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Davis Bookhart: Innovation: points for consideration


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Published in: Education
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Davis Bookhart: Innovation: points for consideration

  1. 1. INNOVATION Points for consideration
  2. 2. Outcomes of Breakout Hope to accomplish a several outcomes: 1.  Continue progress from the morning discussions 2.  Better understand innovation at university level 3.  Better understand the limitations Ultimate Goal Leave with a realistic view of what is possible and what where to focus attention
  4. 4. Research Advantages •  Part of the core mission of most of our universities •  Great thinkers and innovators who have ability to devote time •  Enthusiastic labor force of RAs, grad students, post-docs •  Often have access to government funds Challenges •  Not good at getting new ideas "off the lab bench” (not trained to bring solutions to market) •  Theoretical research; rewards and incentives are towards academic papers, not usable solutions •  Completely different skill set to be an entrepreneur •  Shrinking funding base from many governments
  5. 5. Academic training Advantages •  New ideas can be incorporated into coursework to challenge students to think creatively in analytic sand problem solving •  Hands-on experiential learning becoming more popular •  Research for student projects can complement needs of practitioners in the field •  Can use the campus to testing new approaches, providing insight, feedback and practical field testing Challenges •  Takes more time to prepare students to think creatively and analytically to solve real world problems •  Physical limitations to using the campus as a learning lab
  6. 6. Collaboration Advantages •  An area of growing importance for universities – especially local and regional partnerships •  Sharing operational strategies can provide new insights •  More likely to take some risks when know there is a broader support network with professional expertise and advice •  Sum is greater than the whole Challenges •  Still have a "first mover" risk – the first to try a new technology is the one that takes the majority of risk for failure. •  Collaborative may wait for someone else to start. •  Coordination is time consuming, and often considered outside scope of regular duties.