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The Robots Among Us


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Robots are everywhere, even where you would not expect. Artificial intelligence is already part of our daily lives. What are the robots among us past and present - and what is yet to come?

Published in: Technology
  • So true, crazy how fast the technology is advancing to allow AI to save us time and hopefully some money!
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The Robots Among Us

  1. 1. P RESEN T Computer assisted driving, like in the Teslas Mobile phones constantly run AI to decide which phone tower to connect to Smartphone personal assistants like Siri P RESEN T FUTURE PAST PAST Sensors throughout the car predict services and repairs, feedback loop FUTURE Fully self driving cars, forever changing our roads PAST YOUR ESTIMATED BILL Predictive AI calculated the utility usage P RESEN T 20 18 Smart metres like Hive offer hi tech efficiency and control FUTURE Mobile assistants & IoT create the smart home PAST AI assisted data gathering allows for efficient utilities P RESEN T Sensor assisted traffic flow, public transport, lighting FUTURE Full automation of public transport, smart monitoring of utilities. IoT & machine learning provides full tech integration into your surroundings Worth $355bn by 2020 Worth $180.30bn by 2022 Worth $133bn by 2021 Worth $757.74bn by 2020 An idea born from the pages of science fiction now looks set to shape the future - the robots are taking over. Artificial intelligence will change the world forever, but it's already a part of our daily lives. Most people have no idea how much they rely on AI every day. What are the robots among us, past and present - and what is yet to come? For more tech insights visit