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Is The World Prepared For GDPR?


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In May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect but are businesses ready to comply with this new law?

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Is The World Prepared For GDPR?

  1. 1. IS THE WORLD PREPARED FOR GDPR? WORLDWIDE SENIOR BUSINESS DECISION MAKERS UK ORGANISATIONS THE BREXIT EFFECT? 31% believe their organisation is GDPR ready 21% are worried financial penalties could result in redundancies 47% have major doubts that they will meet the compliance deadline 31% 21% 47% EUROPEAN ORGANISATIONS 66% say that they are prepared for the GDPR 22% are still not aware of the GDPR66% 22% U.S. ORGANISATIONS 88% say they are well-briefed on GDPR 60% have plans in place to respond to the impact of GDPR 85% admit it is difficult to find where all their data resides 88% 60% 85% 42% 29% have started preparing for the GDPR 19% have comprehensive plans in place 6% view GDPR as a number one priority29% 19% 6% 24% of firms halted preparation for GDPR in light of Brexit 24% “UK businesses may be behind due to initial uncertainty over the impact of Brexit.” - Dr Elizabeth Maxwell EMEA Mainframe Technical Director, Compuware WWW.COMPUWARE.COM | WWW.IRWINMITCHELL.COM | WWW.ESET.COM | WWW.VERITAS.COM | WWW.SCMAGAZINEUK.COM | WWW.HELPNETSECURITY.COM JUNE 2017 | WWW.INTERQUESTGROUP.COM/CHANGE 42% have appointed a data protection officer