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FPSOBulletin                                   Volume 112 years of connecting the global FPSO community -...
FPSO Bulletin                                                                     Volume 1Maximiz...
FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011350+ attendees expected                                         FPSO market set to             ...
FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011  >>continued from page 1                                                                      ...
Highlighted                       Main Congress Day One: Tuesday, 20 September 2011speakers for 2011:                     ...
Main Congress Day Two: Wednesday, 21 September 2011                                                                       ...
FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011Pre-Congress Technical Briefings                                                               ...
FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011Why the 12th Annual FPSO                                                                 What’s...
FPSO Bulletin
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FPSO Bulletin


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New Dynamics Forge Strong
Growth Trends for the FPSO
Market in 2011/2012

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FPSO Bulletin

  1. 1. FPSOBulletin Volume 112 years of connecting the global FPSO community -Maximizing field returns with innovations in FPSO technologySTOP PRESS... STOP PRESS... New Dynami cs Forge Strong Growth Tren ds for the FPSO Market in 2011/2012 and West African sian water Brazilian, A Con tinued demand from deep by new dynamics in pm ents will be determined projects, but key develo . the global FPSO market.. 50 vessel inside for more ow and oil co ners mpanies confirm t heir participa tion at the FPS O Congress 2011 read more inside...
  2. 2. FPSO Bulletin Volume 1Maximizing field returns with innovationsin FPSO technology Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore Jason Waldie, David Boggs, Jerry Joynson, Douglas Westwood Managing Director Corporate Director, gives his thoughts of Energy Maritime Concept Development, on why FPSOs Associates explains SBM Offshore outlines will return to pre why FPSO’s will only some of the challenges 2008 levels on the increase in popularity to achieving successful upswing going forward. FPSO delivery >>> more on page 2 >>> more on page 7 >>> more on page 2News in BriefKey Industry Figures Shapethe 2011 FPSO CongressIn its 12th year, the congress addresses keyindustry dynamics with advisors including;• David Cannon, General Manager, North Sea Production Company Limited, Maersk FPSO UK Ltd• Rashim Berry Director, Projects, Tanker Pacific Management Pte Ltd• Kelvin Sam, Senior Market Analyst, ODS-Petrodata• David Boggs, Managing Director, Energy Maritime Associates Pte Ltd• Eng Yew Chan, CFO, EOC• Julian Callanan, Analyst, Infield Systems>> more on page 2Premier Oil VietnamOffshore BV commencescharter of the Lewek The 12th Annual FPSO Congress goes globalEMAS- (18 April 2011) Offshore Energy Today bringing together key experts from Petrobras,The FPSO will process oil from Chim Saofield on Block 12W in the Nam Con Sonbasin, about 350 km off southern Vietnam. ENI Australia, ConocoPhillips andThe field development involves producingoil and associated gas to an unmanned, ExxonMobil 20 - 21 Sept 2011, Singaporeminimum facility wellhead platform in 100mof water and then to the FPSO. New dynamics forge strong growth The five year forecast shows thatEni secures Angola FPSO - trends for the FPSO market capital expenditures thrown off by(15 April 2011) - Upstream OnlineMonaco-based SBM Offshore’s new deal In just over three decades, floating production systems floater orders are expected to totalwith Eni Angola for the use of its Xikomba have evolved from relatively simple units producing from afloating production storage and offloading single well to massive facilities capable of handling 250,000 between $80 billion and $115 billionvessel will be part of a 12 year lease barrels of oil per day. Today, as deep water oil reserves Quoting a recent report from the International Maritimesagreement after a letter of intent was signed remain mostly undiscovered, a continued optimistic long- Associates (IMA), expected orders for production floaterstoday, the company has announced. term outlook for floating production systems is expected. will be between 24 and 35 units annually over the next five years, or between 120 to 175 FPS systems in total. Some 80Petrobras Receives Deepwater pays, but don’t leave percent of these units are expected to be FPSOs.BOEMRE Nod for First out opportunities in marginal field Challenges moving aheadFPSO in GOM exploitation In an inherently capital and asset-intensive industry, the(17 March 2011) - Rigzone Growth in the FPSO market through to 2014 will be driven reevaluation of risk exposure levels by major lenders hasThe Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, by continued demand from deepwater Brazilian and West led to a prolonged period of FPSO project implementation.Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) African projects. Key developments will be determined by Attention has also been turned to the nature of the contractprovided the final approval necessary for new dynamics in the global FPSO market including demand between the operator and FPSO vessel owners, where aPetrobras America to begin oil and natural growth in Asia, the greater role of smaller independent oil more balanced contracting regime is the subject of heatedgas production at its Chinook-Cascade companies and the increased importance of smaller offshore discussion.project using a Floating Production Storage oil fields. >>more on page 3Offloading (FPSO) facility. This will be thefirst time this technology is used in the U.S.Gulf of Mexico. Log on to for updates on the 12th Annual FPSO Congress
