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What is Information Technology Industry?

What is IT? Looking to start a career in IT? Where to Start? Check out our presentation on different fields and roles in the ICT industry, along with resources to start learning new skills to improve your chances of getting employed.

Note: This presentation was originally prepared for our organisation, ChunriChoupaal's Work to Equality project for their informational evening themed: More Women in Technology. The main aim was to inform the participants about the job opportunities available in the IT sector and the skills required to get hired.

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What is Information Technology Industry?

  1. 1. What is IT / ICT? A quick introduction Mine Ogura, ChunriChoupaal
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER The opinions expressed in this presentation are my own and do not reflect those of my employer, eBay.
  3. 3. Why are we bringing this to your attention? #WorkToEquality
  4. 4. There are many jobs in this sector — well-paying ones. We need you. #WorkToEquality
  5. 5. There are many online schools to get your foot in the door. We are also coordinating Code to Change conference. #WorkToEquality
  6. 6. SAVE THE DATE E-skills Bootcamp & Conference Amsterdam 15 - 17 October 2015 Register your interest at #WorkToEquality #WorkToEquality
  7. 7. What is IT & ICT? What types of jobs are there in these fields? #WorkToEquality
  8. 8. Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. , Information and communications technology (ICT) is often used as an extended synonym for information technology (IT), but is a more specific term that stresses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals), computers as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audio-visual systems, which enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. WIKIPEDIA SAYS IT and ICT are… #WorkToEquality
  9. 9. ¿What? #WorkToEquality
  10. 10. Mobile'Device' Let’s say you submit a bid on Marktplaats or write a comment on Facebook in the mobile app. #WorkToEquality
  11. 11. Mobile'Device' Your action goes to your mobile provider’s cellular towers. #WorkToEquality Cellular'Towers'/'Antennas'
  12. 12. The'Internet' Mobile'Device' The telecommunications systems translate and relay that information to “The Internet”. #WorkToEquality Cellular'Towers'/'Antennas'
  13. 13. Server'Computers'in'a'Data'Center' Mobile'Device' The data from the mobile device gives the Internet instructions on what group of server computers to go to. " " The image on the right is a typical group of server computers in a data center. Facebook has tens of thousands of these across the world. #WorkToEquality Cellular'Towers'/'Antennas' The'Internet'
  14. 14. Mobile'Device' Personal'Devices'/'computers' When the server computers process your action, they send back the changes to computer devices (e.g., the added comment in Facebook). #WorkToEquality Cellular'Towers'/'Antennas' The'Internet' Server'Computers'in'a'Data'Center'
  15. 15. Cellular'Towers'/'Antennas' Mobile'Device' Personal'Devices'/'computers' Each step is possible due to IT / ICT technologies and engineers. #WorkToEquality The'Internet' Server'Computers'in'a'Data'Center'
  16. 16. Let’s look at the IT / ICT technologies and professions which allow this. #WorkToEquality
  17. 17. Hardware Engineering The people who design and build the computer devices used, as well as any physical item used in IT/ICT, are called HARDWARE ENGINEERS. Their work has sped up machines significantly over the years. In fact, every 2.5 years, the speed of computers double. This allows the internet products to do more. #WorkToEquality
  18. 18. Hardware Engineering The above are the guts of a device. It includes silicon chips and platinum connections. #WorkToEquality
  19. 19. Telecommunications Telecommunications is the field of engineering which deals with data moving between devices over mobile cell lines as well as the internet. It is a rapidly growing field. #WorkToEquality Cellular'Towers'/'Antennas'
  20. 20. Network Engineering Network Engineering is the field of engineering which handles all of the communications between devices. #WorkToEquality Cellular'Towers'/'Antennas'
  21. 21. Software Development & Maintenance This is the field your presenters tonight specialise in. It will be covered in detail later in this presentation. #WorkToEquality
  22. 22. Site Operations / System Administration Site Operations / System Operations Engineers manage all of the server machines, their configurations, setup, maintenance and our hardware. They focus on the data centres and networking. #WorkToEquality
  23. 23. Helpdesk, IT Support, IT Technicians These IT workers make sure that the machines in a company are working. They make sure that software is up- to-date, that we can connect to the networks, and that we are up-to-date on anti-virus software. It is an entry- point into the IT field. #WorkToEquality
  24. 24. Customer Service and Tech Support help when customers have a problem. This is an entry point into IT. Ability to solve problems and speak with customers is critical. Customer Support & Tech Support #WorkToEquality
  25. 25. Summary so far •  Hardware Engineers are electronics specialists who design and build the devices and their components •  Telecom Engineers are specialised network engineers who specialise in the telecommunications field. •  Network Engineers build, manage and maintain hardware which allows communication flow between devices. •  Software Development and Maintenance will be covered shortly. •  Site Operations / System Administration manages the server computers, their configurations, hardware and software. •  IT Support, Helpdesk and IT Technicians are IT staff in companies who make sure that people’s devices (computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets and wearables) are working. •  Customer Support and Tech Support are IT staff who answer questions for people who have problems with a product. #WorkToEquality
  26. 26. So what does it take to develop and maintain internet software? #WorkToEquality
  27. 27. We expect internet sites to work: be reliable, quick, secure, to be improving all of the time, read our minds, and more. How hard can it be? #WorkToEquality
  28. 28. Internal'Support' So<ware'Development'&'Maintenance' Site'Ops'/'SysAdmin' An'IT'organisaBon'is'made'up'of'the' following'areas.' #WorkToEquality
  29. 29. It’s all about teamwork #WorkToEquality
  30. 30. Programmers'/' Developers' QA'/'' Testers' Project'' Managers' Product'Managers' &'Product'Owners' User'Experience' &'UI''Designers' Data'Analyst'/' Data'ScienBst' Write'code'to'' create'programs' and'apps' Write'code'to'' test'programs' and'apps' Create'requirements' based'on'needs' Make'sure'' impediments' removed' Verify'things'' are'needed' Users'“know”'how'' to'use'so<ware' #WorkToEquality
  31. 31. •  Programmers / Developers: ability to code, think abstractly, tell a story with the software and apps they are building, ability to focus on the user. •  Testers / QA: Understanding of technology and its intricacies, ability to find things which are not “right” and explain to others, customer focus, ability to code •  Data analysts / data scientists: ability to manipulate data and numbers to understand why people do certain actions. A mathematical mind and love of analysis is required. •  User Experience Designer / UI Designer: creativity, visual acuity, understanding of how a user would interact with the software or app. •  Product Managers and Product Owners: ability to translate fuzzy requests from many into concrete requirements which can be coded by developers and tested by testers. Innate understanding of the market, ability to talk to users and understand their needs, ability to talk to abstract thinkers, clarification, and leadership are critical for this job. •  Project Managers: Understanding of the software development process, be pushy but not bossy towards the delivery of software, and ability to work with third parties and deadlines. #WorkToEquality
  32. 32. Again, a reminder: there are online schools you can learn from to get your foot in the door, and we’re offering the following eSkills conference!! #WorkToEquality
  33. 33. #WorkToEquality
  34. 34. Take time. Invest in yourself. Take advantage of opportunities. Thank you. Dankuwel. Gracias. Arigatou. #WorkToEquality