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Webinars For The Life Sciences

Educational webinars are one of the best ways to engage your target audience. Be an educator, build your brand, and collect market intelligence all from the convenience of your office! We are talking about the most cost and time effective method for lead generation, lead nurturing, and driving sales.

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Webinars For The Life Sciences

  1. 1. Educational webinars are one of the best ways to engage a target audience, generate new leads, and move prospects through your sales funnel. This is your chance to be an educator, build your company brand, and collect market intelligence all from the convenience of your office!
  2. 2. Webinars with InsideScientific Event Planning Content Formatting Marketing Online Hosting Content Follow Up Review  expertise and experience  targeted marketing to your identified research areas  assistance with content, formatting and creative  delivery of leads and market intelligence for timely, actionable follow-up
  3. 3. Event Planning To kick things off we host a strategy session or two with your team. By the end of these meetings we will have a specific topic, target event dates, potential guest speakers, and will have discussed how content should be presented to ensure the greatest impact on your audience. After these sessions InsideScientific delivers a project plan listing all crucial actions and completion dates.
  4. 4. Content Formatting As part of our service we help craft your presentation. To get things started, your staff members and guest speakers submit rough copy content to our team. Following, InsideScientific brings together content from all presenters and formats a final presentation that embodies your desired style and corporate brand.
  5. 5. Marketing Simply put… InsideScientific handles all marketing initiatives. First, your event is posted to our website. Then we create an email marketing campaign dedicated to your webinar and ‘narrow-cast’ to your target market. In addition, we leverage online channels to promote your event and spread the word through specific scientific networks.
  6. 6. Online Hosting Many details go in to hosting and running a smooth and seamless webinar. Conveniently, InsideScientific takes care of all of these details for you and your guest speakers, including tech-checks for all presenters and multiple practice runs prior to your event. All registration logistics and technical considerations are handled by our team, and your event will be professionally moderated by one of our staff.
  7. 7. Content Follow Up Following your event we process your slides and webinar recording. This content is then hosted to your own “past-event” page on Next we follow up with all webinar registrants providing access to your resources and update social channels so content can be accessed “on- demand”. Note: options are available to continue lead information retrieval from “on- demand” viewers.
  8. 8. Review Post event you receive an ‘Event Report’, including registrant contact details, market intelligence data and event statistics. Data is presented in consumable packets so your team can review and start follow-up actions quickly. For those in an annual campaign we offer custom formatting for CRM integration and tailored lead-tracking options. Event service closes with a client debrief.
  9. 9. InsideScientific Actions  Strategy sessions with client  Creation of event workflow document and planning forms  Creation of event landing page and registration page  Dedicated email marketing campaign  Lead-mining  Social channel marketing activities  Tech-checks with all presenters  Review of rough draft with client and guest speakers  Formatting of final presentation  Hosting of practice sessions with presenters  Live hosting and moderation  Formatting of slide-deck and recording  Distribution of event resources  Event report & client debrief
  10. 10. Client & Guest Speaker* Actions 1. online planning form – topic, objectives, target market, potential guest speakers, and possible live dates – 30 min 2. event strategy meeting(s) – 1-3 hrs* 3. submit rough draft content - 1-10 hrs* 4. attend tech-check(s) – 1 hr* 5. attend practice sessions – 1-4 hrs* 6. LIVE SESSION – 2 hrs* 7. complete rough draft Q&A report – 30 min* 7-21 hours
  11. 11. Educational webinars with a technical focus are a special type of virtual event – they are not your run-of-the-mill online meeting! It is our belief that successful scientific webinars require special attention be given to content, the way it is prepared and delivered, and how the event is marketed. Fortunately, we have this down to a science.
  12. 12. Common Webinar Types Case Study This type of webinar is very similar to the type of presentation a scientist would give at a conference. It typically involves 1 or 2 guest speakers showing how a particular product enabled them to discover something of value in their research. The main focuses of the webinar are the scientific findings and how your product enabled these discoveries. Methods This type of webinar is effectively a how-to-guide. It typically involves one guest speaker showing how a particular scientific measurement, or combination of techniques, are successfully performed in the lab. The main focuses of the webinar are best- practices, potential pitfalls, how to generate reliable data, and how to analyze and interpret findings. Innovation This type of webinar is for product launches and new ground- breaking applications. It typically involves a technical expert who can speak on the technology and a scientist who can share preliminary findings and describe the novel technique that has been validated. The main focus of the webinar is how this innovation will advance scientific discovery.
  13. 13. Common Webinar Formats The “Traditional” As the name suggests, this is a traditional format that also tends to be the most common used. The event is typically 1 hr in length and structured as follows: • Welcome and Introduction • Audience Polling • Presentation 1 (~15-20 min) • Audience Polling • Presentation 2 (~15-20 min) • Q&A Session with all speakers The “Flip-Webinar” This format involves gathering questions during registration which are then used to drive the webinar content. Presenters prepare slides to answer specific questions. • Welcome and Introduction • Audience Polling • Q&A Session 1 (~15-20 min) • Audience Polling • Q&A Session 2 (~15-20 min) • Closing Remarks The “Round Table” Again, questions are gathered during registration and determine the focus. However, the session is more fluid, involving 4-6 experts sharing thoughts and opinions. • Welcome and Introduction • Audience Polling • Round-Table 1 (~15-20 min) • Audience Polling • Round-Table 2 (~15-20 min) • Closing Remarks