  3. 3. FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011350+ attendees expected FPSO market set to Jason Waldie, Douglasat the 12th Annual FPSOCongress reach US$16 billion Westwood gives his thoughts on why FPSOs will return to pre 2008Oil and Gas IQ announces their 2011 event- don’t miss the longest running FPSO by 2014 levels on the upswingcongress. This annual platform brings youglobal insights from major hotspots such as Until 2008, there were many new speculative players drilling and subsea processing emerging fromBrazil, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, North planning to enter the FPSO market. By the time 2009 came increased exploration will result in a little moreSea, Baring Sea, West of Australia and the around it all rather fell apart. than US$74.6 billion during the same period.South China Sea.253 attendees joined the global congress in Small-time operations were financing from external debt As a result of the 2008 downturn and subsequent turn of2010 and attendance numbers are expected providers simply because credit markets were the tightest fortunes in 2009 and 2010 we have seen a slight increaseto increase in 2012 inline with rapid growth that they had been in years. This all led to many of the new in scrutiny on the part of the private equity sector within the market this year. start-up and smaller players exiting the market shortly into respect to the FPSO market, this seems to be the right level 2009. of scrutiny.50 vessel owners and oil Those that remained and could weather the crisis are still Consequently, the market is now seeing balancedcompanies confirm their active and are enjoying the resurgent economic upswing. contracting regimes, which was in some way forced by the Globally, monetary policy is loosening and we have seen new entrants to the market from the private equity side.participation at the FPSO activity expanding globally from East to West. This has Numerous interviews with dominant players in the industryCongress 2011 changed the entire scope of the sector as it is now not uncommon to see projects in Brazil financed from Japan or seem to confirm this feeling and continue to reassure us that, on the whole, FPSO projects are returning to pre-2008To date, the programme committee together projects in West Africa being financed from China. level and a turn of fortunes for the sector is imminent.with its advisors have confirmed over 50industry experts to share field case studies. There was a material decrease in orders since 2009 but 70Operators and owners confirmed include Drilling Floating Platforms it seems that market has bottomed last year and there is• Exxonmobil • OMV • Petrobras • Teekay 60 Pipelines an increasing share of the market which is being leased toPetrojarl • ENI Australia • BTL • Modec Subsea Production Expenditure ($billions) 50 Subsea Processing FPSOs.• Husky Mudara • Chevron • Maersk Oil SURF• BP Migas • SBM • Tanker Pacific • EOC 40 The deepwater horizon disaster is unlikely to impact the• Premuda • Aker Floating Production 30 FPSO sector as the Gulf of Mexico accounts for a small• ConocoPhillips part of the market and in the long term it seems as though 20For details on how to register, log-on to growth will return as the FPSO market is set to reach US$ or email 10 billion by 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Jason Waldie will be speaking at the 12th Annual FPSO Congress at 10.00 on day 1.Supporting the talent- Deepwater production is set to double and capex is Log on to for a full versionstretched FPSO industry; expected to increase by as much as 179% by the year 2015, to a decent $205 billion. On the other hand, of this report.the FPSO Congresscommittee has launchedthe Young Engineers Deepwater will remain Jerry Joynson, Corporate Director, ConceptSupport Programme in2011 the most significant Development, SBM Offshore outlines some ofHow will this benefit the industry? Aimedat developing young talent, this fund will activity in the oil industry the challenges to achieving successful FPSO deliveryentitle you to a travel grant* of up SGD1000if you are a young engineer 35 and below**, Bryan Camoens: Could you please outline the current Bryan Camoens: What are some of the challenges facedfrom an oil and gas operator or vessel owner position of FPSO’s in today’s field development from evaluation to the final phase of construction?company. strategy? Jerry Joynson: The challenges in achieving successfulFor further details on the programme, email Jerry Joynson: The major discoveries are taking place in FPSO delivery are manifold, and are often client or deep water and look to continue to do so in the foreseeable specific. Local content requirements can be challenging to future, and hence FPSO’s will clearly be central to comply with, such as the 65% Brazilian content recently* Travel grant of up to SGD1000 will be rendered upon time of registration as a rebate off the conference developing these deep water fields. The use of steel catenary achieved on P57; bidding rules and a need for competitive registration fee risers connected to FPSOs, as demonstrated on the turret tendering can hamper clients’ ability to carry out effective** Supporting documents will be required for proof of age moored Espirito Santo in 2008, will extend their range development in collaboration with FPSO suppliers; and beyond the current flexible riser limit of around 2,000m. resources will become tighter including the demand for Extraction of the massive arctic oil and gas reserves will experienced personnel as we pull out of the global recession. require means to cope with the winter ice shelf, andVisit our knowledge library at disconnectable FPSOs will prove to be invaluable in this Jerry Joynson will be speaking at the 12th Annual FPSO Congress at 16.30 on day for the respect. The enormous flexibility of the FPSO will ensure Log on to for more details onlatest news on FPSO 2011 its leading position in regions where there is no offshore oil the congress. export pipeline infrastructure. FPSO Congress 2011 sponsors & exhibitors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors Exhibitors IHC Hytop
