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IQ Management - Progressing To Management

A common goal for a lot of people is to progress into management - but it's easier said than done.

Here are IQ's best tips on how to become a manger!

IQ Management - Progressing To Management

  2. “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” - Alexander the Great
  3. Becoming a manager is a common aspiration for a lot of people, but it is a task easier said than done. It requires a lot of hard work as well as some luck along the way.
  5. 01TAKE ON MORE RESPONSIBILITY Always be willing to take on extra tasks and responsibilities in the workplace. Not only does this allow you to develop your skills, it shows your colleagues and managers that you have the initiative to progress.
  6. 01TAKE ON MORE RESPONSIBILITY Volunteer your time to as many tasks as you can... as often as you can. Just make sure you can always deliver what you promise and don’t spread yourself too thin.
  7. 02 It’s important to set your goals clearly - not just for yourself but also to your manager or mentor. This way you have a clear idea in your mind, and your manager will be able to get behind you and offer support in progressing. OUTLINE YOUR GOALS
  8. 02 Try making a list of goals and then discuss them with your mentor or manager. They may be able to offer advice to refine these goals. OUTLINE YOUR GOALS
  9. 03 When aiming to progress, it can often be helpful to have role model to emulate - someone who sets a good example in their management style. Selecting a manager or senior member of your organisation will make it easier for you to learn how to progress within your particular environment. HAVE A ROLE MODEL
  10. 03 Observe their professional behaviour and even discuss with them what they think makes them successful - look for ways to follow this example. HAVE A ROLE MODEL
  11. 04 Being up to date on the current events in your industry can be a valuable tool in making yourself as valuable as possible to the business. The better you are at your job as well as your knowledge of the industry will add more value to you personally, increasing the chance of you progressing. READ AROUND YOUR WORK
  12. 04 Make sure you keep up to speed on the industry news, the actions of competitors and also the general goings on within the organisation. READ AROUND YOUR WORK
  13. The way you work with your colleagues can play a vital role in whether or not you can progress to management. Knowing your peers and their individual personalities will not only help you work better as a cohesive unit, it will also mean a better working relationship if you do progress to be a leader. BE MINDFUL OF YOUR COLLEAGUES 05
  14. 05 Be approachable, listen and communicate well with your team. Always treat them as you would wish to be treated too. BE MINDFUL OF YOUR COLLEAGUES
  15. 06 It’s important to always keep an eye out for any positions of leadership within projects or tasks that are happening within your department. This will show senior staff that you are prepared to take on the responsibility to lead, as well as developing your skills for management. LOOK FOR LEADERSHIP ROLES
  16. 06 Spearheading projects is a great way to develop your management skills, especially in planning, communication and problem solving. LOOK FOR LEADERSHIP ROLES
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