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Data max ds-01

  1. 1. DATA SHEET Data V 4.0 Advanced Historian Solutions for Process, Manufacturing and Facilitiesinventing progress
  2. 2. Data V 4.0 Plant Information Management SystemEvery business strives for increasing production and decreasing maintenance and operational costs in order to maximizerevenue and a world class plant information management system is the first step to achieve this goal.SENSYS state of the art Plant Information Management System (PIMS) DataMAX is designed to provide comprehensivereal time and historical analysis of plant information to achieve operational excellence. DataMAX offers a central platformfor enterprise wide visibility of operations which enhances cross functional collaboration and, therefore, accounts forbetter decision making.DataMAX offers a complete data management solution built on a highly robust, tremendously versatile and truly agilearchitecture and caters all of your current and future requirements. DataMAX beautifully simplifies the arduous task ofmanaging your entire plant floor data through its user friendly environment which runs through out the product andenables users to perform unparalleled data analysis. DataMAX redefines the role of a high performance and high dataintegrity real time historian for all key stakeholders related to operations, maintenance, engineering and management.It’s a unified system designed to align business and technical processes. Asset Management Business Decision Support Database Laboratory Information Application Applications System Systems Management Application OPC-ODBC-Data Connectors Maintenance Operations Engineering Management Da ta Data Plant Information Management System Condition Power Third Party Historian Monitoring Management Fire & Gas Safety Shutdown Skid Packages Control LAN HMI/ SCADA Scalable Fig 01
  3. 3. Business BenefitsEnterprise wide Visibility of operations ever so important in order to ensure quality of business products and is also one of the main factors around which risk manageDataMAX provides a visualization dashboard to all the key ment is done. Regulatory compliance is especially a must forstakeholders in an enterprise. In one unified platform, every key batch industries like pharmaceutical and food where organiza-personnel whether he is related to engineering, maintenance, tions need to carefully monitor the records in electronic form thatproduction or management, can access his relevant information are modified, archived, retrieved, or transmitted under anywhich results in improved collaboration across the enterprise and records requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. Data-enhances decision making. Real time feel and historical data MAX fully complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR part11 andanalysis are made available to all the stakeholders locally as well allows to keep complete track of events that occur on plant flooras remotely and each key player remains in touch all the time layer. In addition, DataMAX is built on windows authenticationwith the events that occur across the plantfloor and hence security to completely track electronic signatures of each user inprovides a single version of truth. the company to ensure accountability.Reducing maintenance costs through Improve decision making throughcondition based and predictive maintenance Advanced KPI Calculation and AnalysisThe challenge of integrating computerized maintenance Importance of exact calculation and careful analysis can never bemanagement system with real time plant floor data in order to overstated in today’s competitive business world since theyensure condition based maintenance has become an absolute impact the entire profitability and strategy of a business. Data-necessity these days. This enables creation of automatic work MAX provides advanced process functions to precisely calculateorders within the CMMS system according to the events that your KPIs. In addition the bulilt in MAXAnalyst tool providesoccur on plant assets. DataMAX provides seamless integration comprehensive drill down analysis through its analytical tools.with CMMS systems through industry standard interfaces there- This drastically improves decision making and ultimately lever-fore provides real time condition based maintenance. This result ages massive inventory squeeze and huge reduction in maintenancecosts. DataMAX Analytical interface provides tools to carry outpredictive maintenance and save costs associated with calendarbased maintenance activities. DataMAX therefore justifies yourreturn on investment instantly as it plays such a vital role incutting down maintenance and operational costs.Increasing production throughcomprehensive downtime analysisNeedless to say that any manufacturing facility craves forincrease in production and production is indirectly proportional todowntime. Minimizing downtime maximizes plant availability andultimately increasesConnectivity plant’s production. DataMAXrevolutionizes the way of performing downtime analysis throughits powerful Analytical features which extensively cover Alarm andEvent Management and backtracks to the root cause of theproblems that occur. You can drill down to the root cause of anyproblem and ensure that such actions are refrained from in thefuture to decrease your downtime and increase productivity. Fig 02Enforcing regulatory compliance across Minimize your deployment coststhe enterprise Cutting down configuration and deployment costs plays anProper implementation of Regulatory compliance has become important role in overall controlling business costs. DataMAX
  4. 4. Business Benefitscomes with “Deploy Once, Use anywhere” philosophy and deliv- Integration with Business and Planters lowest multi server deployment with lowest cost and withoutany performance compromises. Its reusable component archi- Applicationstecture saves configuration and engineering time. With DataMAX, Integration of Plant floor data with Business and Plant applica-there is never a need to visit the facility physically because tions is becoming a norm these days since the world is quicklyDataMAX comes with web based (remote) engineering features. moving towards a central integrated solution from which they canAlso, DataMAX extremely simple licensing saves significant time analyze their entire business process and reduce maintenanceand cost on license management. DataMAX smart web based and operational costs. DataMAX not only feeds plant data at realclients ensures that license is only deployed on the server side time to other business and plant applications but also offers aand no installation is required on the client side. central visualization dashboard. This enables the users to view all of their business layers through one portal and therefore removes the pain of managing multiple applications across the enterprise. Provides seamless integration with applications like SAP, Maximo etc.
