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Biometric Security: Consumer Demand


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Consumers are losing trust in traditional security methods in the wake of recent cyber-attacks and data breaches - could biometric security be the answer? The demand for biometric technology speaks for itself…

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Biometric Security: Consumer Demand

  1. 1. THE THREAT WWW.INTERQUESTGROUP.COM/INFOSECMAY 2017 BIOMETRIC SECURITY: CONSUMER DEMAND “56% OF PEOPLE ONLINE WOULD PREFER TO USE BIOMETRIC SECURITY MEASURES TO ACCESS THEIR FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS, FAR OUTPACING TRADITIONAL IDENTITY VERIFICATION METHODS.” JOHN MARSDEN, HEAD OF ID AND FRAUD AT EQUIFAX Identity is the no.1 fraud threat to UK businesses and consumers accounting for 53% of all fraud cases. 53% 60% of consumers would consider using iris scanning technology. WHY SHOULD BANKS START USING BIOMETRIC SECURITY? 29% of consumers say they would be more likely to use a bank that offers biometric security. SOURCES: EQUIFAX.CO.UK, INTELLIGENTENVIRONMENTS.COM WHAT BIOMETRIC TECHNOLOGIES ARE CONSUMERS DEMANDING? 57% of consumers would consider using fingerprint scanners. 55% of consumers would consider using facial recognition. 45% of consumers would consider using voice verification. 37% of consumers would consider using Electrocardiogram (ECG) heartbeat monitors. 37% of consumer would consider using vein verification. of British consumers are likely to be swayed by quality of security measures when choosing who to bank with. 37%