  4. 4. FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011 >>continued from page 1 Wheels and Deals Nexus is in talks with SBM forFull steam ahead but not all smooth sailing the supply and operation of anDespite immense growth it’s not all smooth sailing for Also, the lifting cost is on average very low once the field is FPSO for Cruxthe FPSO sector, as it continues to be out of favour with on stream and the majority of costs are sunk. The main risk 24 January 2011, Rigzoneliquidity. Stocks of some of the largest names in the sector to option periods is that the reservoir is not performing, i.e. Nexus advises that it is in discussions withwere down by as much as half over the past couple of years, production is too low to justify further commencement. a contractor to provide an FPSO and actdue to poor project execution in 2008 and 2009. Contract Duration FPSOs as a project financier and potential joint 16 venture partners for the Crux liquids project.Kristian Diesen, a research analyst for Parerto believes that Negotiations are ongoing.the reason for this was primarily cost overruns and delays 14but the risk of these is now significantly reduced. “Whereas 12taking on new projects have been a negative thing over 10 7.0 4.6 ENI to lease FPSO forthe past couple of years, this should now increasingly be apositive. The FPSO companies are currently in a position to 8 6.3 5.2 3.6 exploration of oil block in Angola 6take on new projects at attractive terms with competition 4 8.1on many projects being limited, overall capital expenditure 6.7 5.5 5.3 6.6 15 Apr 2011, Oil Field Daily News 2risk reduced through improved contract terms with sub- Italian oil group ENI has signed a lettersuppliers and a supply chain that has a significantly lower 0 Fred. Olsen SBM Prosafe Sevan BW Offshore of intent with SBM Offshore to lease thepressure than in the 2006 - 2008 period,” he said in a note. Production Offshore Production Marine Xikomba FPSO vessel to explore the deep Firm Years Optional Years *Sevan includes drilling rigs water 15/06 oil block in the Angolan sea.Kristian also mentions that the likelihood of contractextensions for a unit in the FPSO market is far larger than Source: Pareto Researchfor instance in the rig market, as the units are tailor-made OMV Scoops Up Licensefor each specific field. Hence, he views the risk on theoptional period as low for most contracts, so long as the Reported by Bryan Camoens, FPSO Correspondent, FPSO Congress. Offshore New Zealandfield continues to produce at economical levels. 24 March 2011, Rigzone OMV New Zealand announced that it Download the full report from the knowledge libraryThe alternative cost for the oil company in contracting will farm into PEP 51906 currently held at www.fpsoasia.comanother unit is generally high with a significant lead time. by Octanex N.L. Subject to government approval, the farm-in arrangement will see OMV New Zealand take on a 65% share and become the operator of the license. OctanexFPSO growth set to David Boggs, Managing Director NL retains a 35% share and will be free carried through certain agreed phases ofincrease as deeper of Energy Maritime Associates exploration. explains why FPSO’s will only PTSC and Lam Son JOCfields are developed increase in popularity going forward. LSJOC endorse the HeadBryan Camoens: Could you please outline the current Bryan Camoens: What are some of the challenges faced of Agreement (HOA)position of FPSO’s in today’s field development from evaluation to the final phase of construction? for the provision ofstrategy? David Boggs: The period between evaluations to delivery is FPSO chartering for the typically many years, so the challenges include changes inDavid Boggs: FPSOs are the most popular floatingproduction development option. FPSOs are proven foreign exchange rates, price of steel and fuel, and changes development of Thang Longtechnology and have oil storage facilities. Almost two in law and regulations. 4 March 2011, PTSC- thirds of Floating production vessels are FPSOs. The According to the HOA, PTSC and LSJOCdeepest floating production system in the world is the David Boggs will be speaking at the 12th Annual FPSO commit to general terms & conditions forrecently installed BW Pioneer FPSO on the Cascade / Congress. Log on to for a full one contract for the provision of the FloatingChinook field in 2600m of water. As deeper and deeper version of this interview. Production Storage Offloading vessel (FPSO)fields are developed, FPSOs will be increasingly popular. for LSJOC for the defined period of 07 years with extension of 03 years. Total contract value is estimated to reach 500M USD. PTSC shall perform the operation the FPSO during 7 years plus 3 years extension, participate in manufacturing/conversion as well as installation/commissioning of the vessel. The vessel shall receive first oil at year end of 2013 tentatively. The Deepwater Horizon Log on to One Year On Though the oil spill in the GOM has been plugged, the aftermath of the incident remains today. Aside from the environmental, fishing and tourism impact, today! tougher requirements in all areas from: well design and cementing practices, to blowout preventers and employee training Watch exclusive online have been imposed on offshore exploration videos including: and production activities. Today, major Centering Global • Key players in the industry discuss the position of FPSO to fuel today’s energy sector. FPSO projects have seen more stringent compliance requirements from countries like Australia and the USA. The Bureau of Knowledge • Carl Arnet, CEO of BW Offshore speaks exclusively to Oil & Gas IQ on the energy demand in the future and the potential issues Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) announced on March 17 2011 that it has granted final Log on to the FPSO knowledge universe at and challenges currently facing the FPSO sector. approval for Brazil’s Petrobras to begin and receive exclusive industry interviews • C-level Vessel Owners talk about mergers and oil and gas production at the deepwater and news. Keep in touch with leading influencers in the acquisitions, issues outlook and trends in the Cascade-Chinook project using an FPSO. Global FPSO sector. industry at our annual event. Visit for more on this subject.
