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How To Make DevOps Work For You


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As a discipline, DevOps brings order to the complex world of application and service development, testing, deployment, scaling and monitoring. DevOps enables a unified approach to enterprise software development and delivery that reflects the needs of the entire application life cycle. DevOps strives for more collaborative, productive relationships between development and operations teams, with faster development cycles and reduced production risks.

How can you make DevOps work for you organisation?

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How To Make DevOps Work For You

  1. 1. CONTINUOUS BUSINESS PLANNING Establish business goals and adjust them based on customer feedback COLLABORATIVE DEVELOPMENT Empower developers to work together by providing common practices and platforms TESTING Test earlier and continuously in the dev cycle to reduce costs and get continuous feedback RELEASE & DEVELOPMENT Continuous deployment allows the release of new features to users as soon as possible MONITORING Provides data and metrics to stakeholders at all stages of the delivery cycle FEEDBACK & OPTIMISATION This allows stakeholders to take actions to improve the app and enhance user experience WITH 200x SHORTER LEAD TIMES AND RECOVER 168x FASTER DEPLOY 30x MORE FREQUENTLY THEY HAVE 60x FEWER FAILURES Advancements over the last decade have exposed the need for a holistic approach to software delivery. WWW.INTERQUESTGROUP.COM DevOps provides significant return on investment in three areas: ENHANCED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE INCREASED CAPACITY TO INNOVATE FASTER TIME TO RELEASE HOW TO MAKE DEVOPS WORK FOR YOU