2012 SEO For Press Releases


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How to use Social Media tools to complete best-practice SEO on a Press Release in 2012.

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2012 SEO For Press Releases

  1. 1. Why “SEO” Your Press Release? Search benefits through link building Automatic-delivery to Yahoo and Google Finance High-quality content is often re-published So it’s picked up by Google News Feed your Social Media profiles It’s a “White Hat” marketing strategy
  2. 2. What Mashable Says… Don’t use jargon! Use researched keywords Hotlink and bold critical words and phrases Employ free SEO (Google) tools Engage stakeholders, journalists and bloggers Use anchor links to internal website pages Optimize the first 250 words
  3. 3. What PR Newswire Says… Have a specific audience in mind Use the language of your audience Use – but don’t overuse – anchor text links Always, always add a photo Include your key phrase in the caption Share the content socially Be interesting and useful
  4. 4. Our Top 6 SEO Strategies for 2012 Embed from a Social Media site Deep link to pages within your Company website Combine images and image galleries Create a slideshow of the Press Release Add an Audio or Podcast link Provide media packages for Bloggers
  5. 5. #1 – Embed Multimedia Content Social Networks and Social Media sites are (very) slightly different Vimeo, YouTube and Slideshare are true “Social Media” sites Embedding reduces page-load times and improves performance Stack keywords into your embeds Create inbound links to the Press Release
  6. 6. How to Embed Multimedia Upload your content (Video, Powerpoint etc) to the Social Media site Make sure you DONT publish it…yet… Grab the embed code Paste it into the html of your web page and publish the page NOW you can publish the page with your Social Media content
  7. 7. E.g. Embedding Multimedia
  8. 8. #2 – Deeplinking to your company website Create more targeted, page-specific links for Google to crawl Link anchor-text to specific page content Use the signature by linking to company, director and contact information If your Press Release is re-published these links will be multiplied
  9. 9. How to deep-link to your site Focus on company and project pages Use anchor text focused on each project page’s content Remove irrelevant site-links from Google Webmaster Tools Link from images in your Press Release Link to images on your Website
  10. 10. E.g. The Result of Deeplinking Natural search results will start to show sitelinks
  11. 11. #3 – Use Images AND Image Galleries Images let your stuff 3-4 keywords repetitions into a web page without the visitor ever seeing them Almost all newswire services allow you to upload at least one image Be sure to add a Title, Description, Caption and Alt Text on every image that you insert in a Press Release
  12. 12. E.g. Image Galleries
  13. 13. #4 – Create a Slideshow of your PR Most PR is dry and difficult for stakeholders to digest quickly Slideshows strip out the most relevant facts You don’t need more than 20 slides Publishing your slideshow will enhance your SEO and Social Media profiles
  14. 14. E.g. Creating a Slideshow from your PR
  15. 15. #5 – Audio Links and Podcasts iTunes has more paid subscribers than any other Social Network. Yes, really! iTunes picks up Audio files in Press Releases automatically when browsing Podcasts are easier to digest than written Press Releases If on-the-go people are your target audience, podcasts are gold!
  16. 16. E.g. Creating a Podcast The same process as recording a CEO interview You can use your iPhone or Android Record and save the session as an MP4 file Upload the MP4 to iTunes and Vimeo Embed the file into your Press Release Track media file downloads
  17. 17. #6 – Media Packages for Bloggers Press Releases are regularly re-published To add value to their readers, bloggers provide color through multimedia Very, VERY few companies actively promote the re-publishing of their content Embedding offers an excellent opportunity as you don’t need to send files to bloggers
  18. 18. E.g. Media Packages for Bloggers Image GalleriesVideosSlideshows Podcasts
  19. 19. Conclusion Optimizing a Press Release effectively in 2012 means a lot more than just having the right keyword strategy Multimedia can more-than help you! Anything based in Social Media will support your SEO Strategy Follow IR Smartt on Twitter for more SEO strategies for Public Companies
  20. 20. More Info? To read the full blog visit: irsmartt.com/2012-Best-Practice Or for more information about IR Smartt and our Social Media strategies for the Investor Relations industry, please contact us on: Website: irsmartt.com/contact Email: get@irsmartt.com