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Davis Bookhart: Is Sustainability Scalable


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Davis Bookhart: Is Sustainability Scalable

  1. 1. Is  Sustainability   Scalable?     Davis  Bookhart   Head,  &  Senior  Manager,  Sustainability   Hong  Kong  University  of  Science  and  Technology   ISCN Conference June 2, 2014
  2. 2. Two  Central  Questions     What  does  scalability  mean  within   the  university  context?            And   What  actions  can  universities  take     to  accelerate  (scale  up)  their   activities?  
  3. 3. What  does   scalability   mean  in   campus   context?  
  4. 4. Discussions   from   Workshop   First,  recognize  that  not  all  things  can   be  scalable   Some  things  are  perfect  as  is  
  5. 5. Discussions   from   Workshop   Replicate  success,     but  constantly  improve       Scaling  means  refining  
  6. 6. Discussions   from   Workshop   Hands  on  learning     is  not  possible  to  scale  up         Interaction  and  engagement   needs  to  be  face-­‐to-­‐face    
  7. 7. !  Three  Ideas   Question  #2   How  do  we   contribute? !  What  actions   can  universities   take    to  scale  up   these  solutions?   Targeted   Analysis   Facilitation   Demonstration  
  8. 8. Demonstration         Taking  the  next   steps Scalability  in  Higher  Ed   Through  Strategic  Planning   Recent  Past Going  Forward Students  main  drivers  of   change     Students  /  academics   integrated  in  operations Good  use  of  existing  resources     Resources  allocated  according   to  goals  and  targets Steady,  incremental  progress   Transformation Opportunistic     Strategic Able  to  find  “fits”     Build  in  policies  and  standards    
  9. 9. Targeted   Analysis       Expand  research   to  solve  real-­‐ world  problems   Focus  on  Problems  that  affect  us  all  
  10. 10. Facilitation         Leverage  our   experience !  We  know  from  experience  on  campus  that  focused   stakeholder-­‐driven  processes   !  Best  chance  of  producing  optimal  results   !  Best  method  for  incorporating  stakeholder  buy-­‐in   !  Best  at  avoiding  or  mitigating  conflicts   Stakeholder  process  
  11. 11. Discussion