2010-2011 IRCM Annual Report


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2010-2011 IRCM Annual Report

  1. 1. INSTITUT DE RECHERCHES CLINIQUES DE MONTRÉALAffiliated with the Université de Montréal2010-2011 ANNUAL REPORT 1
  2. 2. THE IRCM a leading biomedical research institute located in the heart of Montréal Our priorities institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Conquering cancer | Living with a healthy heart | Fighting infectious diseases | Understanding embryonic development and the nervous system | Exploring the complexity of biological2 systems | Accelerating clinical research 3 | Participating in ethical debates
  3. 3. 35 researchers – IRCM research institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report professorsdiscovering4 152 scientific publications 5 $18.8 million in research funding
  4. 4. 20,000 yearly visits at the IRCM clinic institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 406 health professionals treating 7 20 physicians specialized in hypertension, cholesterol, obesity and diabetes
  5. 5. 7 core institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report facilities8 innovating 5 specialized services 9 3 research platforms
  6. 6. 7 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report new declarations of contributing invention10 11 11 new patent filings (or applications)
  7. 7. 113 } Master’s and PhD students 57 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 61 61 scholarship holders training postdoctoral fellows12 13 408* teaching hours * at the Université de Montréal 316 hours (25 of our researchers) at McGill University 92 hours (13 of our researchers)
  8. 8. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Independent non-profit institution Founded in Affiliated with the Université de 1967 Montréal Associated with McGill University IRCM Clinic affiliated with the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)14 15 425 Funded by Quebec ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MEDIE) Supported by the Fonds de researchers, students and employees recherche du Québec – Santé 38 (FRQS) Member of the Université de Montréal’s RUIS (Réseau A budget of million dollars universitaire intégré de santé) Dr. Jacques Genest, founder of the IRCM, surrounded by doctors from Montréal’s Hôtel-Dieu
  9. 9. MISSION institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 2011 To understand the causes of diseases To find diagnostic tools and means of prevention and treatment16 17 To train a new generation of high-calibre scientists To contribute to Quebec’s socio-economic development by facilitating the commercial development of new discoveries
  10. 10. Messages from management 19 Planning the future 26 discovering Research programs 29 treating IRCM Clinic 45 innovating Core facilities and technology platforms 55 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report contributing Technology transfer 59 training Tomorrow’s researchers 63 participating18 Science for all 73 19 Research funding 77 Administration 78 IRCM Board of Directors 80 IRCM Management 82 Organizational charts 86 Financial statements 88 IRCM Foundation 90 Messages from management 99 supporting Benefit activities 103 volunteering IRCM Foundation Board of Directors Give for Life campaign Board 107 108 Messages giving The impact of your donations Partners and donors 116 Research Funds and Chairs 111 123 from management
  11. 11. 20institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 21
  12. 12. Message new laboratories and a new clinic, two new Board members: Monique Message a PhD in bioinformatics and who is review of our governance rules and Jérôme-Forget, an important figure STRATEGIC PLANNING currently working as a postdoctoral from the Chairman revision of our bylaws, in-depth in Quebec’s political scene and from the President fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer of the Board review of our affiliation contract with currently Special Advisor at Osler, and Scientific When the Board of Directors Institute and Harvard Public School the Université de Montréal, creation Hoskin & Harcourt, and Michel adopted our strategic plan, we of Health in Boston. He will join This message will be my last of the ombudsman position and Lespérance, a lawyer who pursued Director quickly got to work to set up the the institute in January 2012 as as Chairman of the Institut de appointment of its first title-holder, his career at the Université de elements required for us to complete Assistant IRCM Research Professor establishment of a Communications Montréal. The year 2010-2011 was marked by all measures planned for 2010- and Director of the Bioinformatics recherches cliniques de Montréal’s Committee to improve the Institut’s the implementation of the elements 2015. It is my pleasure to present and Computational Genomics Board of Directors. After six visibility. required to carry out the projects to you, in the following pages, the research unit. His laboratory will be wonderful years chairing this Board, On behalf of the entire management defined by our 2010-2015 strategic challenges of this strategic plan. part of the IRCM’s Systems Biology the time has come for me to pass on Following the IRCM’s 40th team and all Board members, I plan. and Medicinal Chemistry research institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report the torch. anniversary, which we celebrated in wish to sincerely thank Claude A. RECRUITMENT program. 