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research reveal sample


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Featured is a truncated sample of a research reveal of a client-based team R.A.P for Chicago school and attached NPO. Research itself was a program evaluation meant to address targeted means of engaging student body and community.

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research reveal sample

  1. 1. gcyc the food*experienceexperience passing on food knowledge & health perception in Greater Grand Crossing
  2. 2. *theQuestion:what happens...- w/ garden food& - culinary knowledge?
  3. 3. Priorities community problems employment THE GCYC value toQUESTION community?EXPANDS
  4. 4. HOW WEWENT ABOUT THE RESEARCH:*Anthro. POV - structural/holistic approach *Participant Observation
  5. 5. HOW WEWENT ABOUT THE RESEARCH: *Icebreakers*Neighborhood Observation
  6. 6. HOW WEWENT ABOUT THE RESEARCH: *Interview *Reflexivity
  7. 7. theinterview
  8. 8. what [wesaw:-systemic issues* income * time * access
  9. 9. Youth Life Pressuresand Priorities so when i think of the work we do here and the connections we make to the students its that kind of connection we start off with somethig, you think youre having a valentines day flower sale, and instead, you get involved with a young person’s life at this juncture that like all this stuff is going on. You know he’s being bullied at school, maybe there’s about his life coming out.- Safety Perspective.
  10. 10. food desert ; access& neighborhood change [on re-invisioning the neighborhood food choices...] No more chips, funyuns, or whatever they call them, red-hots, it kills their stomachs. It is what all our children eat. Its at all the corner stores, all that red dye...
  11. 11. food desert ; access& neighborhood change Ohh food availability? It’s not very; it’s not very high, I mean for people who doesn’t have transportation and disposable income to really be healthy on a limited know McDonalds is so cheap, Burger King is so cheap, Popeyed Chicken they all are right there, Long Jones Silver Pizza Hut----- Wendys… you know they all are right there at ----walking distance and cheap [on re-invisioning the neighborhood food choices...] No more chips, funyuns, or whatever they call them, red-hots, it kills their stomachs. It is what all our children eat. Its at all the corner stores, all that red dye...
  13. 13. I definitely have seen students influence their student brought his father to the parent child cooking class..we made jerk chicken with brown rice brazed carrots and cabbage... And they had a great time. And then [the student] stopped me the other day and said, ‘you know we made that menu the other night at my house. Me and my dad and my mom we all cooked together and it turned out pretty good’TRANSFER OFKNOWLEDGEFROM CHILD TO PARENT
  14. 14. Yeah, I try to tell my baby that, like the broccoli, he dont like to eat broccoli. I’m like its good for you, you need a vegetable, that’s what I say, you need vegetables.TRANSFER OFKNOWLEDGEFROM PARENT TO CHILD
  15. 15. “I do make kool-aid but I don’t put all that sugar thatit requires. I’ll put half of it... But I do use sugar and Iknow that you shouldn’t use white sugar but I usebrown sugar and maybe honey to sweeten it but it’sa spinoff of maybe juice so I do that. But I know thattoo I’ve heard that there’s dye in the kool-aid "You know it’s a dangerous world, whatever we’re eating I know it’s dangerous.”
  16. 16. FOODFAMILIARITY*egg in the eggplant*white broccoli*Real G’s...
  17. 17. GCYC IMPACT ON COMMUNITY Oh yes for the positive, yes it gives the kids some place to be yes Ahh it’s a place for kids to come a source of employment for some of the local families, grown up, they have many of the employees here that live in the neighborhood I think the center did the neighborhood good. The kids love it... ...because now the center...they wont let them come in here with that bag of junk, let them know that thats not healthy. So they provide them healthy snacks. And they help them to create some type of pocket fuel, that they call for theirself and its something like granola bars with raisins or something that they made and
  18. 18. finalrecommendationsVISIBILITY in neighborhoodGARDEN on GROUNDLARGER use of GARDENPRODUCEPUBLICIZE availability ofPRODUCE
  19. 19. finalrecommendationsCOMMUNITY leaders andthe centerINCREASE programs toinclude parentsINTEGRATE mentors