Social Media for Investor Relations


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IR Smartt is a Texas-based media consulting company. We specialize in creating effective social media campaigns for public companies.

Here's a glimpse at how we do it...

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Social Media for Investor Relations

  2. 2. Social Media for Public CompaniesSocial Media provides the unique ability for your publiccompany to be:• Visible and professional everywhere on the web• Aware of everything happening in your industry• Accessible to everyone with an investment portfolio• First to react to changes in the online world
  3. 3. Social Media Benefits #1CONSISTENT ONLINE BRANDINGNo matter where people look they should find company-approved content andgraphics that reflect the professional image of your organization.We manage branding within the following networks: Twitter Vimeo Facebook Slideshare Blogs Company Website Yahoo Finance LinkedIn YouTube Google Finance Skype
  4. 4. Social Media Benefits #2SHAREHOLDER ENGAGEMENTRegular communication with shareholders, the general public andonline influencers in the investment community can create loyalcompany advocates and enhance the company’s reputation. *Brandfog’s 2012 survey of over 10,000 Fortune 500 employees
  5. 5. Social Media Benefits #3REPUTATION MANAGEMENTGet ahead of the message and know where conversations (about you)are starting, in real-time! Respond quickly with relevant content andhave you’ll turn negative sentiment into a positive brand impression.A 2010 study of Fortune 100 companies found that only 9% had controlof their company’s top 10 Google search, news, blog and social results• 23% had bad or negative press on page 1 of a Google search for the company• 11% had bad press on the first fold (top 5 results)• Only 8% had 100% good web pages listed.• 16% had a severely bad reputation management issue on the first page of Google.• 24% of the bad items found seem to be opinions of a single person, versus public knowledge. *
  6. 6. Social Media Benefits #4STREAMLINED COMMUNICATIONCommunication via social media can dramatically reduce IR man hoursand provide insight into the perspective of stakeholders. Monitoring ofincoming social messages means conversations happen instantly.“I would say that there is one greatly overlooked point… (is) the amountof time platforms like Twitter and Facebook can save a person or acompany. Twitter (especially) is a fast way to share information with aninfo-hungry audience…” Serena Ehrlich Director, Marketing – Mogreet
  7. 7. So why then is Social Media so necessary for your Public Company?
  8. 8. Where to from here?THE GOOD: CONVERSATION IS HAPPEINGThat’s a good thing. Any conversation is a positive. It creates opportunity foryour company to engage stakeholders. We’ll show you how.THE BAD: WHAT’S BEING SAID?Your company is likely mentioned online everyday. Daily mentions peak aftertraditional PR efforts. Who is talking and what is the general sentiment? Theseare things we MUST know and that we can tell you.THE URGENT: MORE IS SAID EVERYDAYWith dozens on active pundits in social media and blogs, the greatest risk toyour company’s online reputation would be not to enter the social conversation.
  9. 9. DevelopmentWe’ll get on top of your online brandingby ensuring that search results andsocial profiles are owned and managedby your company. Discovery tools weallow us to inform you every time thecompany is mentioned in the future.Our strategy includes:• A full web audit• Social profile audits• Branding / message overhaul• Discovery tools setup• Style-guide submission
  10. 10. Social EngagementEveryday as news and blogs mention your company, we’ll be on top of it. Usingour social engagement dashboard, our two companies will collaborate to getyour responses out quickly. As PR is distributed, we’ll track it’s effectivenessand monitor the response from the general public and stakeholders.Our daily responsibilities:• News and Blog Monitoring• Real-time Social Discovery• Social List Management• Company Collaboration• Assignments
  11. 11. Content CreationContent Creation focuses on using existing company resources combined withsimple recording devices and training (even of your CEO) to tell the story of thebusiness through vibrant video and graphics.We assist with:• Drafting• Recording• Editing• Publication• Syndication
  12. 12. Reporting and AnalyticsOur social analytics reporting offers detailed information on the number andquality of your company’s social connections. Measurement metrics include: • Growth of social connections • Engagement with Stakeholders • Website traffic from social media
  13. 13. Case Studies in Social MediaOpportunities for Public Companies How Coke Uses Social Media Best Practices Overview Info-Graphic Case Study
  14. 14. For More Information… IR SMARTT INC. 401 Congress Ave – Suite 1540 Austin, Texas. 78701 (512) 687- 3427 get @ http://irsmartt.comOr contact our principals directly:Tim Howard – President / CEO – tim@irsmartt.comMichael Noonan – Treasurer / CFO – mike@irsmartt.comPaul Ruescher – Vice President –