  5. 5. Technical BenefitsUnmatched Reliability Simplified Engineering and ConfigurationReliability is the foremost requirement of any plant information Technical complexity is a major hindrance in the engineering fieldmanagement system. DataMAX comes with a completely fault since it is directly proportional to consumption of man hours.tolerant server architecture. DataMAX ensures round the clock DataMAX expertly addresses that problem by providing extremelyavailability of data. In a geographically distributed solution, it flexible engineering environment. DataMAX offers the power ofensures automatic synchronization of databases in case of any concurrent engineering in which multiple engineers can configurecommunication infrastructure break down. All in all, DataMAX the project on a single server at real time and all the changes arelives to ensure that not a single point historization at any instant incorporated into the project instantly without the need to restartis missed. any application which signifantly reduces engineering man hours. Inaddition DataMAX inherently comes with the concept of objectRealtime High Data Integrity templates in shape of MAXObjects which utilizes the power of software reusability to its fullest and cuts down engineering time.DataMAX fully realizes the importance of lossless data storage In addition its single framework provides access to all modulesand ensures high data integrity in most stringent of conditions. on a single platform. This completely removes the pain of managing multiple window applications for engineering and configuration of projects.Ultimate ScalabilityDataMAX is based on an extremely scalable architecture andoffers the functionality of multi server and multi client plug and Simplified Licensing DataMAX revolutionizes the way of licensing with its concept ofplay. It has the ability to collect data from disparate units into a Smart Web Based Clients. Now you can save your hours oncentral data repository. DataMAX can start off with very small managing multiple complex licensing philosophies. DataMAXnumber of points and later on can be scaled to hundreds and requires a single license file to be deployed on the DataMAXthousands of points simply by replacing the old server license file Server Machine. There is no need to install any license on theby the new one. This doesn’t even require a server shutdown or client machine since any machine can become a client. Thisrestart and therefore saves any downtime, whatsoever. removes the concept of seed based clients and enables users to fully utilize the concept of web applications.Robustness InteroperabilityDataMAX has the ability to handle huge loads of data underextensively rugged environment without any server breakdown. DataMAX supports a concurrent multiserver multiclient architec-Whether it is a rough environment of cement or stressful condi- ture and supports interoperability of the highest order. It cantions of power, DataMAX comes with stability of the highest gather data from multiple DataMAX servers and other third partyorder. Even under these challenging conditions, DataMAX offers servers over OPC and ODBC. DataMAX can act as a server andinstant retrieval of data. client through OPC DA (Data Access), HDA (Historical Data Access) and A & E (Alarms and Events). DataMAX plug and playSecure server functionality puts it in a different class altogether.DataMAX gives you the power of implementing rolebased granu-lar security across the enterprise. You can control the rights ofusers as per your requirements. Furthermore, DataMAX security Ease of Useis powered by windows authentication, meaning that your Plant DataMAX comes with a single integrated framework and offers anInformation Management System can use the exact security extremely user friendly environment to work in. Its integratedmodel that applies to your corporate network. In addition, Data- framework allows users to access every module from a singleMAX comfortably accommodates multi layer firewall and network platform. The inherent MAXAnalyst enables instant resourceconfiguration to protect data from unauthorized access and switching and simplifies navigation with the system.tampering.
  6. 6. Key FeaturesDataMax allows for high speed, secure, reliable, and configu-rable data collection and analysis, providing historical and Centralized Data Repositoryreal-time actionable information on your processes and DataMAX DA and A&E data collection and logging ensure main-production. Some of the key features that DataMAX offers are: tenance of vast amounts of data in long-term history to enable user access and application integration.Alarm and Event Historization DataMAX distributed architecture ensures that data can be collected from disparate data sources into a single consistentDataMAX DA and A&E data collection and logging ensure main- database. Following are the key features:tenance of vast amounts of data in long-term history to enable Data Acquisition from multiple DA and A&E sourcesuser access and application integration.This requires guaranteed end to end ZERO % data loss espe- The concept of SCADA partner allowscially in a distributed architecture. The data includes Value, commenting/annotations on distributed data remotelytimestamps and quality (from DA sources such as PLCs, DCSs, from the central node.RTUs) and ‘Alarms&Events generation’ inside DataMAX. The Distributed live storage locationschallenge is to communicate the huge flux across the clientServer chains and store it inside the server with fast and efficient Time and Event based scheduling of backups creation.retrieval. DataMAX historian supports data cache: a databasethat redundantly stores data in a format that is streamlined for Provision of Historical Data Access to other parties.faster retrieval. This enables: Data acquisition and storage of thousands of events per second. Instant Retrieval time (and rendering time) on Historical Trends and Reports through advanced sampling algorithms. User (custom) defined Log Groups Ability to configure hundreds of thousands of tags/points. A&E Service A&E Data Server Fig 04 A&E Server A&E Log-Group Smooth One Click Display Navigation Data DataMAX comes with the functionally of MAXAnalyst which Cache Attaching remote A&E log groupsto DataMAX provides smooth navigation with in projects. Its one click naviga- tion provides instant analysis of parameters. Users can seam- lessly switch controls/resources and parameters can be viewed Annotation from DataMAX in Real Time and Historical Trends and Alarm Controls in a click Primary Secondary of a button. Remote HDA DataServer DataMAX also provides user visualization and operations (data) HDA Service controls to analyze the logged data using A&E (EEMUA191 compliant charts, A&E controls (history / current) and DA data HDA Server Data trends (history / real). The analysis can be applied anywhere in Fig 03 the project (Screen, Trends, A & E controls and charts).