  5. 5. Highlighted Main Congress Day One: Tuesday, 20 September 2011speakers for 2011: 0815 Congress Registration Ketil Hox 0850 Chairperson’s Opening Manager Project Engineering 0900 Exploring the Changing Role of FPSO in Today’s Field Development Strategy Teekay Petrojarl • Case history of the Kitan project • Implementation of solutions to overcome challenges • Challenges faced from evaluation to final phase from project design to construction Jose M Layung JR construction Undersecretary Francesco Piasentin, Project Manager, ENI Australia Department of Energy 0920 Developments in Compliance and Regulation For FPSO Projects In Australia Philippines FPSOs are challenging in the way that they represent a combination of maritime and offshore regulatory regimes, technologies and practices. This session will define the technical and regulatory aspects of floating production in Arne Hyen Australian waters. Tornkvist Simon Schubach, Regulatory Operations GM, National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority CEO 0940 An Operator’s Perspective on Taking Deepwater Development to the Next Level with FPSO Technology Aker Floating • Evaluating the benefits of • Developing a contracting and • Legal considerations Production ASA conversion versus new build execution strategy • Interface management challenges Per Aae Staunstrup, Head of Engineering, Maersk Oil Maarten Van Aller 1000 Regional Hotspot Market Trends in the FPSO Business COO • Market Trends in the FPSO • Macroeconomic analysis for the FPSO • Market drivers; current market analysis; Petrofac Business: energy demand growth sector: an Asian perspective on global what happened in 2011? Brazil presalt • Short-term outlook; longer- developments activity; lessons from Macondo; insight Daniel C.S Ahn term outlook and opportunities for the 2011 recovery Distinguished Jason Waldie, Associate Director, Douglas-Westwood Professor of Practice 1020 Morning Refreshments and Networking KAIST 1050 Offshore Investment Opportunities in the Philippines and Implications for the FPSO Contracting Sector Simon Schubach • Understanding offshore regulations and opportunities • Maritime flag laws and varying local practices in the Philippines • Regulatory compliance Regulatory Operations GM Jose M Layug JR, Undersecretary, Department of Energy Philippines National Offshore 1110 Forging New Frontiers: Responding to the Evolving Dynamics in the FPSO Industry Petroleum Safety • Developing a more balanced contracting regime: project • The economics of FPSO projects as a Authority risk, responsibilities and cost management cost-effective field development solution • Evolving safety standards and their effect on project Andrew Jefferies advancements Manager Operations Panellists: Arne Hyen Tornkvist, CEO, Aker Floating Production ASA and Engineering Maarten Van Aller, COO, Petrofac OMV NZ Jon Dunstan, COO, EOC Limited 1140 Evolving to a Unified Control Environment to Improve Vessel Safety and Productivity Michael Surkein ABB Senior Materials and 1210 Lunch and Visit to the FPSO Consultation Hall Corrosion Consultant ExxonMobil Development Technical Stream Commercial Stream Company Innovations in FPSO Design, Construction and FPSO Financing to Support the Rapid Growth Richard Cai Conversion of Vessel Demand 1310 PRE-FEED and FEED Studies to Define a Solid 1310 FPSO: Sources of Financing - a Perspective From Senior Structural Scope Definition for On-Time and On-Budget a Multilateral Financing Institution Engineer Project Delivery Karsten Fuelster, Senior Investment Officer, Modec GL Noble Denton International Finance Corporation Kevin Judkins 1340 FPSO Topside Modules: Structural Interface 1340 Developments in the China Oil and Gas Market Offshore Installation Design Considerations and Opportunities in the Offshore Sector Manager Richard Cao, Senior Structural Engineer, Modec Bradley Way, Head of Asia Energy, BNP Paribas Crystal Ocean FPSO Xiao Ming Tan, Lead Structural Engineer, Modec 1410 Panel: Understanding Lending Requirements for 1410 Advances in New Build FPSO Hull and Marine FPSO Developments Karsten Fuelster Systems Moderator: David Boggs, Managing Director, Energy Senior Investment Hardy Augustin, Lead Instrument / Electrical Maritime Associates Officer Engineer, Peregrino FPSO Panelists: Chan Eng Yew, CFO, EOC Limited International Simon Davies, Director, Oil & Gas, Structured Asset 1440 Innovations in Design Finance and Export Finance, ANZ New generation Turret, Mooring and Fluid Corporation Birgit Marquart, Head of Offshore, UniCredit Bank AG Transfer System Tony Nguyen, Managing Director, EP Legal Per Skiftesvik, Framo Engineering Per Ae Staunstrup 1440 Understanding the Critical Factors