2007 in the presence of its founder, Garcia, who left after serving on Before presenting you with a report With Louise Lambert-Lagacé now Dr. Jacques Genest, we launched the Board for numerous years, for of this year’s activities, I would like I was honoured to welcome two INSTITUTIONAL FILES at the helm, I am confident it is in a major fundraising campaign his contributions and continued to take this opportunity to sincerely new researchers this year. Hua Gu, excellent hands. in collaboration with the IRCM commitment, particularly on the Audit thank Gérard A. Limoges, outgoing with a PhD in genetics from the Website Foundation that will continue until Committee. Chairman of the IRCM’s Board of University of Cologne in Germany Our management team, as well as During my time on the IRCM’s Board, 2015. Directors. and Professor of immunology at employees in the Communications I have had the pleasure to meet outstanding individuals: passionate Thank you to everyone and long live Columbia University before his and Information Technology22 Finally, I had the pleasure of the IRCM! THANK YOU TO arrival at the Institut, is now Full departments, persistently worked 23 researchers, devoted nurses and confirming the renewal of Dr. Tarik GÉRARD A. LIMOGES IRCM Research Professor, holder on the development and launch of doctors, promising students and postdoctoral fellows, knowledgeable Möröy’s term of office as President of the André-Aisenstadt Chair of our new website. Today, we are very and Scientific Director. Since his Gérard A. Limoges, C.M., FCA For five years, I have had the Excellence, and Director of the new happy to offer a website with a new and hard-working management arrival, he has shown remarkable   pleasure of working with Gérard, Molecular Immunology research look and user-friendly appearance: and staff members. With them, I leadership skills that have been an energetic man who truly cares unit. He is part of the Immunity and www.ircm.qc.ca. have shared the pride of belonging evidently reflected in all sectors of for the future of the Institut. In fact, Viral Infections research program. to a prestigious institution known activity at the Institut, and which I the summary of accomplishments Jennifer Estall, who received a IRCM’s evaluation by the FRSQ the world over for the quality of would hereby like to recognize. included in his message accurately PhD in molecular biology from Following a visit in February 2011 its research, and one where a describes his commitment to our the University of Toronto and who by the Fonds de recherche en santé stimulating and convivial environment ACKNOWLEDGMENTS institution. I am very grateful for was a postdoctoral fellow at the du Québec (FRSQ), known today as prevails. his warm welcome upon my arrival, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Fonds de recherche du Québec I would like to earnestly thank my as well as for the support he has Harvard Medical School in Boston, is – Santé (FRQS), we received our MY TIME AT THE INSTITUT colleagues on the Board of Directors provided me over the past five years. currently Assistant IRCM Research research centre’s evaluation report for their support. I wish them success I would therefore like to thank him Professor and Director of the and are extremely proud of its I think I can rightly congratulate in the pursuit of their respective personally, and on behalf of everyone Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes results, the conclusions of which led myself for what we accomplished mandates under the chairmanship at the IRCM. On behalf of us all, on research unit in the Cardiovascular the evaluation committee’s chairman during my chairmanship: revision of Louise Lambert-Lagacé who will, whom Gérard has made a lasting and Metabolic Diseases research to qualify the IRCM as a “jewel of the Institut’s legal status, undoubtedly, perform her duties impression, I wish him success in the program. I also had the pleasure of Quebec” and recommend the implementation of a new alliance with characteristic effectiveness and future and, once again, thank you. of announcing the recruitment of restitution, or even the increase, of with Univalor to support the transfer of our technologies, inauguration of enthusiasm. I welcome the arrival of Benjamin Haibe-Kains, who obtained the IRCM’s funding. This is excellent
  13. 13. news, as this financial support is the Cardiovascular and Metabolic by the Montreal Council on Foreign crucial to the proper functioning of Diseases research program. Jean- Relations (MCFR). It was a great our institute. François Côté was appointed opportunity for me to share my Associate Director of scientific concerns about research funding in Agreement with McGill activities in the Academic Affairs general, and particularly in Canada. I University office. I thank him for accepting this would like to thank Pierre Lemonde, new challenge and also thank Benoit MCFR’s President and CEO, for Historically, the Institut and McGill Coulombe who previously held the inviting me to this prestigious University have engaged in an title. platform. informal arrangement, by which IRCM researchers, holding an RESEARCH PROGRAM CHANGES In closing, I would like to note that, adjunct professor status in McGill’s once again this year, our researchers institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Faculty of Medicine, held certain The year 2010-2011 saw numerous