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2016 ISCN Awards: Student Leadership


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UBC Sustainability Ambassadors

Published in: Education
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2016 ISCN Awards: Student Leadership

  1. 1. UBC Sustainability Ambassadors
  2. 2. Our Mission To encourage the UBC community to engage in holistic learning and conscientious living through collaboration and critical thinking, while also raising awareness of sustainability in order to achieve a sustainable future.
  3. 3. Our History 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 The program started in 2012 as an unique opportunity for students to learn about sustainable development in an interdisciplinary environment. In the past four years, the program has grown in capacity and popularity amongst students.
  4. 4. Our Impact • 65 students • 24 innovative projects and events to engage the UBC community in sustainability issues. Some of our highlights include…
  5. 5. Sustainability Research Symposium A one-day interdisciplinary showcase of graduate research in sustainability
  6. 6. A lunchtime event for students and staff to learn, communicate and collaborate
  7. 7. Primary School Workshops We deliver workshops for grades K-2 that support teachers in Vancouver and their sustainability curriculum
  8. 8. Eating Sustainably for Wellbeing A hot lunch program for UBC students to enjoy and share locally grown, fair trade and organic produce while discussing and engaging in health, wellness and sustainability conversations The event has been a great success with hundreds of participants
  9. 9. Special Topics Series ArcSus: Green Buildings and the Big One Keynote presentations by experts in the fields of architecture, green buildings, and real estate on the topic of earthquake safety and sustainability of buildings on campus and beyond The event was sold-out during its pilot year in January 2016
  10. 10. Student Leadership Conference Workshop Each year, the Sustainability Ambassadors deliver a sustainability-related workshop for the conference delegates on the theme of the annual SLC, which hosts over 1000 student leader delegates
  11. 11. An annual event to celebrate student initiatives in sustainability Hundreds of students, staff and community members explore involvement opportunities and learn how to incorporate sustainability into their studies, work and lifestyle
  12. 12. Sustainability Peer Advising In addition to planning events, the Ambassadors commit 1-2 hours each week for sustainability peer advising. They mentor fellow students who have questions about incorporating sustainability into their education, work or everyday lives
  13. 13. Campus Sustainability Tour The Ambassadors have developed a comprehensive campus sustainability guided walking tour to highlight many sustainability features at the UBC campus Last year the tour was also delivered during the Engineering Education for Sustainable Development Conference in June 2015
  14. 14. Sustainable Event Planning Workshop and Services The Sustainable Event Planning Workshop as well as a Checklist and Guide offers a resource for student groups, staff, faculty, and anyone interested in hosting an event, to ensure that it is run sustainably
  15. 15. THANK YOU!