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Housing and Older People (WS30)


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Discussion on the different housing with care services that can be provided by the Trust Housing Association to support older people. Contributor: The Trust Housing Association.

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Housing and Older People (WS30)

  1. 1. Housing and Older People Jennifer Wallace Supported Housing Manager Trust Housing Association
  2. 2. On a scale of 1 – 10, (1= stronglydisagree and 10 = strongly agree),mark on a post it your response to thefollowing statements:• I am aware what different types of older people’s housing options are available.• I understand the range of services that Housing Associations can offer.• I think that housing has a critical role to play in the Reshaping Care Agenda.
  3. 3. About Trust Housing Association• RSL currently providing over 2400 homes to people across Scotland• We have over 500 staff working across 24 separate local authority areas• We have a specific focus on Older Peoples Housing and Support Services provision
  4. 4. Current Range of Housing Options• Retirement Housing• Amenity Housing• Sheltered Housing• Very Sheltered Housing• Supported Housing• Housing with Care• General Needs
  5. 5. Current Range of Services• Housing Support• Care at Home• Day Care• Intermediate Care Accommodation• Alarm call and telecare options• Meals Service• TEL services e.g. Home Angels
  6. 6. Benefits of Current Housing Options• Suitably adapted accommodation• Encourages individuals to maintain independence• Alarm call systems and telecare systems in place as standard• Communal space for use by tenants and local community• Preventative support and security for tenants and their families
  7. 7. Benefits of Current Housingwith Care and Support Services• Ability to provide a flexible and responsive service• Promotes service users independence• Reduces admissions to long term care• Supports reablement of service users• Reduces preventable or unnecessary admissions to hospital• Reduces delayed discharge days
  8. 8. Future Opportunities…• Use of developments as ‘hubs’ for a range of services for local community, including day care, meals clubs, response teams• Use of flats within developments for intermediate care accommodation/step up: step down/respite accommodation• Further development of services such as Home Angels
  9. 9. Thank you! Any questions?Contact Details: Jennifer Wallace, Supported Housing Manager Trust Housing Association, 12 New Mart Rd, Edinburgh, EH14 1RL 0131 444 4986 or
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  11. 11. AgendaIntroductionWho we areWhat we do (Cost) Service Questions
  12. 12. Who we are• Part of the TRUST group• Responding to change – Sector – Economy• Employment for Trust staff• Familiar face
  13. 13. What we do• Support for NON care services – Shopping – Cleaning – Laundry• Not just Trust Housing customers
  14. 14. Cost INCLUDES• VAT (£11.46)• Insurance• NI & tax• Training• Cover – holiday/sickness• Piece of mind• Employment
  15. 15. WE DO!!!• Cleaning • Museum visit• Laundry • Dog walking• Washing up • Post hospital help• Vacuuming • End of tenancy clean• Ironing • Carpet cleaning• Shopping • Office cleaning• Window cleaning • Duvet changing
  16. 16. Our commitment • Quality • Consistency • Value
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  18. 18. Questions?
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