IRCM - Who are we?


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IRCM - Who are we?

  1. 1. IRCM: WHO ARE WE?
  2. 2. HISTORYHISTORY1952: Jacques Genest created the département de recherches cliniques at the Hôtel-Dieu1967: Jacques Genest founded the IRCM2012: 36 research units
  3. 3. THE IRCM’S UNIQUENESSTHE IRCM’S UNIQUENESSMultidisciplinary research approachTraining of the next generation of scientistsPerformance-based job permanencyAffiliated to the Université de Montréal; Associated with McGill UniversityClinic associated with CHUM
  4. 4. THE IRCM IN 2010THE IRCM IN 2012425 researchers, employees and studentsFundamental and clinical research36 research units, grouped in 5 research programsBoard of Directors chaired by Louise Lambert-LagacéPresident and Scientific Director: Tarik Möröy
  5. 5. THE IRCM IN 2012
  6. 6. RESEARCH PROGRAMSRESEARCH PROGRAMSSystems biology and medicinal chemistryCancerImmunity and viral infectionsCardiovascular and metabolic diseasesNeurobiology and development
  7. 7. SYSTEMS BIOLOGY AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRYSYSTEMS BIOLOGY AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRYBioinformatics and Computational Genomics (Benjamin Haibe-Kains)Ribonucleoprotein Biochemistry (Marlene Oeffinger)Chemical Biology and Peptide Research (Peter W. Schiller)RNA Biology (Éric Lécuyer)Bio-organic Chemistry (Yvan Guindon)Chromatin and Genomic Expression (François Robert)Gene Transcription and Proteomics (Benoit Coulombe)Molecular Virology (Jacques Archambault)
  8. 8. CANCERCANCEREndothelial Cell Biology (Jean-Philippe Gratton)Mammary Cancer Biology (Katrina Podsypanina)Cell Division and Centrosome Biology (William Y. Tsang)Molecular Genetics and Development (Marie Trudel)Hematopoiesis and Cancer (Tarik Möröy)Cellular Interactions and Development (Jean Vacher)Cytoskeletal Organization and Cell Migration (Jean-François Côté)
  9. 9. IMMUNITY AND VIRAL INFECTIONSIMMUNITY AND VIRAL INFECTIONSMolecular Biology (Paul Jolicœur)Mechanisms of Genetic Diversity (Javier Marcelo Di Noia)Molecular Oncology (André Veillette)Molecular Immunology (Hua Gu)Immune Regulation (Woong-Kyung Suh)Human Retrovirology (Éric A. Cohen)
  10. 10. CARDIOVASCULAR AND METABOLIC DISEASESCARDIOVASCULAR AND METABOLIC DISEASES (1/2)Molecular Biochemistry of Hypertension (Timothy L. Reudelhuber)Biochemical Neuroendocrinology (Nabil G. Seidah)Experimental Cardiovascular Biology (Christian F. Deschepper)Metabolic Diseases (Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret)Cardiovascular Pharmacology (Pierre Larochelle)Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes (Jennifer Estall)
  11. 11. CARDIOVASCULAR AND METABOLIC DISEASESCARDIOVASCULAR AND METABOLIC DISEASES (2/2)Molecular Endocrinology (M. Ram Sairam)Neuropeptide Structure and Metabolism (Claude Lazure)
  12. 12. NEUROBIOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENTNEUROBIOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENTEpithelial Cell Biology (David R. Hipfner)Molecular Biology of Neural Development (Frédéric Charron)Neural Circuit Development (Artur Kania)Genetics and Development (Marie Kmita)Molecular Genetics (Jacques Drouin)Cellular Neurobiology (Michel Cayouette)Neuroethics (Éric Racine)
  13. 13. CORE FACILITIESCORE FACILITIESMolecular Biology and Functional GenomicsDNA sequencing and genotypingDNA chip reader (microarray)Real-time PCR deviceAlpha Imager 2000
  14. 14. ANIMAL FACILITIESANIMAL FACILITIES38 employees (PSA, TSA and administration)Animal Facility 1 - Conventional: 830 m2 in renovation – summer 2011 2,700 mouse cages 500 rats 48 rabbitsAnimal Facility 2 - SPF: 1,100 m2 7,000 mouse cages 160 rat and Guinea pig cagesAnimal Facility 3 – SPF+: 1,030 m2 5,000 mouse cages
  15. 15. TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERTECHNOLOGY TRANSFER (since 1986)80 technologies: Chemical compounds Chemical compound screening tools Diagnostic tools Biomedical devices Animal models of human diseases62 technologies were the subject of patent applications, and 30 wereissued patents58 technologies are still active and/or under marketing analysis38 technologies were part, at varying degrees, of a technology transferprocess
  16. 16. CANADA RESEARCH CHAIRHOLDERSCANADA RESEARCH CHAIRHOLDERSÉric A. Cohen : Chair in human retrovirologyJavier Marcelo Di Noia : Chair in genetic diversityJean-Philippe Gratton : Chair in endothelial cell functional signallingPaul Jolioeur : Chair in studies of pathogenesis of retrovirus-induceddiseasesMarie Kmita : Chair in molecular embryology and geneticsTarik Möröy : Chair in hematopoiesis and immune cell differentiationNabil G. Seidah : Chair in precursor proteolysisAndré Veillette : Chair in immune system signalling
  17. 17. SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONSSCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS (1967-2011)6,728 scientific publicationsAn average of 198 publications per year since 1977Articles in Cell, Circulation, Genes and Development, Nature, NatureImmunology, Science, Neuron83 books published since 1967