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How Do You Make A Model Car


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How Do You Make A Model Car

  1. 1. By Landon, Max, Joe and Daiki Making a Model car
  2. 2. How Do You Make A Model Car?
  3. 3. •Will it matter if we put the motors in the front? • If we use 4 motors, will it go faster? • Do we have to use a lighter base? Questions
  4. 4. • We think it will go faster if we use a lighter base Prediction
  5. 5. 1. Draw a diagram to get a idea 2. Attach two motors to the board 3. Attach wires and switch to motor 4. Attach wheels to motor with sticky tack 5. In two small battery holders, put in two AA batteries. Plan
  6. 6. • We needed a lighter base. •The batteries were weighing down the car •We need a bigger base Results
  7. 7. • I claim that you can make a model car without buying one at the store • I can prove this by showing right now • Our results show that we need a lighter base • We found out that the batteries were weighing the car down • You can use this in real life as a toy for racing your friends • Next time I would change the weight of the car • I still wonder if you put the motors in front, if it will go faster Conclusion
  8. 8. 1. Racing your friends 2. Having fun Real World Uses