to Create a Head of Engineering 1510 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Bankable Project Maersk Oil New Technologies in Deepwater Developments Simon Davies, Director, Oil & Gas, Structured Asset 1540 Driving the New Age of FPSOs With Innovative and Export Finance, ANZ Power Solutions 1510 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Stig Bøtker, Sales Director, Offshore, WartsilaConnecting Globally and 1540 Executive Table Discussions 1610 Compact And Efficient Solutions For Sea Table 1: Exploring Islamic Finance Options for FPSO ProjectsLocally on the Largest Water Injection ApplicationsFPSO network Table 2: Analyst Insight: Equity Fund Raising - Dead or Alive? Jarle Nilsen, Senior Manager Sales & Marketing of Table 3: Debt Financing for FPSO Developments Offshore Production Solutions, Siemens Oil & Gas Table 4: Alternative Project Funding Structures - LeveragingWith over 2000 members 1640 Advanced Multi-phase Separation Technology on Export Credit to Drive FPSO Project Developmentson LinkedIn, the FPSO John Eow, Senior Research Engineer, Keppel Table 5: Lender’s Insight: Stock Take on Leasing Rate Offshore & Marine Formulation for Improved Project ProfitabilityNetwork is the largest globalFPSO community connecting 1700 Creating the “Safety vs. Profitability” Case for Legal & Contractual Issues To Balance & Minimize FPSO Operations the Risk of Contracting & Contractor Partiesprofessionals in this dynamic Alvin Chin, Sales Director, HIMA 1610 Arbitration to Protect Relevant Parties in Disputesfield. Find out why so many of Marcus Gordon, Partner,Watson, Farley & Williams LLP 1715 Panel: Energy Efficient Solutions for Poweringyour peers are connecting up by FPSO Vessels 1640 Developing a Clear Structure for Risk Allocationjoining us today. Moderator: Jerry Joynson, Corporate Director, and Mitigation Between the Contracting Parties Concept Development, SBM Giovanni Cobau, General Manager for OffshoreJoin the FPSO network to Panellists: KC Gupta, Chief Facilities Manager, Division, Premuda Tanker Pacificparticipate in discussions with 1715 An Update on New Indonesia Cabotage Laws Per Aae Staunstrup, Head of Engineering, Maersk Oilyour peers online. Stig Bøtker, Sales Director, Offshore, Wartsila Affecting FPSOTo be a member, email 1740 Chairman’s Summary Effendi Karim, Senior Legal Counsel, BP 1800 12th Annual FPSO Congress Cocktail Reception 1740 Chairman’s Summary & Cocktail Reception
  6. 6. Main Congress Day Two: Wednesday, 21 September 2011 Be a Part of0815 Congress Registration the Longest Running0850 Chairperson’s Opening0900 The Economics of FPSO as a Solution to Maximize Field Productivity and Largest FPSOs are often used on marginal or quick developments. Understanding the range and drivers of future uncertainty is critical to get the “right” development in place. FPSO technology can maximise the recovery of the development • Front end loading • Appraisal techniques to address uncertainties • What size storage is the right size? • Subsurface uncertainties and impact on topsides design Andrew Jefferies, Manager of Operations and Engineering, OMV New Zealand Limited Global FPSO0930 FPSO Demand Forecast: Realistic Projections of Vessel Delivery and Project Schedules • New orders in 2012: A tale of two • FPSO capacity conundrum: Too • Equipment supply risk: lead time and Congress scenarios much or too little? backlog trends Kelvin Sam, Senior Market Analyst, ODS-Petrodata Present your products for project0950 What Lies Ahead: Trends in FPSO Capital Expenditure and Cost Management To Maximize Your Project Returns tenders to oil companies and vessel owners with a booth at the Julian Callanan, Business Manager, Infield Systems FPSO Consultation Hall1010 Key Capabilities of Shipyards, and Technology Innovations to Support FPSO Developments Reviewing the Landscape of FPSO fabrication • Who are the main fabricators today? • Who are the key technology companies? • Will be there be new players? • What does the industry expect from new FPSOs? Moderator: Matthew Flynn, Managing Director, Worldyards Panellists: Zahar Mohd Hashim Zainuddin, CEO, GMOS Daniel C.S Anh, Distinguished Professor of Practice, KAIST1030 Morning Refreshments and Networking Technical Stream I Technical Stream II Standards and Norms in Design for FPSO Maximizing Field Productivity through Latest Systems: Now and in the Future Technology Innovations 1100 The Impact of Macondo And Montara On FPSO Safety Cases 1100 Evaluating FPSO Technology to Maximize Field Productivity Only 3 booths left! See page 7 for the floorplan. Brendan Fitzgerald, Director, Vanguard Ketil Hox, Manager Project Engineering, Teekay Petrojarl Solutions 1130 Ensuring Subsurface