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App194 en contour-of-blanking-keys


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App194 en contour-of-blanking-keys

  1. 1. A194_eLaser sensorsoptoNCDTContour/Outline Control in the blanking of Security KeysSpecial processing units are required for the manufac-ture of security keys. During the production process, apermanent change between the key blanks takes place.The company Aumat in Solingen specialises in the pro-duction of such keys. The processing units that are usedto produce the key blanks rely on high-performance op-toNCDT 2200 series laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon.During the inlet of the different key blanks, the individualprocessing data is loaded from a database. Prior to pro-duction, the unit verifies if the blank is appropriate for thedata in the unit. Therefore, a laser sensor traverses in theopposite direction to the key blank in order to achieve aprofile of the surface of the blank. If the profile corres- Advantages to the customer:ponds to the reference data, the key blank is released to - Excellent price-performance ratiobe processed further. - Complete surface detection of the blanks - Minimal spot sizeReliable acquisition of data on shiny or matt metal sur-faces, as well as a high spatial resolution, is of critical im- Requirements of the measuring system:portance to the customer. Due to operational speeds, a - 50µm measuring spot diametermeasuring rate of 10kHz is required. Furthermore, a large - 3µm repeatabilitybase distance is also important due to the mechanical - 10,000 measuring results per seconddesign. Due to its reliable performance measurement,Aumat decided to apply the optoNCDT 2200 laser sensorwith a 10mm measuring range. The sensor achieves therequired measuring rate of 10kHz, while also offering ac-curate, reliable measurement data results due to an integ-rated real time surface compensation (RTSC) feature. Quelle: Fraunhofer IWESMICRO-EPSILON A member of micro-epsilon groupKönigbacherstr. 15 Tel. +49 (0) 85 42/1 68-0 Certified DIN EN ISO 9001 : 200094496 Ortenburg/Germany Fax +49(0) 85 42/1 69 90 Modifications reserved / 9781194-A010119FHF