Featuring exclusive OEM case                                                                   studies and presentations f...
2nd International ConferenceE/E Systems for Wind Turbines21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany                     ...
2nd International Conference     E/E Systems for Wind Turbines     21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany     CONfEr...
2nd International Conference     E/E Systems for Wind Turbines     21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany     CONfEr...
2nd International Conference    E/E Systems for Wind Turbines    21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany    Interacti...
2nd International Conference                                                                                              ...
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2nd International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines


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2nd International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines

  1. 1. Featuring exclusive OEM case studies and presentations from2nd International Conference the regions leading utilitiesE/E Systemsfor Wind Turbines Next Generation Wind Turbines – Reducing Cost of Energy – Advancing Availability & Serviceability21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany • The latest developments in pitch systems to reduce loads and enhance IQPC Series advanced control • Implement advanced control systems to increase energy production • Evaluate future requirements for wind turbines from a utility and developer´s perspective • Understand specific grid code requirements to ensure compliance to the power generation system • Learn about innovative generator and converter technology for application in next generation wind turbines With contributions from leading international companies: Moog Bosch Rexroth AG DONG Energy Renewables Fraunhofer IWES RWE Innogy GmbH Nordex Energy GmbH TU Denmark SSB Wind Systems GmbH & Co. KG GE Energy Power Conversion Gamesa Innovation & Technology WinWinD Oy The Switch GE Energy RWE Npower Renewables Limited E.ON Climate Winergy AG Interactive Workshop Day | Wednesday, 23 May 2012 Workshop A | Functional safety for pitch systems with regard to reliability & availability Workshop B | Current and future generator-converter systems Workshop C | High availability control systems for wind turbines SAVe Workshop D | Ensuring grid complianceup to € 300,- with our www.ee-wind-turbines.com/MMEarly Birds if you book by 10 March 2012! Lead Sponsor Exhibitors Researched and developed by
  2. 2. 2nd International ConferenceE/E Systems for Wind Turbines21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany Sponsorship We have a variety of packages available to suit your requirements.Dear colleague, For all Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities call Akos Gyure:For the wind energy industry it is crucial to lower the cost of energy to compete with other +49 (0)30 20 91 32 75 or emailenergies. The rapid developments in high performance wind turbines have not mitigated the risk of technical sponsorship@iqpc.defaults or malfunction. Technological advances are strongly needed regarding lifetime, reliability andefficiency. Lead SponsorIn order to remain competitive and to grow market share, wind turbine manufacturers and the supplier industrymust develop next generation turbines that comply with future requirements for on and offshore applications. Moog Max-Born-Str. 1I am pleased to announce that the 2nd International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines taking place 59423 Unna, GERMANY21 – 23 May, 2012 at the Swissôtel Bremen/Germany is back by popular demand! This year, we have expanded Tel.: +49 (0)2303  5937 0the agenda to include the region’s leading utilities, who will speak about their expectations and future vision. Fax: +49 (0)2303 5937 198 wind.germany@moog.comAnd as if that wasn’t enough, OEMs will present their findings on the actual developments in wind turbine www.moog.com/windelectric systems. Pitch Solutions for Reliability and High PerformanceThis year’s focus will be on: Moog is a leading supplier of tai- lored pitch systems and products for • The latest developments regarding pitch systems to reduce loads and enhance advanced control onshore and offshore wind turbines. • Advanced Control Systems to increase energy production With more than 27 ,000 units in opera- • Specific grid code requirements to ensure compliance to the power generation system tion around the world, Moog is your proven partner for reliable pitch solu- • Innovative generator and converter technology for application in next generation wind turbines tions. Moog designs, manufactures andThis event will draw together extensive experience from industry professionals in electrical engineering, supplies high performance electric, hydraulic and hybrid motion controlencourage the exchange of knowledge, and promote the dialogue amongst the wind turbine community. solutions for applications including pitch systems, slip ring solutions, rotorSave your place and book now! monitoring and blade sensing systems. Our experts provide products, systems