Safety Valve Reliability in Contact us today on: 1130 Developing an Optimum Safety Case to Ensure Deepwater, High pressure Gas Wells +65 6722 9388 or that Productivity is Not Sacrificed Mr. Tony Globe, Business Development Manager, Gangahar S, Department Head, Engineering, Modec Castrol Offshore Excellence in Field Operations Local Compliance and Regulations 1200 Leveraging on FPSO to Optimise Operations in 1200 Understanding Ownership and Flagging Laws In Small Field Developments Malaysian Waters Driving key Maarten Van Aller, COO, Petrofac Abdul Samad Bin Shaik Osman, Principal Assistant Director, Ship Accreditation Unit, Maritime Industry developments 1230 Ensuring Maximum Reliability of Your FPSO Operations Whilst Optimizing Cost Control Division, Marine Department of Malaysia forward as an FPSO Kevin Judkins, Offshore Installation Manager, 1230 Early Phase Identification of Key Commercial and Technical Risks to Reduce Costs community; the Crystal Ocean FPSO 1300 Lunch and Visit of FPSO Consultation Hall 1300 Lunch and Visit of FPSO Consultation Hall FPSO Congress Asset Integrity Management committee 1400 An Alternative Class Approach For Minimizing FPSOs Downtime - From “Calendar Based” Commercial Stream has launched Procurement and Cost Management To “Condition Based” Through a Risk Management Approach 1400 Contract Negotiation And Management To the Operator Alexandre Imperial, Regional Offshore Class Protect And Ensure A Win-Win Situation For All Contracting Partners Development Director, DNV - South East Asia & Pacific Joe Patrick, Director, Hunter Oil Programme in 2011 1430 Case Study on Corrosion Management in the 1430 Accurate FPSO Cost Planning and Control to North Sea Aimed at creating a cohesive Protect Project Bottom line environment for evaluating FPSO Abdel Kader Mekki, Senior Corrosion Engineer, David Boggs, Managing Director, Energy Maritime ConocoPhillips Associates technology as a cost effective field development solution, the congress 1500 Innovative Coatings for FPSO Conversion: FPSO Project Management to Ensure On Time Improved Predictability and Lower Costs and On Target Delivery will sponsor passes for directors of Joao Azevedo, Global Business Development 1500 Optimum EPCIC Contracting Strategies for FPSO projects from oil companies Manager - Offshore, Sherwin-Williams Various Types of FPSO Only a limited number of Daniel C.S Ahn, Distinguished Professor of Practice, passes are available. Email us 1530 FPSO Corrosion Control Design to Ensure a Long KAIST Reliable Life at or call Michael Surkein, Senior Materials and Corrosion 1530 Table 1: Offshore Tax Management: Managing Tax +65 6722 9388 now to find out and Risk Exposure in Asia for Offshore Projects Consultant, ExxonMobil Development Company Executive how you can obtain a VIP pass as Table Table 2: Local Content Management to Overcome 1600 Chairman’s Summary Discussions Resource Shortages in a Talent-Stretched Industry part of the FPSO Congress operator Table 3: FPSO Risk Management and Allocation: development programme. Examining Insurance Possibilities to Mitigate Risk 1600 Chairman’s Summary1610 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking1630 Critical Technical Evaluation for the Successful Redeployment of FPSO Vessels Jerry Joynson, Corporate Director, Concept Development, SBM1700 FPSO Turret Design Approach: An Operator’s Perspective On How To Pursue Extended Lifetime Carlos Mastrangelo, WR - Facilities Manager, Petrobras America1730 Chairman’s Summary log on to for the full agenda, speaker Q&As and industry insights or email us at
  7. 7. FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011Pre-Congress Technical Briefings Post-Congress Technical BriefingA: 19 September 2011 B: 19 September 2011 C: 22 September 2011 0830 - 1130 1300 - 1600 0830 - 1130 Evaluating FPSO Technology Optimum Design, Conversion Asset Integrity, Repair and To Maximize The Efficiency Of And Construction For Safe And Maintenance Your Field Development Plans On Target Delivery As many floating production systems are now approaching the middle or end of their design lives,• How can you increase future revenues and the In a business where traditionally the time of vessel this technical briefing session is created for operators profitability of FPSOs and FSOs worldwide? delivery has been prioritized over all, how can you and owners to seek assurance on the ongoing integrity• How well can FPSO technology maximize your ensure that you set things straight right from the of assets from the processing equipment to the production capacity and minimize cost? design stage to ensure a quick delivery time yet comply risers, subsea architecture, hull, marine systems and