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Google Analytics For Investor Relations


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How should you be using Google Analytics in your Investor Relations strategy? Today we take a look at the various ways to create leads, goals and generally monitor your IR activity with Google Analytics. NOTE: There's also a section on assessing Social ROI.

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Google Analytics For Investor Relations

  1. 1. Google Analytics forInvestor Relations
  2. 2. Why Google Analytics? It’s the most effective way to measure website traffic and marketing metrics It allows you to establish the Return on Investment (ROI) of all your marketing strategies It’s free! Really, really free!
  3. 3. Visitors from “Company Search” Your primary source of website traffic is probably a Google search for “Your Company” Google is the first place people see your brand Push other results off page #1 of search results for optimal visibility The best way to do this is with Google Places and Google Finance profiles linked to your corporate website
  4. 4. E.g. “Company Search”
  5. 5. Referrals From Press Releases Press Releases should aim to drive links and traffic back to your company’s website A simple way to measure this traffic is with an annotation in Google Analytics on the release goes out When PR is published there should be a measurable spike in website traffic and use Big Tip: You can use Google Analytics to measure the ROI of your Press Releases
  6. 6. E.g. Referrals From Press Releases
  7. 7. Social-to-Web Conversions GA lets you measure exactly how many people have hit your website via each Social Network These are known as Social-to-Web Conversions Some conversions are more valuable than others LinkedIn visitors stay on your website 7x longer than visitors from Facebook Conversion strategies should be updated monthly
  8. 8. E.g. Social-to-Web Conversions
  9. 9. Social Visitors Flow Social Visitors Flow shows how people arrive at and interact with your corporate website This is by far the best tool for monitoring the ROI in your Social Media strategy Creating Goals can show the flow of Social Visitors to your contact page and email signup form Assigning a value to Goals helps provide a clear ROI
  10. 10. E.g. Social Visitors Flow
  11. 11. Social Activity Stream The Social Activity Stream is a new Social Media feature of Google Analytics It shows how Social Media discussions are driving traffic to your corporate website The more you talk on Social Media, the higher your spikes in website visitors when you release company news Social Activity is a great indicator content quality
  12. 12. E.g. Social Activity Stream
  13. 13. Comparing Networks Measuring Social-to-Web Conversions allows for marketing to be optimized on a monthly basis The most successful networks (ROI) get the most attention Be open to changing your strategy towards the most effective networks and strategies Changes should happen immediately, don’t wait 3 months hoping strategies will improve
  14. 14. E.g. Comparing Networks
  15. 15. Website Lead Funnel Using GA tracking codes its possible to see exactly how people have come to:  Call your IR department  Send an email requesting company info  Signup for your newsletter The lead funnel helps you optimize these actions If visitors leave your contact page without calling or sending an email, this is an indication that the page fails to convert visitors into leads
  16. 16. E.g. Website Lead Funnel Contacting your company should always be dead simple
  17. 17. Measuring Your ROI The three metrics for assessing ROI are:  Phone Calls To Your IR Department  Email Requests From Your Website  Signups To The Email Newsletter Does your IR department track these? If not, that should be step #1 in establishing ROI Next, you need to determine…
  18. 18. E.g. Measuring Your ROI How many phone calls do you need to affect buying? How many people call you having hit the contact page of your website? How many people visit the contact page having come to the website? Which sources drive the most total visitors to the contact page? What is the average cost of driving each of these visitors from those sources? What is your total cost per new shareholder?
  19. 19. More Info? To read the full blog visit: Or for more information about IR Smartt and our Social Media strategies for the Investor Relations industry, please contact us on: Website: Email: