Google Places for Investor Relations


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Google Places is incredibly underutilized and has many excellent applications for investor relations.

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Google Places for Investor Relations

  1. 1. Google Places for Investor Relations
  2. 2. Google Places and Investor Relations  Google Places is incredibly underutilized and has many excellent applications for investor relations.  From branded search results to company reviews, we’ve come up with the most effective ways for your company to take advantage of Google Places.
  3. 3. Creating or Claiming Your Company’s Places Listing  Visit and choose “Get Started.” Google will search for your business if it already exists and allow you to claim it, or if they don’t have your business, you can create it.  The forms includes fields for both images and YouTube videos. Be sure to add these! It will make you more likely to show up in searches and be clicked on.
  4. 4. Getting Your Google Places Postcard  With good reason, your places listing won’t publish right away; Google will send a postcard with a pin number to your address to prove you are real. This usually arrives in 2 weeks. Follow the directions to have your listing go live.
  5. 5. Adding the Google Place to Your Website  Google gives you the ability to embed your places listing on your website, which gives more info than just an address and is great for the user.  To do this, visit your places listing and click the link below the search bar. A pop-up will appear with an embed code which be copied and pasted into your website contact page. You can customize it as well.
  6. 6. How Places and Google+ Currently Operate  Google+Local is an interesting move by Google to combine Maps, Google+, and Places reivews into one platform. This is a work in progress but it may turn out like Facebook where your page and place listing is combined into one profile, but for now, you’re stuck managing two.
  7. 7. Reviews Drive Search Results  Reviews aren’t used widely in the Investor Relations industry yet, but will become more common. Google Places listings with reviews will appear higher in search results.  As you can see, Goldcorp has the first result and is the only mining company here with a review. Reviews from management, IR, or shareholders can be the reason you show up as #1 or not at all.
  8. 8. Want More? Contact Us  Visit our website @ Social Media for Investor Relations  Checkout more powerpoints @  Contact Us On:  Email:  Phone: +1.512.487.7990  Fax: +1.512.681.9498