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Snapshot of IRM Training's 4-day Business Analysis workshop

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  • A great foundation training course I would recommend to anyone considering a career in business analysis.
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Business Analysis

  1. 1. Business Analysis 4-day workshop Learn how to analyse, model and design business processes
  2. 2. Why model business processes ? - to communicate with development teams - to communicate with clients - to avoid ambiguity when using written text Modelling is clear, precise, specific. Turns business requirements into specifications.
  3. 3. In this course you’ll learn simple yet powerful techniques for modelling any type of business process. Warehouse Data Model
  4. 4. You’ll learn how to specify the Process 2.1 Record Job business rules for a process. For each JOB-ORDER Find AGENT Output AGENT-NAME *for verification* If verified Record JOB-ORDER on JOB Issue JOB-CONFIRMATION Otherwise Do nothing
  5. 5. Learn how to model the data needed to support business processes and avoid data duplication. Customer Supplier RELATIONSHIP ENTITY Order Product
  6. 6. Describe exactly what a PROCEDURES system must do... POLITICS TECHNOLOGY ESSENTIAL BUSINESS FUNCTIONS REDUNDANT GEOGRAPHIC and CONSTANTS OBSOLETE FEATURES HUM AN FAILINGS Separate essential business functions from implementation constraints.
  7. 7. Learn how to describe a complete business process using 4 techniques: MINI SPEC MINI SPEC MINI SPEC • Process model DATA FLOW DIAGRAM MINI SPEC • Business rules • Data model • Data definition DATA MODEL DATA DICTIONARY
  8. 8. The techniques you learn on this course can be used for any type of system – mainframe, client/server, web services, PC – even manual processes. The business models you produce are logical specifications and can be implemented in multiple ways - after all, you're modelling the business not specifying the hardware and software. You’ll be able to communicate confidently with developers and still be able to talk in business terms with clients and end-users.
  9. 9. Client Feedback quot;Excellent course to introduce you to the world of business analysisquot; Business Analyst, AGL quot;Fantastic course - good content, well presented, easy to understandquot; Business Analyst, IBM quot;Experience and confidence gained by the participants can already be seenquot; Director, Dept. Veteran's Affairs quot;One of the best I've attended. Clear, concise and well delivered. Great to see an instructor with such energyquot; Senior BA, Thomson Legal & Regulatory
  10. 10. IRM's Business Analysis course is learn by doing… practical, hands-on, intensive…fun! This course runs regularly in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra & Brisbane. For dates and bookings, please visit our website: In-house courses: 03 9533 2300