effectiveness of the projects and the value of the Forum. Outcomes: Online updates Final report Possible publication
  18. 18. Melissa Goodall Yale Office of Sustainability June 2015