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2014 Student Award, University of Exeter


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Published in: Education, Technology
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2014 Student Award, University of Exeter

  1. 1.   /studentsgreenunit   @ExeterSGU Empowering students to shape sustainability through behaviour change Norrie  Blackeby   Students’  Green  Unit  Manager   4  June  2014  
  2. 2. Student Leadership – at the heart of the Student’s Green Unit (SGU) FUNDING & COLLABORATION
  3. 3. Who We Are and How We Work with Student Leaders •   The  SGU  consists  of  five  full  Cme  graduate  co-­‐ordinators.     •   SGU  co-­‐ordinators  provide  support  and  guidance  to  students  of  Exeter   University  seeking  to  run  sustainability  focussed  projects  on  campus  and  in  the   surrounding  community.   •   SGU  project  funding  opens  in  rounds,  with  an  applicaCon  window  and  deadline   for  form  submission  -­‐  students  are  encouraged  to  come  and  discuss  their  ideas   with  the  SGU.   •   SGU  co-­‐ordinators  work  closely  with  student  leaders  to  help  them  deliver  their   projects  successfully  and  acCvely  collaborate  with  various  organisaCons/people/ teams  in  promoCng  student  led  projects.   Research   Community   and  Student   Engagement   OperaCons  EducaCon   Employability  
  4. 4. Students developing project ideas during our ideas-sharing workshop   An example page of the application form that students submit to the SGU.  
  5. 5. Student Leadership – at the heart of the Student’s Green Unit (SGU) Our students become leaders in sustainability by... •  Becoming key communicators and role models for sustainable action amongst their peers. •  Being introduced to key staff members as change-agents, thus helping them to create strong links and higher visibility. •  Developing their university into a renowned hub of sustainable activities. •  Contributing to ongoing strategies through effective lobbying and campaigning. •  Forming a strong network of sustainability champions to lead by example for others to follow.
  6. 6. Student Led Project Logos Students retain ownership of their projects by establishing their own branding. Below are some examples.