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Digital media kits for financial bloggers


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By providing a digital media kit, a company can be proactive about its exposure and control its brand amongst content creators.

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Digital media kits for financial bloggers

  1. 1. Digital Media Kits for Financial Bloggers How does the modern IRO reach their audience of investors?
  2. 2. What is a Digital Media Kit?  A digital media kit is a collection of company approved materials that are provided to content creators for use in their own website and print content.  There materials include things like a transparent company logo, images from a project, headshots, and corporate presentations.  Kits can be found in different places; many companies host them in a section of their website or link to them from a press release.
  3. 3. Why Supply Digital Media Kits?  To adhere to SEC guidelines, company news should be put out through a wire-service. Your release is likely to be blogged about and republishes in dozens of locations. Allow IROs to reach a wider audience, faster and  By providing a digital media kit, a company can more efficiently than ever be proactive about its exposure and control its brand amongst content creators. beforeTwitter Press Kit.
  4. 4. Attached to a Press Release  The latest company news is certainly relevant to bloggers and journalists, so it’s preferable to have a download link in the release along with your website.  Placing a link to the materials at the bottom of the release will ensure they can be downloaded directly wherever the release is re-published.
  5. 5. Image Galleries  By providing bloggers with high-res images, watermarked where appropriate, you’ll all but guarantee that your branding is solid in all re-publishes materials. Image packages should include:  At least 4 images  2 different logos  1 transparent background logo  Watermarked project images  Embedded meta data (title, alt text, and description)
  6. 6. Videos  Fewer bloggers will download and republish videos, however sites like Vimeo and Viddler easily allow them to embed your video straight into web pages. Make corporate videos pop by:  Creating a unique thumbnail  Uploading to a social media site  Removing advertising (Vimeo Plus)  Embedding a press release
  7. 7. Slideshows  Presentations are a great way to re-package a press release into a vibrant presentation with location, project information, photos, and major data points. Slideshare, Issuu and Scribd all have paid versions to capture leads from presentations in order to measure effectiveness. Slideshows should:  Be a summary of your press release  Highlight major data points  Capture IR leads  Create backlinks to your website
  8. 8. Other Info to Consider Including  A company overview. Succinctly explaining to the reader exactly what you do, how you got where you are, and how you plan to achieve future goals.  Executive bios. People want to do business with other people – not a faceless company. Provide biographical assets like photos, videos, and audio clips.  FAQ sheet. What sets your company apart from the competition? This can be in a FAQ format.  Analyst coverage. Show people your buzz by including digital copies of your media coverage.  Contact information. Remember to provide a way for people to contact you like your Twitter handle, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.
  9. 9. More from IR Smartt?  Visit our website @ Social Media for Investor Relations  Checkout more powerpoints @  Contact Us On:  Email:  Phone: +1.512.487.7990  Fax: +1.512.681.9498