and services worldwide to ensureI am looking forward to meeting you in Bremen from 21 – 23 May 2012! maximum efficiency, reliable opera- tion and a long operating life for wind turbines.Best regards Exhibitors Team Discounts We are offering attractive TeamMonica Wick Discounts, please contact us!EnergyIQ Team Kübler Group, Fritz Kübler GmbH Schubertstraße 47 78054 Villingen-SchwenningenMediapartner GERMANY ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN is Germany’s independent monthly magazine for renewable ener- Tel.: +49 (0)7720/3903-0 gies. The magazine informs by independent journalism comprehensive about the most important Fax: +49 (0)7720/3903-846 activities in the market of renewable energies. Passionately we are always searching for the lat- info@kuebler.com est developments, the most resourcefully companies, the brightest minds in the line of business to provide our readers as well as our advertising customers a professionally and successfully www.kuebler.com information- and sales platform. Since 20 years we are reaching about 12.200 professionals and decision makers, investors, plant operators, engineers, project manager, craftsmen and scientists per month. In the fields of wind power onshore and offshore, photovoltaics, solar thermal power, biogas, thermal biomass, bio-fuels, hydropower and geothermal power. Once a year we are publishing the International ABB Automation Products GmbH Directory of Wind Energy, the International Directory of Solar Energy and the Wind Turbine Wallstadter Straße 59, Market. www.erneuerbareenergien.de 68526 Ladenburg, GERMANY Windpower Engineering covers the design, technical content, and maintenance of wind tur- Tel.: +49 (0)40 460 639 - 66 bines, wind farms, and the regulations and policies that make the industry function. Windpower Fax: +49 (0)40 460 639 - 67 Engineering provides accurate, timely, and useful information to wind energy professionals. stefan.floeck@de.abb.com Windpower Engineering also provides useful design tips and industry knowledge across the full spectrum of wind and other renewable energy technologies. www.abb.com www.windpowerengineering.com SUN & WIND ENERGY is the international magazine for professionals worldwide in the field of renewable energies. The magazine appears monthly from 2009 onwards and provides valuable information on the renewable energy market. SUN & WIND ENERGY presents international news, market developments, worldwide market overviews, company profiles, product informa- AEG Power Solutions tion, interviews, job opportunities, events and a comprehensive company directory. Emil-Siepmann-Straße 32 www.sunwindenergy.com 59581 Warstein, GERMANY SONNE WIND & WÄRME is THE TRADE MAGAZINE for all renewable energies. Technical articles, Tel.: +49 (0)2902 763 527 company profiles and market overviews as well as current application examples, product presen- tations and practical tips make SONNE WIND & WÄRME an indispensable source of information Fax: +49 (0)2902 763 680 for technical press readers and a fundament for their product decisions. Klaus.Riekoetter@aegps.com www.sonnewindwaerme.de www.aegps.com
  3. 3. 2nd International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines 21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany CONfErENCE DAy ONE | Monday, 21 May 2012 Pitch System Development and Controlling Systems 09:00 Registration & coffee 14:15 Functional Safety for Pitch Systems 09:30 Chairman’s welcome and opening address • Turbine Certification and Requirements from GL 2010 guidelines Dr. Sherif El-Henaoui, • Challenges for Pitch Systems European Marketing Director, • Safety Approach Moog, Italy Tobias Rösmann, R&D Manager, Operators, Developers and Utilities: Requirements and CPR Wind – Pitch Control Systems, Moog, Germany Future Projects 14:55 Innovative electrical blade pitch system with ac-technology 09:35 A project developers evaluation of new wind turbine • Requirements resulting from GL2010 and the machineryUtility designs for future projects directivepresentation • Evaluation of new wind turbine designs by design review in • Reducing loads during emergency stop due to drive control close cooperation with the wind turbine manufacturer system failure • The use of demo sites to get hands on experience with • Demands on Pitch systems resulting from Individual Pitch new turbine designs Control • Evaluation and requirements to new wind turbine designs Tobias Herrmann, seen from an O&M perspective Development Engineer, Karsten Kabel, Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany Project Engineer, DONG Energy Renewables, Denmark 15:35 Advanced Electrical Pitch Systems • Control requirements 10:15 Requirements for Offshore Wind Turbines from an • New topologies for pitch systemsUtility Operator’s Perspective • Rapid Yaw presentation • RWE Innogy’s Offshore Project Pipeline • Pitch control for floating turbines • Comparison of Offshore and Onshore conditions Dr. Fabio Bertolotti, • Challenges of Offshore Wind Energy Director of Research & Technology, • Special Requirements for Offshore Wind Turbines SSB Wind Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Germany • Quality Assurance and Pre-qualification • Conclusion and Outlook 16:15 