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Top 6 Data Centre Trends For 2017


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Mega-Data Centres, SDDC, NV & SND, Big Data, Security, IoT and the Skills Gap.

What are the biggest Data Centre trends for 2017?

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Top 6 Data Centre Trends For 2017

  1. 1. By 2020 total global Data Centre space is expected to grow to 1.94 billion ft sq DATA CENTRE TRENDS - FOR 2017 Mega-Data Centres will account for 75% of all new service provider Data Centre build projects Software Defined Data Centres will be considered by 75% of Global 200 businesses that seek a hybrid cloud model NFV market forecast to reach $15 billion by 2020 up from $2.7 billion in 2015 (42% CAGR) Big Data applications and predictive analytics will accelerate the shift to all-flash architectures Predictive analytics to monitor Data Centre hardware stacks will rapidly simply operations and automate diagnostics Cloud access security broking will experience significant growth as cloud security breaches become more prevalent Business leaders will increasingly demand greater security, leading Data Centre providers to establish far higher security standards and guarantees Management of the rapid growth of IoT input data will significantly affect Data Centre capacity and traffic management plans IoT data backup will become a significant challenge – which data do you keep? Automation of IoT backups will bring new challenges The global Data Centre skills shortage currently stands at around 150,000 vacant positions By 2020 this will double to nearly 350,000 unfilled jobs with extreme demand for SDDC, SDN, NFV and DevOp skills MEGA-DATA CENTRES SDDC, NFV & SDN BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS SECURITY INTERNET OF THINGS INCREASED DEMAND FOR SKILLS WWW.INTERQUESTGROUP.COM/NETWORKS | INFO@ITQNETWORKS.COM | T: 0144 228 5010