obtained excellent results in their privileges allowing them to supervise changes in the IRCM’s research grant applications, especially those graduate students registered at the programs. Some of our researchers for the Canadian Institutes of Health University. I am pleased to announce retired while others reoriented Research (CIHR) where their that an agreement has now been their scientific careers to hold new success rate was high above the formalized by way of an official letter, positions, either within the Institut national average. signed by both institutions – McGill or in prestigious research centres University and the IRCM – and abroad. I wish to thank them for Finally, I want to thank the entire24 now includes the supervision of their work and accomplishments at IRCM community, researchers, 25 postdoctoral fellows registered at the the IRCM and for the quality of their students, employees and Board University. research projects. members, for their commitment and dedication. Each in our own way, we INTERNAL APPOINTMENTS GIVE FOR LIFE MAJOR are contributing to our institution’s FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN development and success. Management changes were made in the Academic Affairs department. The IRCM Foundation’s major Tarik Möröy, PhD Timothy L. Reudelhuber accepted fundraising campaign continues. to become the new Executive Many donations have been Director of Academic Affairs. As confirmed. In this respect, I would such, he became a part of the like to thank everyone who supports Institut’s administrative management the Institut. Your contribution is very team and a member of the important. Management Committee. He is also responsible for the academic MEETING THE BUSINESS staff. I wish to thank him, as well COMMUNITY as Christian F. Deschepper who held the position over the past few I was privileged to meet members years. Dr. Deschepper took over of Montréal’s business community for Dr. Reudelhuber as Director of when I spoke at a conference held
  14. 14. Clinical research boost A new and innovative training program for international graduate students has been submitted to the Université Boosting clinical research requires collaboration between de Montréal, and planning is underway at the IRCM for its basic science researchers and clinical researchers in implementation. a synergistic approach. To achieve this, we must better support and accelerate communication between basic Strategic Projects Advisor and clinical research by exploiting their complementarity. The IRCM created the position of Strategic Projects An ad hoc committee was created in partnership with Advisor, which will be held by Martin Godbout, former CHUM to make recommendations for a clinical and President and CEO of Genome Canada. He will assist institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report translational research model including appropriate the Institut in developing projects for extensive strategic performance indicators and conditions for success. grant applications. His services will also enable the IRCM and its scientists to identify new funding possibilities and Creation of a formal hospital alliance seize opportunities that might otherwise be lost. with CHUM Successful clinical and translational research at the Scientific Advisory Board IRCM must assuredly involve increased access to a26 hospital environment and clinical researchers. Thus, a A Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Alan Bernstein, 27 formal alliance with the Centre hospitalier de l’Université has been formed. Made up of seven members, this de Montréal (CHUM) as a main partner in clinical committee’s main objective will be to advise the Institut on research will give both organisations an important its scientific orientation, clinical and translational research, In recent years, the field of life sciences saw major transformations, as strategic advantage. For the IRCM, CHUM will offer technology transfer strategies and means of forging privileged access to a clinical environment and patients successful alliances with other research institutions. well as a rapid and substantial expansion in Quebec and Canada. Analysis of with complex medical conditions, as well as a potential This committee will also conduct a full institutional and the Institut’s recent evolution, in parallel with that of biomedical research, pool of clinical researchers. For its part, the IRCM will scientific review of the IRCM every five years. provide CHUM with its world-renowned expertise in basic allowed for certain observations and led us to conduct a strategic planning science and its modern research equipment. comMiTTEE MEMBERS: Alain Bernstein, Chair; John Aitchison (Institute for Systems Biology, USA); Peter Bruns (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, exercise. USA); Gordon Fishell (New York University, USA); Paul Frenette (Albert Consolidation of our alliance with the Einstein College of Medicine, USA); Roderick R. McInnes (Lady Davis Université de Montréal and training Research Institute, Canada); Walter Rosenthal (Max-Delbrück Center for PLANNING prioritisation Molecular Medicine, Germany); Alfred Singer (National Cancer Institute, USA).  The IRCM must consolidate its university affiliation with the Université de Montréal in order to maximize collaboration between the Université and the Institut, THE FUTURE and reassert its position as a leading research centre for graduate studies.