with safety standards to minimize breakdowns in• What is the quickest way to evaluate the suitability moorings. operations? This technical briefing is designed for of your field for FPSO developments? Attend the FPSO project managers, heads of engineering, naval field development and evaluation technical briefing Examine critical factors on: architects and stakeholders involved in the design, created for E&P companies to benchmark, and fast • Rationale and implementation strategy for fpso asset construction and conversion phase of projects to drive track your evaluation processes and understand how integrity management greater efficiency and safety in this process. to fully exploit FPSOs to maximize field returns. • Key assessment criteria for vessel condition in harsh Attend this technical briefing to find out how you can: water conditionsThis focus day will give you an in-depth review of thefollowing: • Improve Project Delivery And Profitability through • Realignment strategies of maintenance programmes modular construction to the dynamic conditions of your field and vessel• Understanding key field characteristics suitable for • Examine innovations in design including a conditions development with FPSO technology comparison between round shaped FPSOs vs ship• Investigating the cost and benefits of development 0815 Workshop Registration shaped FPSOs with FPSO • Understanding advancements in turret, mooring 0830 Workshop Leader’s Opening and Introduction• Major factors to ensure value optimisation of your and swivel technologies to combat dynamic offshore 0840 Rationale and Implementation Strategy for field with FPSO technology conditions FPSO Asset Integrity Management• Understanding the size selection of FPSO vessels 0940 Assessment of Vessel Condition in Asset given prospective reserves 1245 Technical Briefing Registration Integrity Management and Identifying 1300 Technical Briefing Leader’s Opening and Challenges in Harsh Water Environment 0815 Technical Briefing Registration Introduction 1000 Morning Refreshments 0830 Technical Briefing Leader’s Opening and Introduction 1310 Modular Construction To Improve Project 1050 Realignment of FPSO Maintenance Programs Delivery And Profitability for Asset Integrity Management, and 0840 Identifying The Key Characteristics of Fields Techniques To Mitigate Vessel Breakdowns For Which FPSO Is An Optimum Solution 1340 Innovations In FPSO Design Concepts To Gain Carpet Returns and Loss of Production Lead Time 0950 Investigating The Costs And Benefits Of 1420 Afternoon Refreshments 1130 Summary Development With FPSO 1010 Morning Refreshments 1440 Advancement In Turret, Mooring And Swivel Your Technical Briefing Leader: Technologies To Combat Dynamic Offshore 1110 Ensuring Value Optimisation Of Your Field Zahar Mohd Hashim Zainuddin, CEO, GMOS Conditions With FPSO Technology 1510 Improved FPSO Design To Facilitate Future 1130 Summary Inspections and Extend Operational Life Find out more about our 1540 Conversion and Relocation of Existing FPSOs Your Technical Briefing Leader: Joe Patrick, Director, Hunter Oil Pty Ltd 1600 Summary Technical Briefing leaders and read the full agenda by Your Technical Briefing Leaders: Don’t forget to visit our Cedric Moriandini, Head of Naval Architecture, visiting: download centre at SBM Malaysia Sendirian Berhad JC Hueber, Technical Development & Marketing Manager, SSP Offshore INCFPSO demand likely to doubleWith FPSOs being the best and perhaps the only valid Do you have a credible solution to offer thatoption for many discovered oil fields going forward, help global operators and vessel ownersgrowth for the sector will likely soar. Oil companies achieve their needs? If so, join us now at the 12thand vessel owners are looking to Annual FPSO Congress, 20capitalize on innovations in FPSOtechnology to maximize their field “Of the 196 projects - 21 September 2011, Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore. Emailreturns. in the pipeline us at enquiry@fpso., to find out how you can get Who Should AttendSupport Key Developments of the worldwide, FPSOs involved. • • Oil Companies FPSO Vessel Owners • Design, Engineering & Build ConsultantsFPSO Community at the Largestand Longest Running Global will be the preferred Interesting update of • Shipyards • Repair and maintenance • Topside Engineering solution providersFPSO CongressIn a sector where timelines are of solution for over 100 FPSO activities and useful networking opportunity • Classification Societies • Banks/Financing Firms • Hull Specialists • Ship Equipment e.gupmost importance, though proving to of those” - Mark Wood, Business • Offshore Support Compressorsnot always be optimal, going back to Development manager, Stig Hoffmeyer, CEO, Maersk FPSO Solutions • Offshore Projectproviders who they have worked with Telleborg Offshorebefore seems like the easiest choice. • Fabrication Yards Insurance FirmsThat’s why for the past 11 years, operators and owners We fulfilled our expectations because we met 80% of • Offshore Communication • Hotwork Enclosures,have chosen the Annual FPSO Congress as the place our targeted customers and have confirmed official Solutions Turbines & Pipingsto evaluate the best partners for such time-critical meetings with 2 already - Sose Frias, Key Account • Ship/Fleet Managementprojects Manager, Camfil Farr Power System AB Software Providers
