Optimizing Press Releases For Social Media


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How should your Investor Relations optimize your Press Releases so that they're easy to share through Social Media? Our team at IR Smartt takes a look at a few simple ways to Socially-optimize your PR.

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Optimizing Press Releases For Social Media

  1. 1. Why Share Your PR in Social Media? SEO benefits via inbound links Opportunity for others to re-share Enhance Social Media content Inform stakeholders on their terms Create real-time visibility Eliminate Newswire costs
  2. 2. Consider Sharing BEFORE Sharing Most Press Releases are written without considering where they’ll be published Social Shares that include Meta Data can generate up to 70% great engagement than those that don’t LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook provide the ability to share using Meta Data Consider sharing before publishing!
  3. 3. Why Press Release Titles Are Important They’re front-of-mind for Social Media followers They’re front-of-algorithm for Search Engines Use of company names in titles improves brand recognition PR is picked up by blog search based on the Press Release title
  4. 4. E.g. Perfect Social Press Release Title Is less than 50 characters long Allows Social Media users to “Quote” it
  5. 5. Why Meta Descriptions Are Important More keywords for Search Engines Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn all use them to create post excerpts Excerpts provide immediate recognition for Social Media followers of your content They become highly-visible in RSS feeds
  6. 6. E.g. The Perfect Meta Description Keep them less than 140 characters That’s the same length as a standard Tweet Answers a potential question from a stakeholder
  7. 7. Why Thumbnails Are Important Social Media posts with thumbnail images generate up to 70% greater interaction That’s not enough? Adding multimedia with relevant keywords is hugely beneficial for SEO Images from media galleries often rank in search results
  8. 8. E.g. The Perfect Thumbnail Relates to the Press Release Adds information about the project or company Is vibrant and eye-catching! Is NOT just the company logo Encourages the stakeholder to seek more information
  9. 9. More Information? To read the full blog visit: irsmartt.com/2012-Best-Practice Or for more information about IR Smartt and our Social Media strategies for the Investor Relations industry, please contact us on: Website: irsmartt.com/contact Email: get@irsmartt.com