refreshment break and networking Holger Berndt, Wind Energy Offshore, Senior Manager WTG Engineering, Grid Codes – Grid Compliance RWE Innogy GmbH, Germany 16:45 Contribution from Wind Power Plants to frequency control 10:55 refreshment break and networking OEM and stability in power systems with a large amount of wind 11:25 The competitive future Wind Turbines will need significant presentation power • Generating Systems in Wind Turbine Generators andUtility further developed and matured technologies conventional power plantspresentation • How do we secure reduction of cost of energy with • Primary reserves and control and Inertial response 50% for offshore before 2020? • GE WindINERTIATM as a solution to provide an inertial • More individual site specific approach including design response criteria, site specific design, fabrication and installation • Impact in power systems: Case studies • Offshore cost level ask for new standards for quality assurance and quality control for the whole supply and Stephan Wachtel, value chain Principal Engineer, • Onshore big scale will ask for new standards to handle GE Energy Consulting, Germany more complex sites. 17:25 Control of wind parks in a modern smart grid • Onshore big scale sites will ask for further development of • Grid compliance of single turbines vs. complete wind parks cold climate and icing solution • Contribution of a wind park in frequency and voltage Kristian Höy-Thomsen, regulation Head of Technology Department, • Intelligent regulators and connectivity E.ON Climate & Renewables, Nordic, Sweden • Preparing for future requirements 12:05 Successful development in between the contradictory Dr. Sami Kanerva, contexts of market and customer requirements Design engineer,OEM WinWinD Oy, Finland presentation • Global market requirements like Grid Codes • Cost of Energy Kimmo Kaappola, • Gamma Generation: Platform Strategie Engineering manager, • Nordex N117/2400 WinWinD Oy, Finland Guenter Steininger, Product Manager Product Line Management Department, 18:05 Closing remarks of the chairman and end of conference day one Nordex Energy GmbH, Germany Join us for an informal evening event. 12:45 Networking luncheonTo register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | f +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.ee-wind-turbines.com/MM
  4. 4. 2nd International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines 21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany CONfErENCE DAy TWO | Tuesday, 22 May 2012 08:30 registration & coffee 11:35 Lowering the cost of energy with permanent magnet drive generators 08:55 Chairman’s welcome • Levelized cost of energy • Increasing annual energy production Generator systems for wind turbines and for future applications • Lowering total lifecycle cost 09:00 How reliable is your generator? Lessons learned from • Shortening time to market generator operation in onshore and offshore wind farms • The importance of value-added partneringUtilitypresentation • A number of different configurations of generator are used Jussi Vanhanen, in WTGs. Are some more reliable than others? Sales and Marketing Director, • Experience of generator operation in both onshore and The Switch, Finland offshore WTGs • Lessons learned from failures applied to the future 12:15 Networking luncheon engineering of WTG generators 13:45 Advantages and challenges of superconducting wind Duncan Locke, turbine generators Scientific WTG Engineer, presentation • Background of superconductivity and its relevance for wind RWE Npower Renewables Limited, UK turbine generators 09:40 Wind turbine drive trains with synchronous • Superconducting generator conceptsScientific generators and performance improvement via the • Advantages of superconducting generators for wind turbinespresentation model-based control • Challenges of superconducting generators for wind turbines • Topologies of synchronous generator-based drive trains Dr Bogi Bech Jensen, • Comparisons of these drive trains Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, • Problems with the classic control strategy Technical University of Denmark, Denmark • Performance improvement with the model-based control Dr.-Ing. Liang Chen 14:25 Generator systems for large offshore wind turbines Project Engineer OEM • Future technology for large offshore wind turbines Fraunhofer Institut für Windenergie und presentation • Active star technology – High end innovation and efficiency Energiesystemtechnik IWES, Germany in direct drive wind turbines • Pro and cons 10:25 refreshment break and networking Derek Grieve, 10:55 Combing the advantages of a direct drive and geared Director Technology, generator system into a HybridDrive system GE Energy Power Conversion, UK • Development of drive trains 15:05 refreshment break and networking • Overview of different drive train concepts • Design criteria for drive train: efficiency, weight, volume, cost of energy Converter technology for wind turbines • Explanation of HybridDrive system 15:35 Gamesa’s G10x 4.5MW wind turbine electrical system (integrated generator / gearbox system) • G10x 4.5 MW wind turbine • Comparison of drive train concepts OEM presentation • Medium speed drive train • First measuring from test bay • Permanent magnet generator Matthias Deicke, • Modular full converter Head of Electrical Systems, • Grid codes compliance Winergy AG, Germany Mikel Rodriguez, Section Manager, Technology, Gamesa Innovation & Technology, Spain 16:15 Closing remarks of the chairman and end of conference day two IQPC Series IQPCs Wind Power Innovations Conferences This event is part of our successful wind power series. Other conferences of this series include: 2nd Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines takes a 3rd Drivetrain Concepts for Wind Turbines is assessing detailed look at state-of-the-art foundations for offshore state-of-the-art and novel drivetrain designs for multi- wind turbines, novel foundation designs as well as megawatt wind turbines including a detailed look at gearbox innovative installation concepts to reduce the cost factor designs and generator technologies for better availability, of foundations in offshore wind projects. higher reliability and lighter drivetrains. Coming back July 2012 Coming back October 2012 for further information please contact us on +49 (0)30 20 91 32 74 or email info@iqpc.de.To register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | f +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.ee-wind-turbines.com/MM
  5. 5. 2nd International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines 21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany Interactive Workshop Day | Wednesday, 23 May 2012 08:30 Registration & coffee Workshop A | 09:00-12:00 Workshop B | 09:00-12:00 Functional safety for pitch systems with regard to reliability Current and future generator-converter systems & availability The drivetrain of many wind turbines installed has been based on the Directive GL2010 presents a challenge, particularly for state-of-the-art concept of collecting standard components such as a gearbox electromechanical AC pitch systems. Unlike DC pitch systems, they do and a double fed induction generator (DFIG) connected directly to the not have a redundant activation channel for emergency movement into grid and with a power converter controlling the rotor. the feather position. The directive only provides indications, leaving engineers to interpret what safety functions will be needed and how to This concept is however being challenged by the need for higher ensure their performance level complies with EN ISO 13849. reliability, strict grid requirements and increasing power ranges especially for the future offshore turbines. Thus there is a trend During our workshop, we will discuss the safety requirements of towards introducing direct drive generators with a full power GL2010, including their implications for pitch systems. converter both tailored to a specific turbine. This workshop will discuss the choice of active materials for the present and future direct drive generators, the implications on Matthias Pauli, performance and possible supply chain issues. Core Components Manager, CPR Wind – Pitch Control Systems Moog, Germany For further information, please visit our website www.ee-wind-turbines.com/MM 10:30 refreshment break and networking 12:00 Networking luncheon Workshop C | 13:00-16:00 Workshop D | 13:00-16:00 High availability control systems for wind turbines ensuring grid compliance The reliability of electronic control systems are of high importance as Join this interactive session to learn about and discuss the following failures may cause significant economic loss and unplanned topics: maintenance of the systems is necessary. • Choosing turbines that are grid friendly & generate quality, In respect to the long expected lifecycle of wind turbines, a high High-Value Power availability control system architecture helps to avoid unplanned repairs. • Future grid requirements It can help to optimize the cost of operation and is in fact one important • Are future grid requirements going to get harsher? aspect when it comes to competitive advantages in energy • Will old and recently bought turbines be able to connect to production. the grid without retrofits? • What is the greater value of power from grid-friendly turbines? Electronic platforms which offer scalable fault tolerance, safety and • How are turbine designers meeting requirements of high availability can assure that control systems are reliable and designed continually tougher grid codes? for more efficient operation. • Design factors to improve grid friendliness • Is it worth the extra cost and complexity of design to gain higher yields? Stephan Wachtel, For further information, please visit our website www.ee-wind-turbines.com/MM Principal Engineer, GE Energy Consulting, UK 14:30 refreshment break and networking 16:00 End of Workshop DayTo register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | f +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.ee-wind-turbines.com/MM
  6. 6. 2nd International Conference 4 Ways to Register E/E Systems Fax: +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 for Wind Turbines Post: IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH Friedrichstraße 94 21 – 23 May 2012 | Swissôtel Bremen, Germany 10117 Berlin, Germany Online: www.ee-wind-turbines.com/MM If undeliverable, please return to: IQPC GmbH | Friedrichstraße 94 | D-10117 Berlin, Germany Email: info@iqpc.de For further information Phone: +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 BOOKINGCODE PDFW Venue and Accommodation Swissôtel Bremen Hillmannplatz 20 28195 Bremen, Germany Tel.: +49 (0)421 62 000 235 Fax: +49 (0)421 62 000 239 Email: reservations.bremen@swissotel.com yOUr DETAILS: PLEASE CONTACT OUR DATABASE MANAGER (VERTEILER@IQPC.DE) AND INFORM THEM OF ANY INCORRECT DETAILS WHICH WILL BE AMENDED ACCORDINGLY www.swissotel.com/de/bremen Early Bird Congress Packages Standard Price (Book and pay by the 10 March 2012) Accommodation: A limited number of reduced rate rooms are available at the conference hotel. Accommodation can Platinum Package Save € 300,- € 2.699,- +VAT € 2.999,- + VAT 2 day congress plus 2 workshops be booked by calling the central reservation number. Gold Package Please always quote the booking reference IQPC-Berlin. Save € 270,- € 2.429,- +VAT € 2.699,- + VAT 2 day conference plus 1 workshop Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included Bronze Package € 2.299,- + VAT in the registration fee. 2 day congress Workshop Day € 1.499,- + VAT Please indicate your choice of workshops on 23 May 2012 Workshop A I Workshop B I Workshop C I Workshop D Sponsorship A: functional safety for pitch systems with regard to reliability & availability B: Current and future generator-converter systems C: High availability control systems for wind turbines We have a variety of packages available to suit your D: Ensuring grid compliance requirements. For all Sponsorship and Exhibition Only one discount applicable per person. opportunities call Akos Gyure: +49 (0)30 20 91 32 75 CANT MAKE IT TO THE CONGrESS? PUrCHASE THE 2-DAy CONGrESS DOCUMENTATION fOr € 595,- +VAT. or email sponsorship@iqpc.de Delegate Details Please fill out in Capitals! DELEGATE Mr Mrs Ms Dr Family Name First Name Payment Terms Position Email Telephone Fax Payment is due on receipt of the invoice. Organisation Address Cancellations and Substitutions CANCELLATIONS AND SUBSTITUTIONS DELEGATES MAY BE SUBSTITUTED AT ANY TIME. IQPC GESELLSCHAFT FüR Postcode/Town MANAGEMENT KONFERENZEN MBH DOES NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS FOR CANCELLATIONS. HOWEVER, SAVE WHERE WRITTEN NOTICE OF CANCELLATION Approving Manager: IS RECEIVED MORE THAN SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONGRESS, A CREDIT TO THE VALUE PAID AT THAT DATE WILL BE ISSUED, WHICH MAY BE USED Signature AGAINST ANOTHER IQPC GMBH CONGRESS FOR UP TO ONE YEAR FROM ITS DATE OF ISSUE. FOR CANCELLATIONS RECEIVED SEVEN (7) DAYS OR LESS I agree to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH payment terms. PRIOR TO AN EVENT (INCLUDING DAY SEVEN), NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED. IN THE EVENT THAT IQPC GMBH CANCELS AN EVENT, PAYMENTS RECEIVED AT Yes, I would like to receive information about products and services via email. THE CANCELLATION DATE WILL BE CREDITED TOWARDS ATTENDANCE AT A FUTURE IQPC GMBH CONGRESS OR, IN THE EVENT OF A POSTPONEMENT BY Payment Methods IQPC GMBH, A RESCHEDULED DATE. IF THE DELEGATE IS UNABLE TO ATTEND THE RESCHEDULED EVENT, THE DELEGATE WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT IN LIEU PAy By BANK TrANSfEr qUOTING rEfErENCE DE19994.002: OF PAYMENTS MADE TOWARDS A FUTURE IQPC GMBH EVENT, VALID FOR IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH, ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE. IQPC GMBH IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE AS A RESULT OF A SUBSTITUTION, ALTERA- HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, BLZ 300 308 80, Konto-Nr. 430076019 TION, POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATION OF AN EVENT DUE TO CAUSES IBAN: DE32 30030880 0430076019, SWIFT-BIC: TUBDDEDD BEYOND ITS CONTROL INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, NATURAL DISAS- TERS, SABOTAGE, ACCIDENT, TRADE OR INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES OR HOSTILITIES. By CrEDIT CArD: Please debit my credit card yOUr DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER (TEL: +49 (0)30 20913330 OR VERTEILER@IQPC.DE) AND INFORM THEM OF ANY INCORRECT DETAILS Card No WHICH WILL BE AMENDED ACCORDINGLY OR IF YOU PREFER NOT TO GET /Congress code DE19994.002 INFORMATION PER FAx EMAIL OR PHONE ANYMORE. SPEAKEr CHANGES Expiry date Security code OCCASIONALLY IT IS NECESSARY FOR REASONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL TO ALTER THE CONTENTS AND TIMING OF THE PROGRAMME OR THE IDENTITY OF Cardholder’s name THE SPEAKERS. DATA PrOTECTION Signature PERSONAL DATA IS GATHERED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998. YOUR DETAILS MAY BE PASSED TO OTHER COMPANIES WHO WISH TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU OFFERS RELATED TO YOUR BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE THESE OFFERS, PLEASE TICK THE BOx BELOW. Card billing address (if different from Company address) PLEASE DO NOT PASS MY INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD PARTY. By CHEqUE: Made payable to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH © IQPC GESELLSCHAFT FüR MANAGEMENT KONFERENZEN MBH