Can the vertical urban factory return to our cities


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Can the vertical urban factory return to our cities

  1. 1. Can The Vertical Urban Factory Return To Our Cities? : TreeHugger 28/11/12 9:08 TREEHUGGER ALL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY LIVING TRANSPORTATION ENERGY SCIENCE BUSINESS SLIDESHOWS Can The Vertical Urban Factory Return To Our Cities? MOST POPULAR 18 Unexpected Recipes Lloyd Alter Design / Sustainable Product Design for Sweet Potatoes September 1, 2011 From fondue and latkes to waffles and cheesecake, its time to overcome the ... RELATED by Melissa Breyer in Easy Vegetarian Recipes Worlds Oldest Twinkie Has Barely Aged in 36 Years The truth is even more disturbing VISITING ALVAR AALTOS than the sound of someone trying NORDIC HOUSE speak ... by Stephen Messenger in Health 2013 Honda CR-Z Hybrid has Better MPG, More Power, Lithium-ion Fiat Lingotto, roof test track, Turino, 1913-26 Battery, Still Under $20K SIMPLE SLIDING DOORS From the Industrial Revolution until about WWII, factories were vertical. There The Honda CR-Z hybrid is getting CREATE A TRANSFORMER a mid cycle refresh for the 2013-year ... APARTMENT were a couple of reasons; at first, it was because motive force came from water by Michael Graham Richard in Cars wheels and was distributed by belts, and going vertical was shorter. Then the water was replaced by big steam engines. The development of the small electric motor finally enabled equipment to spread out a bit. But more importantly, the factories had to be where the workers were, and they didnt have cars and had to live nearby. Once workers had cars, then the factories could go suburban and spread out. BRITISH DESIGNER THOMAS HEATHERWICKS BUILDINGS Perhaps it is time to rethink this. In a wonderful article in Urban Omnibus, AND WORK ARE ON SHOW Nina Rappaport calls on " on planners and architects to redefine and reimagine IN LONDON urban industry and its integration with city life." She describes the benefits of urban factories: Cities offer valuable advantages for industrial sustainability. Density allows for shared resources that can support industrial symbiosis -- one factorys heat waste fuels another. Nano and biotech companies, such as those in the Bizkaia eco-industrial park in Bilbao and the new CleanTech corridor along the Los Angeles River, have formed clusters in industrial zones to use proximity to their benefit. Imagine the New York waterfront returning to its manufacturing strength as clusters of vertical factories, linked by water, Página 1 de 3
  2. 2. Can The Vertical Urban Factory Return To Our Cities? : TreeHugger 28/11/12 9:08 high-speed elevated rail systems or overhead conveyances, become hubs of production and distribution. Factories are different today, they are not so noisy or dirty as they used to be. Designed properly, they could easily coexist with other uses. Advancements in ecologically-responsible technology mean that clean manufacturing can exist adjacent to residential spaces, and that work and living can be hybridized in new ways. The architectural and urban issues addressing manufacturing in cities present not only an exciting design challenge of integrated systems, new fabrication technologies and HOLIDAYS 2012 emergent materials, but create a demand for new solutions. Vertical urban factories could produce energy rather than just consume it, and workers 7 Recipes for could recycle goods, rather than spew them out. This in turn would close Thanksgiving Leftovers! the loop of making, consuming and recycling as part of a new urban spatial Some of them taste better than the and economic paradigm. originals they were made from. by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food More in the Urban Omnibus, via Planetizen. More on the Factory of the Future Green Gift Guide: The Herman Millers GreenHouse Factory Generates 15 Pounds of Landfill Waste Design Junkie Per Month From a wall-mounted terrarium, to a flat-pack light (its possible!), recycled skate board ... Follow me on Twitter! @lloydalter and friend me on Facebook by Mairi Beautyman in Gift Guides Tags: Architects | Urban Planning Green Gift Guide: The Follow @lloydalter 2 0 3 StumbleUpon Foodie Submit RSS for Lloyd Like From a grow-your-own mushroom kit to an easy Tweet canning book, award-winning olive oil, ... by Melissa Breyer in Gift Guides NATURE BLOWS MY MIND! Optical Wonders of Insect Eyes The eyes of insects are cool looking, but have a neat way of functioning. by Jaymi Heimbuch in Natural Sciences Weird and Deadly Carnivorous Plants These amazing meat-eating plants lure in their pray with a sweet trap. by Jaymi Heimbuch in Natural Sciences Weaverbirds Craft Amazing Nests You have to see these architectural wonders to believe them. by Jaymi Heimbuch in Natural Sciences BEST OF TREEHUGGER Página 2 de 3
  3. 3. Can The Vertical Urban Factory Return To Our Cities? : TreeHugger 28/11/12 9:08 0 comments ★ 0 Keep Calm and Carry On: 15 Motivational Posters Leave a message... From The Past That Are Just As Relevant Today Discussion Community Share # When I planned this slideshow, I didnt know there was going to be ... by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility No one has commented yet. 20 Seasonal Craft Beers From Local, Green Breweries It doesnt matter which holidays you celebrate, the end of the year is ... ALSO ON TREEHUGGER.COM RECOMMENDED FOR YOU Whats this? by David DeFranza in Green Food Private Generators Are A Barefaced Beauty - Keira Knightley Reflection of Failure 27 comments Without Makeup Style Bistro Green Gift Guide: The Amazon Deforestation Rate Now Sushi 101 Infographic: How to Eat the Lowest on Record 1 comment It Correctly AOL DIYer All Biofuels Are Nonsense, Says 7 Indoor Exercise Swaps For Cold- Get the creative juices flowing with Nobel-Winning Photosynthesis … Weather Workouts AOL a maple sugaring or chalkboard 21 comments paint kit, ... 5 YouTube Channels For Men Pie Chart of 13,950 Peer-Reviewed My Life Scoop by Melissa Breyer in Gift Guides Scientific Articles on Earths … 18 comments Canon T4i has new features, but T3i is cheaper and just as good Shipping Container Disaster Dorms Reviewed For The Next Sandy 13 comments r Comment feed m Subscribe via email About Us Email Newsletters Twitter Privacy Policy Contact Us RSS Facebook Mother Nature Network COPYRIGHT © 2012 MNN HOLDINGS, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Página 3 de 3