Providing Integrated Dementia Care (WS43)


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Learn about North Lanarkshire Council’s experience of operating a dementia demonstrator site in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire and how a range of integrated initiatives, including creating a dementia friendly town centre, have been implemented to improve the support available
to people with dementia and their carers at all stages of the condition, improving outcomes and evidencing change. Contributor: North Lanarkshire Council

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Providing Integrated Dementia Care (WS43)

  1. 1. Presentation to Social Services Expo Conference Dementia Focus Group Peter Bell, Senior Charge Nurse Claire MacLeod, Senior Social Worker (Younger Adults)Linda Rice, Locality Manager, Support Services (Disabilities ) 19 March 2013
  2. 2. • Membership• The Role Of The Group• Key Priorities/Action Plan• Other Developments
  3. 3. Membership• Peter Bell, Senior Nurse Younger Adults /Dementia• Alison Black, Actg. Locality Leader• Claire MacLeod, Senior Social Worker Community Care• Caroline Neil Locality Admin Support• Linda Rice, Locality Manager Locality Support Services (Disabilities)• Jean Stanage, Care Manager• (4 weekly meetings.)
  4. 4. Partnership Board (Disability) Local Health and Care Partnership (LHCP)Locality Planning Group (LPG) NHS Young Onset Dementia Service Dementia Focus Group
  5. 5. The Purpose Of The Group• Create an Action Plan for the Partnership Board that focuses on improving services in Coatbridge for Younger Adults who have a diagnosis of Dementia.• Improved Joint Working to create a better, faster and more effective response when individuals have a sudden change in their circumstances and condition.• Improve Information and communication for individuals and carers from point of diagnosis.• Identify Training and Development Needs of staff within the Locality.• Identify joint development initiatives.
  6. 6. Health Team consists of:• 1 part-time consultant psychiatrist• 1 part-time clinical psychologist• 1 senior charge nurse• 1deputy charge nurse• 1 support worker• 1 part-time OT
  7. 7. Social Work StaffingSenior Social Worker Locality ManagerIdentified Care Manager Locality Leader 2 Support WorkersService Objectives• Initial Screening• Community Care Assessment• Welfare Benefits Check• Outcome Plan
  8. 8. ACTION• Establish Links With Partners• Develop A Focus Group• Agree Process and Route For Referral• Identify Individuals Within Coatbridge• Information/Communication• Training Development• New Developments
  9. 9. Training Development• Consider different levels of development needs of staff• Plan and arrange information, training sessions for staff.• Link with others who have relevant expertise to provide training.• Link with Stirling University: Iris Murdoch Centre to access further training as required
  10. 10. Other Developments• Dementia Cafes – review existing good practice. Consult with service users and carers.• Advanced Statements/Living Wills – review existing available information. Provide training to staff, develop information session for carers.• End Of Life Care – develop knowledge and understanding of specialist care services that facilitate palliative care, respite and provide care at home.• Assistive Technology – plan information session for carers, staff.
  11. 11. Who Do We Know• Identify service Users Within Coatbridge who have a diagnosis with Dementia• Consent To Share• Agree Through 4 weekly discussion priority actions for individual service users• Individuals with Learning Disability to link through Community Learning Disability Team (CLDT).
  12. 12. Information• Clarify what information people receive at first point of contact.• Provide information on the role of the Locality Planning Group (LPG) and the Dementia Focus Group and who can be contacted for advice information.• Provide Information pack.• Ensure information pack is regularly updated.
  14. 14. North Lanarkshire Partnership Dementia Demonstrator Site Joe McElholm Paul Callaghan
  15. 15. Background to the projectNational dementia strategy 2010• 5 challenges• 2 key service delivery areas• 8 specific actions
  16. 16. Integrated change initiatives• early intervention• carer support• acute hospital• post diagnosis support• integrated day service outreach
  17. 17. Sharing learningUnderpinning concept of programme• Local• Demonstrator sites• National
  18. 18. Evaluation• Common measures• Outcome focused approach• Integrated Resource Framework
  19. 19. Resilience & Sustainability• reshaping care for older people• community engagement• third sector partnership
  20. 20. Thank you for listening…..any questions