  14. 14. Campaigns vs. Individual Webinars Planning a single webinar, whether independent or part of one of our webinar series, is a great place to start. However, we believe that a webinar campaign including a number of educational events over the course of a year should be the ultimate goal for any company. An annual campaign dedicated to your brand will increase exposure and present the greatest opportunity for lead generation, lead nurturing, and thought leadership. Furthermore, it puts InsideScientific working as an extension of your team around-the-clock.
  15. 15. Webinar Service Individual Webinar Campaign Webinar Event Landing Page Yes Yes Pre-event Social Media Marketing Yes Yes Event Email Marketing Yes Yes Complete Event Report Yes Yes Webinar Consultation and Strategy Single Event Comprehensive Strategy Post-Event Lead Collection Optional Optional Webinar Cross Promotion No Yes Post-event Social Media Marketing No Yes Campaign / Series Email Marketing No 2/year Formatting of Event Data for Client CRM No Yes Event Landing Page Banner (Right Skyscraper) $500/year Free
  16. 16. Webinar Case Studies
  17. 17. Data Sciences International (DSI) As a recognized leader in physiologic monitoring, DSI offers telemetry, instrumentation, software, and services to advance science. In particular, DSI is well known for multi- parameter monitoring, including sensing solutions that offer continuous, real-time measurements of physiologic endpoints. The concept of continuous, real-time monitoring versus scheduled sampling or other forms of wireless data packaging applies to a variety of DSI products; clearly, the option to have real-time and complete data streams influences the scientific possibilities that can be considered when identifying the potential end-points required by scientists. Therefore, DSI set out to host a webinar on the topic of continuous, real-time physiologic monitoring with InsideScientific.
  18. 18. Webinar Objectives 1. review the differences between continuous, real-time monitoring and alternate wireless data collection methods 2. explain how continuous, real-time data for certain scientific applications is not only preferred but essential 3. collect market intelligence from a broad audience regarding their current or planned telemetry research applications, including animal models studied, types of signals monitored, and technology requirements Data Sciences International (DSI) – Case Study 2014
  19. 19. Invites Opened: 1,946 Slide-deck Views*: 99 Recording Views*: 48 * calculated 3 weeks post-event Marketing Touch-Points Unique Companies: 199 Total Registrants: 284 Live Attendees: 99 Percent Attendance: 35% Registration & Attendance Poll Response: 59% Total Data Entries: 429 Survey Response: 35% Total Data Entries: 215 Market Intelligence Data Sciences International (DSI) – Case Study 2014
  20. 20. IonOptix IonOptix has been making quality ratiometric fluorescence and cell dimensioning data acquisition systems for life science researchers since 1990. They are well known for their calcium and contractility systems, and have recently introduced new equipment including FluorPlex – a highspeed ratiometric multi-bath tissue fluorometry system – and MyoStretcher – a force measurement system to attach, stretch, and load single muscle cells to study physiologic and functional properties. It is the latter system that IonOptix decided was best suited for a project with InsideScientific, whereby an educational webinar would play a central role in generating awareness regarding their new technology and showing researchers specifically how they could use the MyoStretcher in a variety of single cell research applications.
  21. 21. Webinar Objectives 1. Introduce the system including MyoTak adhesive, showing what is unique and novel about the equipment and techniques. 2. Review how to attach, load, and stretch single cell samples, specifically ventricular myocytes. Use picture and video to demonstrate the process including the use of MyoTak. 3. Review interesting examples of single cell force measurements – specifically, how to create force-length loops and relate these measurements to cardiovascular dysfunction IonOptix – Case Study 2014
  22. 22. Invites Opened: 2,586 Slide-deck Views*: 146 Recording Views*: 150 * calculated 3 weeks post-event Marketing Touch-Points Unique Companies: 180 Total Registrants: 255 Live Attendees: 155 Percent Attendance: 61% Registration & Attendance Poll Response: 73% Total Data Entries: 395 Survey Response: 45% Total Data Entries: 321 Market Intelligence IonOptix – Case Study 2014
  23. 23. What our clients say… I cannot overstate the amount and quality of work InsideScientific put in to our event. Thanks to them our webinar ran smoothly and professionally. InsideScientific created full reports that provided us with valuable post-event information for our sales team to follow up on... All told, we couldn't be happier with the webinar and the resulting boost in sales traffic Joe Soughayer, PhD – Business Manager, IonOptix Thank you again for the flawless webinar experience. Our sales manager called it our best marketing investment so far! If it had not been for your superb marketing and managerial skills we would have not been able to pull this off. Katja Karelina – CEO, Neurotar The professionals at InsideScientific delivered exactly what they said they would, and more. From day one of greenlighting their proposal their team managed all aspects of planning and execution… The feedback we have received from the webinar has been phenomenal, providing us a rich repository of prospects, new customers and feedback that will benefit our bottom line." Tom Hampton, PhD – President & CSO, Mouse Specifics, Inc.
  24. 24. What our clients say… Our webinar with InsideScientific proved to be a great way to reach a large number of targeted scientists, including potential clients we would otherwise not encounter. Just as important are the lasting collaterals (webinar recording, slide-deck and Q&A report) that have already proven to be extremely valuable and will help us generate leads and educate our clients for years’ to come. Gerry Herrera, PhD – President, Living Systems Instrumentation InsideScientific's extensive knowledge of the preclinical research market uniquely positioned them to attract many new biomedical researchers to our event with effectiveness not typically possible with other Marketing companies... It was an absolute pleasure to work with InsideScientific to deliver our webinar and we recommend them to others in our space as a valuable Marketing tool. Jessica Grenwis – Manager, Channel Marketing, Data Sciences International Our first experience, in doing a webinar with InsideScientific, went so well that we immediately signed up to do another… Not only did we end up with great webinars we also greatly benefited from InsideScientific’s marketing efforts. Their process allowed us to engage our audience during the event and the webinars continue to have an impact. Trent Lund, President Stoelting Co.
  25. 25. Some of our webinar partners…
  26. 26. To learn more about our webinar services please contact our team directly by email at: webinars • workshops • market research • creative