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Motivation In The Work Place


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Struggling for motivation in January? We’ve got you covered in our newest infographic. You perform at your best when you're motivated. However, this is easier said than done. Here's how to stay motivated at work!

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Motivation In The Work Place

  1. 1. Motivation You perform at your best when you’re motivated. Without motivation, you can find yourself losing interest or feeling down at work, and nobody wants that. Here’s how to stay motivated! Break it down We all live frantic lives and sometimes the sheer volume of work can pile up on you, making you feel unmotivated and causing you stress. Take a step back to reassess your situation. If you’re feeling snowed under, break everything down into lists. Make big jobs into a series of smaller jobs and work through systematically - you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Treat your self! If you’re struggling through a huge volume of work, it’s important to keep sight of the end point. Promise yourself that you’ll treat yourself when you complete a task, it’s a great way to help you push through. This could be as simple as getting something special for lunch, making a nice drink or even doing a bit of online shopping. Treat yourself, you’ve earnt it! Communication is key If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated or even bored at work then don’t suffer in silence - talk to your manager! They will be able to offer advice and guidance if you’re struggling with your work, or even realign some of your responsibilities to help you on your way. Find a motto It sounds cliché but finding some wise words to live by can really help with motivation; It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we...set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory. Bill Nicholson Keep your quote in sight as much as you can and read it whenever you feel demotivated, it will give you a pick-me-up throughout the day. Now that you’re refreshed and motivated, dive back into your work and be the best that you can be! In the work place 1 2 3 4 For more information visit