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  1. 1. National Broadband Strategy Role of Edwin Provencal 8/31/2009
  2. 2. Content Who is NCBC NCBC’s Network NCBC’s role in BB Pricing strategy NCBC’s role in achieving GOG’s 4 key strategic themes
  3. 3. Mission & Objectives • Mission – To ensure the provision of bandwidth to Licensed Service Providers (ISPs) and Operators on an open access and non-discriminatory basis , thereby catalyzing government initiatives • Objectives – Promote socio-economic development – Provide high quality and competitively priced services to ISPs and Operators – Provide high capacity bandwidth to the hinterlands and under-served regions of Ghana – Facilitate international connectivity
  4. 4. Progress So Far.. Invested over Planned Investment $30million so far by 2011 – $62 million • Cleaning and completion • Most resilient national of southern ring network in Africa by 2011 • Contract awarded for the northern ring 2010 • Grown from a 4E1 to almost 500E1 capacity from April 16 2008 till date.
  5. 5. 10 REASONS Why NCBC ? 1. Best placed to facilitate GOG’s socio- economic development 2. Best Combination of OPGW and Buried Cable in Ghana (West Africa) 3. Robust, Stable Network (Planned, Installed, Constructing) with Highest Availability 4. Only Protected Ring in Ghana with 30ms Switching time 5. Readiness for International Connectivity (Togo, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Fasso) 6. Advanced Plans to Connect Togo for SAT-3 Protected connection 7. Access network for all Submarine Cables 8. Availability of Collocation facilities (Power, Floor/Rack Space,), Tower Space 9. Managed Services 10. Access to VF’s Accra Metro network
  6. 6. NCBC’s Network Positioning Bawku Sankase Legend Planned Existing Network Ring Under Construction Ring Yendi Ring Protected with Ring SNCP/MSP-Ring Delivery Ring # Task Status Date 1 Complete and Activate 2 Jun-09 Accomplished, Ring Rings with Protection ensuring 99% Uptime 2 Construct Middle and Jul-10 Commenced as Northern Rings Planned Aflao Ring Ring 3 Construct International Dec-10 As Planned Links Accra 4 Eastern Volta Aug-11 Under Elubo Redundancy Link Consideration GLO 1 SAT 3
  7. 7. NCBC’s Role in BB Pricing There are multiple legs in the international circuit, for example here the customer bill would include a+b+c+d presented as a single bill and single SLA: Internet via MainOne a b c d Internet via WASC Accra Accra Kumasi Tamale South (NCBC (NCBC PoP) (NCBC PoP) (customer interconnect premises) Internet at landing via GLO1 station) Leg Owner (example) Internet a International capacity via SAT3 / MainOne/ GLO 1 / WASC via SAT3 b NCBC or ISP c NCBC d NCBC or ISP
  8. 8. Price Benchmarking – (E1)2MBps Kasapa 200km microwave 2Mbit/s Comparison London - Madrid London - Paris 2Mbit/s NCBC VRA Pricing to Gateway VRA 200km VRA 100km South Africa 200km Wholesale South Africa 100km Wholesale Nitel Abuja-Kano Wholesale Nitel Lagos-Abuja Wholesale Cameroon 2Mbit/s >300km Cameroon 2Mbit/s 100-300km Cameroon 2Mbit/s <100Km London - Madrid London - Paris 2Mbit/s NCBC VRA Pricing to Gateway VRA 200km VRA 100km South Africa 200km Wholesale South Africa 100km Wholesale Nitel Abuja-Kano Wholesale Nitel Lagos-Abuja Wholesale Cameroon 2Mbit/s >300km - 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 $ per month Source: BT research and Telegeography 8
  9. 9. STM-1 price benchmark STM-1 Comparison London - Madrid London - Paris STM-1 NCBC South Africa 200km Wholesale South Africa 100km Wholesale Nitel Abuja-Kano Estimated Nitel Lagos-Abuja Estimated NCBC new STM1 - 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 $ per month Source: BT research and Telegeography 9
  10. 10. Delivering the GOG promise Source: NDC Manifesto • Facilitate ITES • Completion of and BPOs growth Northern Ring by across GH 2010 • Expansion of • Robust operational Connectivity to key territories of ISPs technology parks Job Infrastructure Creation Expansion Transparent Human and Capital Accountable Development Governance • E-Governance • Skill development / Youth • Public Sector empowerment Reforms • Reduce job creation burden on GOG
  11. 11. Summary NCBC’s role should be understood as the umbilical cord between the national broadband strategy and action Specific initiatives to support the implementation of the nation's broadband strategies National NCBC Action/ BB Strategy Operations Strategic guidance should be communicated and NCBC implemented on all relevant levels
  12. 12. Thank you! Questions
  13. 13. NCBC Network by Aug 2010 Togo NCBC plans to: • build the Northern Ring (in red) by Aug 2010 – and the Points of Presence to access the new network • Create a central ring by linking Kumasi and 95% + 4% via Vodafone Techiman by Q4 Microwave 09 – and to crosslink the existing network to VF exchanges to provide easy access to customers – a connection to the border at Bawku will enable 99% interconnect with Onatel and Togotel
  14. 14. Current Environment • 10% points of broadband penetration results in 1.38% increase (GDP) growth (Source: World Bank) representing $410million dollars based on 2008 GDP estimates (2009 CIA WORLD FACTBOOK ) • 3.8% internet penetration as against the continent’s average of 5.3% (Source: World Bank) • US$750M potential revenue in 5yrs in BPO Space – 37,000 direct and more than 150,000 indirect (Source: Hewitt) • Very Competitive market: 6 NOs, 25 ISPs – 23million population, <12million mobile users • Timing is critical – Dependent on entry strategy - Build/Buy
  15. 15. Some Clients