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3M Infection Prevention | 3M™ Sterile U | 2012 Webinar Schedule


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3M™ Sterile U Webinar Schedule for January - June 2012 with information on date, title, speaker, and learning objectives.

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3M Infection Prevention | 3M™ Sterile U | 2012 Webinar Schedule

  1. 1. 2012 3M™ Sterile U Webinars Date Title Speaker Learning Objectives 1. Describe the impact that loaner instruments have on CSSD. 2. Discuss the complexity of some Loaner devices and how Something short notice and flawed policies can have adverse affects in Borrowed?1/19 Mark Duro the OR. Monitoring of 3. Identify basic needs important to each step of loaner Loaner Trays instrument acquisition. 4. Describe how to use the IAHCSMM Loaner Policy Template. 1. Explain how monitoring the efficacy of your manual cleaning protocols can drive improvements in reprocessing You Can’t See David surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes. Clean: Clean Jagrosse and 2. Compare the current available technologies and methods2/16 Monitoring in the Grace for monitoring the efficacy of cleaning steps in reprocessing CSSD Thornhill surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes. 3. Describe how monitoring can be incorporated into a manual cleaning and washer verification program. 1. Learn about how reusable medical device cleaning, high- level disinfection and sterilization was standardized and Think Sterile successfully implemented organizationally at the HealthEast Processing Care System Organizationally, 2. Learn about the financial and nonfinancial benefits realized3/22 Mike Festa Act Sterile to the HealthEast Care System Processing 3. Discuss the accreditation, regulatory and professional best Organizationally practice reasons for an institutional program 4. Learn how to implement an institutional program throughout an organization or a stand-alone facility. Immediate-Use 1. Discuss the multi-society position statement on IUSS. Steam 2. Review current AORN and AAMI recommended practices4/19 Sterilization Rose Seavey relating to IUSS in all settings. (IUSS): An 3. Discuss critical issues associated with IUSS. Update 1. List the various types of biofilms and describe how they are formed. 2. Discuss how biofilm formation increases the risk of disease transmission. Biofilms: The Grace 3. Identify those instruments and devices that are most prone5/17 Hidden Menace Thornhill to biofilm formation. 4. Explain why biofilm is so difficult to remove from surfaces. 5. Compare the different methods for the control and removal of biofilm formation on surgical instruments and medical devices. Educational 1. Discuss highlights and hot topics in the field of Excellence – sterilization assurance presented at the International Highlights from Sandra Velte Association of Healthcare Center Service Materiel6/21 the 2012 and guests Management (IAHCSMM) annual conference in IAHCSMM Annual Albuquerque, NM. Meeting