3M Infection Prevention Education Network | June 2012 Webinars


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Discover the webinars that the 3M Infection Prevention Education Network offers in June 2012. Catch the webinar highlights including title, speaker(s), and learning objectives. We’d love you to join us! Visit us and sign up at http://bit.ly/IPEDreg

3M Infection Prevention is Innovation on a Mission. And in 3M Health care, our mission is clear: to eliminate 100% of Hospital Acquired Infections. Impossible? Not with your ideas, dialogue and shared commitment. Welcome to our Slideshare Channel! We’re also Social on Twitter @3M_Infection and on Facebook at 3M Infection Prevention and on Google+ at 3M Infection Prevention Solutions.

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3M Infection Prevention Education Network | June 2012 Webinars

  1. 1. June 2012 Webinars1 © 3M 2011. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. 3M Infection Prevention Education Network | June 2012 Webinars June 11 | How to Lower the Risk of an Infection in Total Joint Replacement Surgery Speakers: • Calin S. Moucha, MD Learning Objectives: • Identify the bacteriology and emerging resistance patterns of orthopaedic infections • Discuss the importance of being able to make a business case for evaluation of a clinically-relevant product to improve patient outcomes • Describe local and national initiatives for controlling and preventing orthopaedic infections • Identify current trends in optimizing patients preoperatively in order to minimize the risk of infections • Describe the basic tenants of successful antibiotic prophylaxis in orthopedic surgery: choice of antimicrobial, timing of administration, and duration of use • Describe the current trends and appropriate indications for administration of prophylactic antibiotics in a variety of orthopaedic procedures • Identify intraoperative cost-effective decisions that could lead to a diminished incidence of postoperative infections2 © 3M 2011. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. 3M Infection Prevention Education Network | June 2012 Webinars June 12 | Panel Discussion: Preparing for a CMS Audit in the Ambulatory Surgery Center - Challenges and Successes Speakers: • Panel Learning Objectives: • Discuss the importance of having Infection Prevention expertise in the ASC setting • Discuss the importance of collaboration between disciplines in an effort to improve outcomes for patients June 27 | Clean It Up! Using Environmental Monitoring Techniques to Improve your Cleaning Process Speakers: • Nancy Havill, Infection Preventionist, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology, Hospital of St. Raphael New Haven, CT Learning Objectives: • Evaluate if an environmental surface is at risk for environmental contamination • Describe which MDRO’s are most often found on environmental surfaces • Discuss how monitoring can be used to identify areas for improving the environmental hygiene status in a healthcare setting • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the various environmental monitoring technologies3 © 3M 2011. All rights reserved.