  8. 8. FPSO Congress Bulletin 2011Why the 12th Annual FPSO What’s so different about theCongress is the best value for FPSO Congress in 2011?your marketing spend Revamped! FPSO consultation hall consolidating key solution partners you need all in one place. You will meet solution partners in from these key categories:Extensive face-to-face interaction opportunities • Design, Engineering and Safety Companieswith global operators and owners • Classification Societies • Ship Equipment ProvidersYou’ll notice our congress is very different from other conferences, our partners • Repair and Maintenance Solutionsrecognize the value of participating at the congress to network with key industry • Topside Engineering Companiesexperts and to select the best partners. If you have a credible solution which can • Ship Communication and Navigation Solutionshelp them achieve improved project management, operations and efficiency of their • Law FirmsFPSO projects, make sure they meet you onsite. • Banks/ FinanciersAreas of Involvement:• Be part of our FPSO Consultation Hall where operators and owners take further 350+ expected attendees in 2011! discussions with technology and commercial experts on how to improve FPSO • The largest and longest running FPSO conference globally, with operations, production and field development technical and commercial streams• Spotlight Innovations! Get your solution evaluated (from a technical and • Content shaped by FPSO community opinion has asked for commercial perspective) by key decision makers from operator and owner The FPSO community has asked for more targeted content this year and companies in our technology spotlight sessions so we have focused each stream into 5 main themes• Augment your position as an industry leader by joining as a session sponsor Technical: Benchmark your Commercial: benchmark your• Create awareness of your organization through sponsoring the cocktail and experienceas in key areas including: experiences in key areas including: networking evening *for the first time ever, a golf and whisky tasting evening with 1 Innovations in FPSO Design, 1 FPSO Financing your peers to forge continuing bonds in the industry Construction and Conversion 2 Legal and Contractual Issues• Increase your visibility by sponsoring lanyards/goodie bags 2 New Technologies for Deepwater 3 Procurement and Cost• Join us as a delegate Developments Management 3 Standards And Norms In Design 4 FPSO Risk Management andEmail us at or call +65 6722 9388 to explore further areas For FPSO Systems: Now And In Allocationof involvement or clarify your questions. The Future 5 FPSO Project Management to 4 Excellence in Field Operations Ensure On Time and On Target 5 Asset Integrity Management Delivery FPSO Congress 2011 sponsors • Global innovation sharing: 15 unique regions represented this year! Gold Sponsors • Congress support programmes to connect and drive the industry forward * Young Engineer support Programme * Operator Development Programme Email for further details • Connect with your peers on a personal level after a long day of benchmarking best practice! Don’t miss the golf and whisky tasting evening with your peers to forge continuing bonds in the industry Silver Sponsors Do you have a vessel you want to showcase to the FPSO community through a site tour? Email us at to find out how you can arrange this in conjunction with the congress. A big thank you to our partners for their support Supporting Partners Exhibition area Limited spaces now available... ...don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak directly to your customers. Contact us now on: Phone: +65 6722 9388 or email: Available Booked Reserved 1 2 3 4 5 6 BUFFET LINE 7 18 COFFEE COFFEE / TEA / TEA 8 17 Media Partners Official Newspaper Mobile Apps Partner 9 16 BUFFET LINE 15 14 13 12 11 10 EXIT Official TV Official Supported Held Station Newswire By In Illustration is not to scale and is to be used for guidance purposes only. Log on to for updates on the 12th Annual FPSO Congress