  7. 7. Key FeaturesMulti server data aggregation and analysis and performs smooth historical analysis on it. This includes :DataMAX comes with an inbuilt ability of aggregating data from Portable history backups.multiple sources/servers and provides advanced analysis on it. Link in place: Enables the users to link up with the historyDataMAX Aggregation displays and EEMUA 191 compliant A&E backups at different servers without copying operation.charts allow users to apply engineering and business knowledgeto historical data, while built-in engineering unit conversions Availability of data from number of backupshelp users view data in a format that makes sense to them inform of derived tags. (e.g the derived tags). Event Server and 21CFR11Aggregate data may be combined with business data to providea view of the entire operation. DataMAX fully complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR and allows to keep complete track of events that occur on plant floor layer. In addition, DataMAX is built on windows authentication securityOpen Connectivity to completely track electronic signatures of each user in the company to ensure accountability.An open scalable architecture is a must for modern technologicalsystems and that’s what DataMAX is built on. It can interact withother system over multiple interfaces. DataMAX can connect to Real time and Historical trend visualizationother applications over OLEDB with its OLEDB Provider and OPC.Also comes with Historical Automation Wrapper for acquiring DataMAX offers state of the art trending facility for historical andhistorical data. It can also connect with third party applications real time analysis of parameters. DataMAX trending modulevia webservices and its own data connectors. DataMAX itself comes with:comes with 175 native drivers for communication with variousdevices over different protocols. Facility to annotate parameters. Configuration of font style and sizeAdvanced Reporting Customizable Trend PrintingReportMax offers comprehensive data export to excel, resultingin the creation of complex and content rich reports available on Multiple grid supportdemand at the click of a button. Share, collaborate, and act tokeep your enterprise functioning flawlessly by harnessing the Alarm Control Limit Displaypower of ReportMax. Display of Advanced Processed FunctionsReports are available in Excel, PDF and Web Formats. Comeswith complete excel capabilities to calculate advanced andcomplex formulae through standard excel functions. It alsocontains chart displays.Advanced Data Compression TechniquesDataMAX comes with special compression algorithms to optimizethe disk space utilization for storing data. This drasticallydecreases the over head of disk space management for custom-ers.Comprehensive Archive Management Fig 05DataMAX offers multiple archives to be attached to it at any time
  8. 8. Key FeaturesRole based Granular Security track of incremental runtime data like run hours of equipment and DataMAX comes with Accumulators with which you can keepDataMAX comes with role based granular security and enables a close eye on.organizations to implement n-level security. Administrator caneasily control the level of privileges that need to be given toEngineers, operators, managers etc. Resulability of ComponentsDataMAX also provides windows authentication in order to align DataMAX comes with the concept of MAXObjects which utilizesthe product security with your corporate network security. the power of software reusablity. Its a totally object oriented approach which reduces man hours by creating an object template and then reusing it to instantiate objects.KPI CalculationYou can now calculate your Key Performance indicators through Verstility and FlexibilityAdvanced Calculation Engine and Processed Functions. Userscan drill down for in depth information regarding KPIs. DataMAX is based on a completely flexible and versatile archi- tecture. It is completely aligned with the proven standards and platforms in the industry.Accumulators Figure 06 elaborates the standards that DataMAX supports:Accumulators are an important tool since they are used to keep Platform Windows 2003 server XP Professional Minimum Core 2 Duo machines with atleast 2 GB RAM Visualization Network Web Ethernet XL Reports Wireless Ethernet 3rd Party A&E and H D A clients Remote Data Radio Frequency Local Connectivity Application Tools OPC Security Developer Studio Web Services Http Role based OLEDB Windows Authentication ODBC Firewall ADO Antivirus Fig 06
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