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App193 en falling-film-reactor


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App193 en falling-film-reactor

  1. 1. A193_eConfocal chromatic measurementoptoNCDT 2401Displacement measurement in a chemical industry falling film reactorNew catalysts, which are of great importance to the che-micals and pharmaceuticals industries, should be deve-loped in accordance with the framework of the planned“Asymmetric Heterogeneous Catalysed Hydration“ pro-ject. The in situ laser spectroscopy and anemometry inthe visible spectrum range with high spatial and time re-solution is well developed. Measurands are flow speeds,temperatures and concentrations of substances. Howe-ver, the measurement of local concentrations and tempe-ratures, particularly in liquids, is very difficult.High spatial resolution is important when it comes to ca-talyst solid bodies. Therefore the channels in the reactormetal sheet were measured at the beginning of the projectusing the optoNCDT 2401 confocal measuring system inorder to enable a target/actual comparison to be made.The measuring system was also used to determine the Quelle: Fraunhofer IWESflow distribution of the liquid by recording filling heightmeasurements in the channels. The results showed thatuneven distributions could partially occur in these chan-nels. Benefits for the customer:The confocal measuring system is mounted vertically in - Measurement through glass platefront of the catalyst. The beam of the sensor penetrates - Compact beam paththe 5mm thick glass pane and measures the depth of the - Minimal measuring spot sizemicro channels after an air gap of 5mm. The channelsthemselves have a depth of around 200µm and a width Requirements for the measuring system:of 400µm. Due to the compact beam path, narrow ca- - Acquisition of the wave structure of the catalystvities can also be measured reliably using the confocal - Acute opening angle of the sensorprinciple. Quelle: Fraunhofer IWESMICRO-EPSILON A member of micro-epsilon groupKönigbacherstr. 15 Tel. +49 (0) 85 42/1 68-0 Certified DIN EN ISO 9001 : 200094496 Ortenburg/Germany Fax +49(0) 85 42/1 69 90 Modifications reserved / 9781193-A010119FHF