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AUTOSAR and Multi-core Technology: A Supportive Relationship? - interview with Stefan Kuntz (Continental Automotive GmbH)


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How can OEMs and suppliers better work together to integrate multi-core technology into vehicle systems? Does anything need to fundamentally change in the OEM/supplier relationship, if so what and how can this be done?

To help answer some of these questions, Automotive IQ spoke exclusively to Stefan Kuntz, Division Powertrain, Engine Systems at Continental Automotive on the topic of "AUTOSAR and Multi-Core Technology: A Supportive Relationship?".

The interview goes into detail about the following key issues:
• Is AUTOSAR capable of accommodating multi-core technology?
• Possible future directions in improving the AUTOSAR potential timeline for updating the architecture. Should the industry start from scratch?
• What will the industry and the end-users of its products gain from this move to multi-core processors?
Download the interview for free here:

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AUTOSAR and Multi-core Technology: A Supportive Relationship? - interview with Stefan Kuntz (Continental Automotive GmbH)

  1. 1. AUTOSAR and Multi-core Technology: A Supportive Relationship? Please give us some insight into your background and your role within Continental? I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering as well as Computer Science. I have a strong background in system, hardware and software architecture and engineering and its inter-dependencies. My current role is group leader of the Software Architecture Team within the division Engine Systems of Continental Automotive GmbH in Regensburg, Germany. This division develops products for the Power-train domain, and in particular I am involved in the development of electronic control units for controlling internal combustion engines. The architecture team defines guidelines and architectures for developing software in the context of multi-core technology. Integration of software component provided by the customer and customer specific adaptations are one of the challenging activities with regard to the multi-core technology. Stefan Kuntz of Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany works within their Division Powertrain, Engine Systems. He will present on the topic of How fit is AUTOSAR for Multi-Core Systems at our expert meeting in Sindelfingen, Germany this September.