  15. 15. The Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal was the first research centre in Quebec to bring together basic science researchers and clinical researchers under one roof, thereby becoming the forerunner for institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report translational research centres. --   5 discovering research programs - 3528 152 research units * scientific publications 29 262 * researchers and clinicians 39 laboratories were operational in 2010-2011 ** ** including postdoctoral fellows and students - August 31, 2011
  16. 16. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report “In 2010, we published the results of a study in the scientific journal Current Biology, from the Cell Press group, which demonstrates that a key mechanism in the control of cell motility could eventually lead to the development of new cancer-treating drugs that could block the spread of tumours. As many as 90% of cancer patient deaths are attributable to metastasis, which explains30 the importance of understanding the molecular mechanisms at the basis of this 31 harmful process.” JEAN-FRANÇOIS CÔTÉ, PhD Associate IRCM Research Professor Director of the Cytoskeletal Organization and Cell Migration research unit Jean-François Côté, Nadine Fradet, research assistant, and Manishha Patel, doctoral student
  17. 17. “In our laboratory, much like many other scientists around the world, we are institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report trying to uncover our nervous system’s innumerable mysteries. Our work focuses on motor neurons, which control muscles and are located in the spinal cord. Recently, we discovered a new piece of the puzzle in the development of our nervous system, which was published in the scientific journal Neuron of the Cell Press group. Our experiments shed light on poorly-understood mechanisms of32 neuronal development. In fact, our breakthrough offers the scientific community a 33 new basis for explaining how the function of very few molecules can be modulated to produce a vast array of neuronal connections.” ARTUR KANIA, PhD Associate IRCM Research Professor Director of the Neural Circuit Development research unit Artur Kania and Tzu-Jen Kao, postdoctoral fellow
  18. 18. CONQUERING Cancer research program “The Cancer research program brings together researchers interested in basic cell CANCER proliferation and signalling mechanisms, breast cancer and tumor suppressor genes, leukemia and lymphoma, tumour angiogenesis, cell migration and metastasis. The general research objective of our program’s members is to understand the molecular mechanisms governing the neoplastic process, such as normal and Research units pathological hematopoiesis, ciliopathies, cell motility and dissemination, and signalling in normal and cancerous epithelial and endothelial cells. Projects in institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Jean-François Côté, PhD – Director, Cytoskeletal Organization and marie trudel Cell Migration – Associate IRCM Research Professor this research program aim to discover new molecular targets and develop new Jean-Philippe Gratton, PhD – Director, Endothelial Cell Biology therapeutic approaches and/or molecules to counter cancer progression.” – Associate IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Endothelial Cell Signalling and Angiogenesis MARIE TRUDEL, PhD Tarik Möröy, PhD – Director, Hematopoiesis and Cancer – Full IRCM Director of the Cancer research program Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Hematopoiesis and Full IRCM Research Professor Immune Cell Differentiation Director of the Molecular Genetics and Development research unit34 35 Katrina Podsypanina, MD, PhD – Director, Breast Cancer Biology – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Marie Trudel, PhD – Director, Molecular Genetics and Development – Full IRCM Research Professor William Y. Tsang, PhD – Director, Cell Division and Centrosome Biology – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Jean Vacher, D.Sc. – Director, Cellular Interactions and Development 2010-2011 – Full IRCM Research Professor 7 teams 2 scholarship holders from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS): Jean-François Côté and “Projects in this research program aim 2 Canada Research Chairs 17 publications by the program’s researchers William Y. Tsang to discover new molecular targets and 1 researcher honoured: Tarik Möröy was selected by 1 New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): William Y. Tsang develop new therapeutic approaches Canadians for Health Research (CHR) as Researcher of the Month in January 2011. 6 operating grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health and/or molecules.” CHR is a national organisation dedicated to promoting health research in Canada. Research (CIHR), 3 recipients, $3.2 million: Jean- Philippe Gratton, Tarik Möröy, William Y. Tsang
  19. 19. LIVING WITH Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases research program “The cardio-metabolic research program groups together researchers working A HEALTHY on the biology of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Collectively, our projects lead to a better understanding of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, including genetic factors, hypertension, dyslipidemia, endothelial cell dysfunctions and HEART metabolic disorders. This research is conducted by basic researchers as well as clinical researchers, thereby increasing the clinical relevance of our work. This institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report year, our research program was enriched by the arrival of Dr. Jennifer Estall, CHRISTIAN F. DESCHEPPER Research units allowing us to benefit from her expertise in the molecular pathophysiology of Christian F. Deschepper, MD – Director, Experimental type-2 diabetes.” Cardiovascular Biology – Full IRCM Research Professor Louis-Gilles Durand, O.Q., PhD, ing. – Director, Biomedical CHRISTIAN F. DESCHEPPER, MD Engineering (laboratory closed on December 31, 2010) Director of the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases research program Full IRCM Research Professor Jennifer Estall, PhD – Director, Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes36 Director of the Experimental Cardiovascular Biology research unit 37 – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Pierre Larochelle, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACP, FAHA – Director, Cardiovascular Pharmacology Claude Lazure, PhD – Director, Neuropeptide Structure and Metabolism – Full IRCM Research Professor Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, MD, PhD – Director, Metabolic Diseases – J.A. DeSève Chair of Excellence 2010-2011 Timothy L. Reudelhuber, PhD – Director, Molecular Biochemistry of Hypertension – Full IRCM Research Professor M. Ram Sairam, PhD – Director, Molecular Endocrinology – Full IRCM Research Professor Nabil G. Seidah, C.M., O.Q., PhD, MSRC – Director, Biochemical 10 teams 2 researchers honoured: Pierre Larochelle is appointed Neuroendocrinology – Full IRCM Research Professor – Canada Professor Emeritus, a rare honour granted by the Research Chair in Precursor Proteolysis 1 Canada Research Chair Université de Montréal; and Timothy L. Reudelhuber is Gaétan Thibault, PhD – Director, Cellular Biology of Hypertension honoured by the American Heart Association’s Council (laboratory closed on January 31, 2011) 1 IRCM Research Chair for High Blood Pressure Research as honorary speaker for the 2010 Arthur C. Corcoran Memorial Lecture 56 publications by the program’s researchers 1 grant of $20,000 from Diabetes Québec: Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret
  20. 20. FIGHTING Immunity and Viral Infections research program “The Immunity and Viral Infections research program integrates researchers INFECTIOUS interested not only by the development of immune cells and the regulation of their functions, but also by viral infections, especially those involving viruses that infect immune cells. The scientific mission of our research program is DISEASES to understand the signalling mechanisms that play an important role in the development, the function and the diseases of the immune system as well as to explore how viral infections, namely HIV/AIDS, lead to immune dysfunctions. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Éric A. Cohen Collectively, our studies have led to a better understanding of immune cell Research units regulation in normal and pathological conditions such as during autoimmune Éric A. Cohen, PhD – Director, Human Retrovirology – Canada Research Chair diseases, viral infections and immunodeficiency. This year, Dr. Hua Gu, a in Human Retrovirology renowned senior immunologist, joined our research program. Dr. Gu’s work on Vibhuti P. Dave, PhD – Director, Lymphocyte Development (laboratory closed on December 31, 2010) antitumor immunotherapy will help strengthen our translational research.”38 39 Javier Marcelo Di Noia, PhD – Director, Mechanisms of Genetic Diversity ÉRIC A. COHEN, PhD – Associate IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Genetic Director of the Immunity and Viral Infections research program Diversity Director of the Human Retrovirology research unit Hua Gu, PhD – Director, Molecular Immunology – Full IRCM Research Professor Canada Research Chairholder in Human Retrovirology – André-Aisenstadt Chair of Excellence in Immunology Paul Jolicoeur, MD, PhD, MSRC – Director, Molecular Biology – Full IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Studies of Pathogenesis of Retrovirus-Induced Diseases Woong-Kyung Suh, PhD – Director, Immune Regulation – Assistant IRCM Research Professor 2010-2011 André Veillette, MD, MSRC – Director, Molecular Oncology – Full IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Immune System Signalling “our studies have led to a better 7 teams 17 publications by the program’s researchers understanding of immune cell 3 Canada Research Chairs 1 operating grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health regulation in normal and pathological 1 IRCM Research Chair Research (CIHR), $700,000: Éric A. Cohen conditions...”
  21. 21. UNDER- Neurobiology and Development research program Understanding embryonic development and the nervous system Participating in ethical debates STANDING “Researchers in the Neurobiology and Development research program focus their efforts on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the THE NERVOUS development of different organs. Certain groups are interested in mechanisms controlling cell proliferation, differentiation, polarity and death during the development of the nervous system, pituitary gland, limbs, bones, kidneys and institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report SYSTEM michel cayouette epithelial tissues, while others study hormone action mechanisms or guidance mechanisms that allow axons to find their target within a complex neural network. One of our teams also explores ethical questions related to neurosciences. Hence, our researchers’ work is based on simple reasoning: in order to better understand the pathology of diseases and develop effective therapeutic strategies, it is40 Research units absolutely necessary to know, in detail, the mechanisms that control the normal 41 Michel Cayouette, PhD – Director, Cellular Neurobiology – Associate development of our organs. The knowledge acquired should thereby have a major IRCM Research Professor impact on diagnostic, prevention and treatment strategies.” Frédéric Charron, PhD – Director, Molecular Biology of Neural Development – Associate IRCM Research Professor MICHEL CAYOUETTE, PhD Jacques Drouin, D.Sc., MSRC – Director, Molecular Genetics – Full IRCM Director of the Neurobiology and Development research program Research Professor Associate IRCM Research Professor Director of the Cellular Neurobiology research unit David R. Hipfner, PhD – Director, Epithelial Cell Biology – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Marko Horb, PhD – Director, Molecular Organogenesis (laboratory closed 2010-2011 on June 1, 2011) Artur Kania, PhD – Director, Neural Circuit Development – Associate IRCM Research Professor Marie Kmita, PhD – Director, Genetics and Development – Assistant IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Molecular 8 teams 3 operating grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Embryology and Genetics Research (CIHR), $1.6 million: Michel Cayouette, Éric Racine, PhD – Director, Neuroethics – Associate IRCM Research 1 Canada Research Chair Jacques Drouin, Marie Kmita Professor 36 publications by the program’s researchers   1 grant of $120,000 from the Cancer Research Society: 1 scholarship holder from the Fonds de recherche du Frédéric Charron Québec — Santé (FRQS): Michel Cayouette 1 grant of $45,000 from Parkinson Society Canada: 1 New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes Jacques Drouin of Health Research (CIHR): David R. Hipfner