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Using Slideshare For Investor Relations


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How should your public company be using Slideshare in its Investor Relations strategy? We take a look at the many different functions in the slideshare platform and how best to apply them to your IR campaign.

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Using Slideshare For Investor Relations

  1. 1. Using Slideshare For Investor Relations
  2. 2. Where Should Content Come From? Company press releases and major project or operational areas. Information in flat text can be difficult to retain. Slideshows brighten up content and add color. Things to add include; maps, location data, image galleries, contact information, social media links.
  3. 3. So That This
  4. 4. Becomes this…
  5. 5. Content Storage Advantages You can never guarantee the kind of machine or browser that someone is using to view your presentation. Using Slideshare means viewing is standardized. Making your presentation publicly available makes it a huge asset for financial bloggers. Letting other people embed your presentation allows you to partially out-source your marketing to them. Website performance can be dramatically improved through embedding.
  6. 6. How to Embed…
  7. 7. Sharing In Social Media Slideshare includes sharing functions that allow other to promote your content in Social Media. Slidehshare is probably the web application that is best integrated with LinkedIn. Perfect for capturing a corporate audience. Getting on the “Hot on LinkedIn” section of Slideshare’s website can see your presentation get up to 10x the views it would normally.
  8. 8. E.g. Sharing In Social Media
  9. 9. Tracking Results Even the cheapest paid version of Slideshare will give you access to Analytics info including:  Embed and Website Views  Download Frequency  Tweets and Mentions  User Location  Facebook Likes Remember that every view here is additional too all of your traditional marketing efforts.
  10. 10. E.g. Tracking Results
  11. 11. Website Conversions Slideshare is best used to nurture relationships with the added benefit of driving potential shareholders to your corporate website. Google Analytics provides the ability to measure exactly how many people have arrived on your website from Slideshare (or any other Social Network for that matter). By embedding links in your presentations, you can drive traffic straight to your website even if theyre embedded on somebody elses financial blog.
  12. 12. E.g. Website Conversions
  13. 13. Capture Leads This is where Slideshare really shines. The paid versions of the app let you insert lead capture forms before the last slide of your presentations. Forms are not highly-customizable but are very simple and have a high conversion rate. Be sure to include a disclaimer so that you can send email newsletters to your subscribers.
  14. 14. E.g. Capture Leads
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