IR Smartt - Q3 Services Outline


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Our presentation for services in Q3 of 2013. We still refer to online branding, business intelligence, social engagement and content strategy but each of those service areas has added several different products therein.

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IR Smartt - Q3 Services Outline

  1. 1. Social Media for Investor Relations
  2. 2. IR Smartt Inc. “We believe that every public company should have the power to create and manage an engaged audience of online stakeholders.” - Tim Howard, President / CEO IR Smartt Inc.
  3. 3. Social Media Benefits  Online Brand Consistency  Stream-line Communication  Stakeholder Engagement  Executive Skills and Training  Reputation Management  Drive Investor Leads  Risk Avoidance  Real-Time Reporting Metrics
  4. 4. Our Services IR Smartt seeks to make a real difference to the way public companies communicate with their stakeholders by providing them:  Online Branding  Business Intelligence  Social Engagement  Content Strategy  Detailed Reporting
  5. 5. Online Branding How does your company appear to both novice and professional investors who are seeking more information before they make an investment decision?
  6. 6. Online Branding Services Online Branding Evaluation Recommendations Web Design and SEO Company and Executive Profiles Distribution Channels and Stakeholders Social Media Policy
  7. 7. Business Intelligence Business Intelligence is the listening part of Social Media. What’s being said about your organization, industry, peers and competitors on the web right this minute?
  8. 8. Business Intelligence Services Company Monitoring Industry Analysis  Peers  Competitors  Analysts Real-Time Email and Social Alerts
  9. 9. Social Engagement Lots of people are talking to and about your company. Social Engagement provides both high-level and granular approaches to communicating with stakeholders in the online environment.
  10. 10. Social Engagement Services Material Disclosure Checklist Outbound Messaging Social Media Outreach Social Media Advertising Social Media Disclaimers
  11. 11. Content Strategy Content Strategy involves everything from teaching IROs the best way to record video, to optimization of YouTube videos and capturing investor leads.
  12. 12. Content Strategy Services Scripting, Editing and Production of Multimedia:  Operations Updates  Live Broadcasts  Video FAQs  Podcasting  Company Blogs  IR Lead Capture  Digital Media Packages
  13. 13. Reporting How successful is your Social Media campaign at driving new IR leads and improving relationships? In highly detailed monthly and ¼ reports, IR Smartt will lay out the exact ROI of working with us.
  14. 14. Reporting Services Website Traffic IR Lead Capture Social Media Engagement Social Media ROI
  15. 15. Plans, Pricing and FAQ Our campaigns can be customized to suit the unique needs of any public company. Pricing usually depends on the company’s size, scope and involvement in the campaign. For an overview of our Plans, Pricing and FAQ, please feel free to visit our website’s FAQ page.
  16. 16. Contact Us For more information about IR Smartt and our Social Media strategies for the Investor Relations industry, please contact us on: Website: Email: