Harnessing Available Fuel in the Most Efficient Way for Greener Powering Solution


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Stig Bøtker, Sales Director, Wärtsilä on how to efficiently harness available fuel in the most efficient way for a greener powering solution

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Harnessing Available Fuel in the Most Efficient Way for Greener Powering Solution

  1. 1. “Harnessing Available Fuel in the Most Efficient Way for Greener Powering Solution” 11th Annual FPSO Congress By Stig Bøtker Sales Director Offshore Ship Power
  2. 2. Agenda Wärtsilä in brief Setting the scene Duel fuel technology and its advantages Power plant solutions for FPSOs References & operational experience Summary
  3. 3. This is Wärtsilä SHIP POWER POWER PLANTS 18 000 employees in 110 Countries Net sales 2009 5.3 billion Euro Operating results 11.2 % SERVICES
  4. 4. This is Wärtsilä – Ship Power Specials Cruise Special Merchant Offshore Navy and Ferry Vessels Every third ship is powered by Wärtsilä
  5. 5. This is Wärtsilä – Solution Provider Ship Design Power Power Engines Automation Distribution Drives Propulsion
  6. 6. Setting the Scene – Power Plant Fundamentals Fuel flexibility Energy Efficiency Operational flexibility Low environmental impact Tried and tested concept Competitive cost Capex and Opex
  7. 7. Setting the Scene – Fuel Availability Fuel type and availability will depend on the reservoir characteristics and may vary with the extent of the reservoir depletion Type of fuel available from the reservoir may vary from gas, light crude oil to heavy crude oil Alternative to reservoir fuel, the fuel may be transported from shore. This is in general an expensive solution and will due to the transportation increase the carbon footprint. Duel Fuel/Multiple fuel power generation facility with low emission and high efficiency would solve many of the fundamentals for an offshore power plant
  8. 8. Duel Fuel/Gas Engine TechnologiesGas-diesel (GD) engines: Spark-ignition gas (SG) engines: Dual-fuel (DF) engines:• Runs on various gas / diesel • Runs only on gas. • Runs on gas with 1% diesel (gas mixtures or alternatively on diesel. mode) or alternatively on diesel (diesel mode).• Combustion of gas, diesel and air • Combustion of gas and air mixture in • Combustion of gas and air mixture in mixture in Diesel cycle. Otto cycle, triggered by spark plug Otto cycle, triggered by pilot diesel ignition. injection (gas mode), or alternatively combustion of diesel and air mixture in Diesel cycle (diesel mode).• High-pressure gas injection. • Low-pressure gas admission. • Low-pressure gas admission. Dual-fuel (DF) engines – Multiple fuel engines Spark-ignition gas (SG) engines Gas-diesel (GD) engines‘87 … ‘92 ‘93 ‘94 ‘95 ‘96 ‘97 ‘98 ‘99 ‘00 ‘01 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
  9. 9. Operating Modes for DF Technology Engine Gas mode Load Natural gas + MDO pilot 100% Automatic and instant trip to diesel operation in alarm/emergency situation 80% Transfer to diesel operation at any load on request Diesel mode MDO/HFO/crude + MDO pilot Operated as an ordinary diesel engine Transfer to gas operation at any load below 80% 10% Pilot fuel injection in operation also during diesel mode operation Transfer between modes without Gas mode Diesel mode power interruption
  10. 10. Typical plant efficiency at full output Typical shaft efficiencies - simple cycle prime movers – No de-rating due to ambient temperature 48% 42% 37 % 30% Coal Fired Small Big Size Big Size DF Steam Plant Size Gas Gas Engine Turbine Turbine
  11. 11. Duel fuel Engines Efficiency The available power for a duel fuel reciprocating engine is constant for an ambient temperature of less than approximately 45 degrees The available power for a gas turbo generator is highly depended on the ambient temperature
  12. 12. Duel Fuel Engines Efficiency The efficiency of the DF SFOC engine depend less on the [g/kWhe] power level compared to a Gas turbine genset gas turbine generator Max. power limit Wärtsilä DF genset The DF engine are especially more efficient then the gas turbines for SFOC [g/kWeh] lower load levels Temperature [ºC] Output (% of the MCR output in 15ºC, i.e. ISO conditions)
  13. 13. CO2 emissionsTypical CO2 emissions in g/kWh (shaft) - simple cycle prime movers – No de-rating due to ambient temperature 800 670 545 430 Coal Fired Small Big Size Big Size Steam Plant Size Gas Gas Gas Engine Fuel: Coal Turbine Turbine Fuel:Gas Fuel:Gas Fuel:Gas
  14. 14. Dual Fuel Reciprocating Engine Characteristics High Efficiency over the full range of ambient temperatures and load levels Low emissions due to the high efficiency, clean fuel and a lean burn combustion Full fuel flexibility “you pump it – we burn it With all the advantages why has the solution not been able to penetrate the market ?
  15. 15. Dual-Fuel Engine Portfolio 20DF 6L20DF 1.0 MW 8L20DF 9L20DF 34DF 6L34DF 9L34DF 12V34DF 16V34DF 20V34DF 50DF 6L50DF 8L50DF 9L50DF 12V50DF 16V50DF 18V50DF 17.55 MW 0 5 10 15
  16. 16. Power Plant Solutions for Offshore Oil & Gas Module solutions Module solutions will typically comprises of 2 to 4 engines Container solutions The container will typically comprises of 1 to 3 engines Hull solutions The engines will be installed directly in the hull of the vessel
  17. 17. Module & Container Solutions Full equipped stand alone Full equipped stand alone container with one engine module with four engines
  18. 18. Offshore Power Plant for Brazil Field characterized by limited availability of gas and high power requirement due to the use of multiphase pumps 6 x18V50DF in 3 modules, total power 102 MW Running on tri-fuel: treated crude, MDO and treated well gas Delivery July 2011
  19. 19. Installation in Hull Power plant can be housed below decks – frees up topside space Conventional “engine room design” No need for large suction air ducts or discharge Low radiated heat in engine room Noise level according to IMO
  20. 20. Power Plant For Offshore Oil and Gas applications Dual fuel reciprocating power plants solutions are available for offshore oil & Gas applications Considering the advance in electrical motors and VSD a central power plant is able to power an entire offshore production units including compression and pumping requirement Reciprocating power plants are especial competitive for power requirement up to 70 MW Reciprocating power plants are also competitive for large power requirement if gas only is available for a limited time of the fields life time
  21. 21. Dual-Fuel Engines - ReferencesDual Fuel sold or running Power plant 28 installations 84 engines >640’000 running hours LNG carriers OSV - FPSO 62 installations 8 installations 230 engines 22 engines > 1’500’000 running hours >300’000 running hours
  22. 22. Operational Experience with Duel Fuel Engines The Wärtsilä DF engines have now been in commercial operation on LNG carriers for > 5 years. Experience from > 1’500’000 engine running hours have been collected The DF engines has met or exceeded the requirements in terms of: Reliability, Functionality and Engine performance Efficiency > 48% in gas mode Fuel back up operation instantly Low emissions Meet predicted overhaul intervals Because of the excellent operational experience Wartsila is willing to sign long term service & operational contracts The client will have a low and predictable OPEX for the engines
  23. 23. Operational Experience with Duel Fuel Engines Extensive inspection was performed after 18000 running hours to verify the condition of the engines Very low wear rates Honing marks visible in cylinder liner after 18.000 hours of operation No piston ring wear (not measurable) Small amount of deposits Light tendency of discolor on liner surface
  24. 24. Summary A power Plant solution for offshore oil & gas production based on dual fuel reciprocating engines offer : Fuel flexibility Yes Energy Efficiency Yes Operational flexibility Yes Low environmental impact Yes Tried and tested concept Yes Competitive cost Test it next time and you will be positively surprised
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention