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Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends 2018 Pt 2


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Part 2 of our top tech trends 2018. If you missed part 1 of the infographic then please check out our SlideShare account!

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Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends 2018 Pt 2

  1. 1. PART 2 Conversational platforms will be huge in terms of changing how humans interact with the digital world. Translating will shift from human to computer. The platform will take a command from the user and will re- spond through performing a function or asking for further input. Conversational Platforms 6 It will not be surprising to see conversa- tional interfaces as a primary design goal for user interaction and for this technolo- gy to be present in OS features and dedi- cated hardware. The virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) market is currently frag- mented. Interest remains high from consumers, resulting in a plentiful amount of VR applications with a high novelty factor, which deliver advance- ments in entertainment but little busi- ness value. Immersive Experience 7 In order to really drive businesses forward through VR and AR, busi- ness leaders need to examine re- al-life scenarios where this technolo- gy can be utilised for employee pro- ductivity purposes, or to enhance design, training and visualisation processes. Blockchain technologies depart from the current centralised transaction and re- cord-keeping functionality which can serve as a foundation of disruptive digital business for new and established businesses. Blockchain 8 Although blockchains originally focused on the financial sector, blockchains can be pres- ent within many sectors and utilise a multitude of applications from healthcare, media distribution, and supply chain and identity verification. Healthcare Media Distribution Supply Chain Identity Verifivation A core idea of digital organisations is the concept that the business is always equipped to exploit new digital moments. This could be anything that is noted digitally e.g. the completion of a purchase order. Event Driven 9 With the use of IoT, cloud, brokers, blockchain and AI, these opportunities can be detect- ed much faster than before and analysed in precise detail. However, technology must be married with culture and leadership to deliver the full value of an event-driven business model. Event Driven 9 Leaders must adopt a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) approach in order for real-time, risk and trust-based decision making to take place. Security infra- structure should be adaptable in order to embrace opportunity, whilst also managing risks which naturally come with delivering security that moves forwards at the rate of digital enterprises. 910 Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust 20