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InterQuest Core Values Booklet


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Our Vision, Mission and Values and the behaviour we commit to, to ensure we live by them.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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InterQuest Core Values Booklet

  1. 1. The Handbook
  2. 2. InterQuest Group enables people and organisations to build positive futures and fulfil one of the burning needs in us all, to grow and to build… work matters, both as a purpose and as an output. We advise and enable organisations to grow through talent-driven technology innovation and provide challenging, meaningful careers for our candidates. Through our work, we help great people build their own futures and that of the organisations they work for. Our Vision
  3. 3. We strive to develop a strong and resilient future for our people and the people we serve. Our Mission The foundations of our strength will be built upon the values we believe in, delivering a robust, diversified business that realises the ambitions of the clients and candidates we serve. We are in a unique and privileged position to help fuel technological innovation globally. We are positioned between great organisations and great talent and it is InterQuest Group’s purpose to bring the two together; to play our part in developing the future of tomorrow.
  4. 4. Strength Pace Innovation Respect Integrity Teamwork Our Values Our Values are the guiding principles, here to help inform our decisions, drive our actions and influence our behaviours, both as a business and as individuals.
  5. 5. Defining Strength Strength Behaviour 1. The strength of our relationships 2. Our resilience 3. The strength of our business 4. The strength of the results we deliver 5. The strength of returns for all our shareholders 6. The strength of our knowledge 7. Our strength of character [strengkth, strength, strenth]
  6. 6. Pace Behaviour 1. I will do it now 2. I am motivated to succeed 3. I will find simple solutions 4. I think creatively 5. I act and respond quickly 6. I make informed, bold decisions 7. I will respond positively to change Pace We think creatively and act quickly to keep up with the pace of change and innovation. [peys] We move forward with purpose.
  7. 7. Innovation Behaviour 1. I think differently 2. I will be brave and try new things 3. I actively seek out challenges 4. I seek out new ideas and inspiration 5. I am able to fail….in the spirit of innovation 6. I will take informed risks 7. I commit to doing the basics well (delivering the profits to fund innovation) Innovation We innovate to make a difference and maximise our chances of success. [in-uh-vey-shuh n] is part of our everyday life.
  8. 8. Respect is consistent and genuine. We value everyone’s individual contribution and understand respect forms the basis of successful relationships. Respect Behaviour 1. I will always try to do the right thing 2. I am honest in everything I do 3. I trust everyone I work with and they trust me 4. I will listen closely and expect to be listened to 5. I will act on relevant feedback 6. I respect others and all their differences 7. I am fair to others and I expect to be treated fairly [ri-spekt]
  9. 9. Integrity We keep our promises and commitments to ourselves and to each other. Integrity Behaviour 1. I understand my personal objectives 2. I understand the company’s objectives 3. I will take responsibility for my activity, success and failure 4. I will do what I say I will do 5. I am not afraid of making decisions and will stand behind them 6. I always act with integrity and commerciality 7. I will always behave ethically [in-teg-ri-tee] We are all responsible for our own actions.
  10. 10. Teamwork Everyone understands that we need each other to collectively achieve our shared ambitions. Teamwork Behaviour 1. I trust and support my colleagues 2. I choose to be kind to everyone I work with 3. I will challenge appropriately, I’m not afraid to disagree 4. I understand that we win, (sometimes lose) and grow together as a team 5. I want to be part of a high performing culture 6. I will take an active role in creating a fun and enjoyable environment 7. I am individually ambitious in my own way, whilst supporting my colleagues [teem-wurk] We are one team.