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3M Infection Prevention | APIC 2012 | Education Symposium


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Exhibitor Education Symposium | APIC 2012 Annual Conference | San Antonio, TX

Education Symposium Session Sponsored by 3M Infection Prevention | What Good are Clean Hands if the Environment Isn’t Clean? - Achieving Hospital Hygiene through Collaboration
- Date: Monday, June 4, 2012
- Time: 6:00am – 7:30am
- Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 008-A&B
- Register: On-site or at http://bit.ly/APIC12syp

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to describe the value of collaboration across departments in reducing the risk of HAI and achieving hospital hygiene goals.

How well do your infection prevention and environmental service departments collaborate to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections? At this session, Dr. Curtis Donskey will introduce the concept of hospital hygiene. After his presentation, infection prevention and environmental service leaders will discuss current and forward-thinking approaches to hand and environmental hygiene programs.

3M Infection Prevention is Innovation on a Mission. And in 3M Health care, our mission is clear: to eliminate 100% of Hospital Acquired Infections. Impossible? Not with your ideas, dialogue and shared commitment. Welcome to our Slideshare Channel! We’re also Social on Twitter @3M_Infection , on Facebook at 3M Infection Prevention and on Google+ at 3M Infection Prevention Solutions.

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3M Infection Prevention | APIC 2012 | Education Symposium

  1. 1. 3M Learning Connection1.5 FREE continuing education creditsWhat Good are Clean Hands if the Environment Isn’t Clean?Achieving Hospital Hygiene through CollaborationExhibitor Symposium: APIC 2012 Speaker:Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX Curtis J. Donskey, MDMonday, June 4, 2012 Associate Professor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OHHenry B. Gonzalez Convention Center,Room 008-A&B Staff Physician, Infectious Disease Section, Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical CenterPresentation: 6–7:30 a.m.Registration: 5:30–6 a.m. Panelists Include:Complimentary breakfast provided Jacqueline Daley, CIC, CSPDS, HBSc, MLT (Micro) Director, Infection Prevention and Control, Sinai Hospital ofRegister on-site or at APIC.org Baltimore, Baltimore, MD(You must be registered for the show to register for the symposium.) Nancy Havill Infection Preventionist, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology,Sponsored by 3M Infection Prevention Hospital of St. Raphael, New Haven, CT1.5 continuing education credits Catherine Lathem3M Health Care Provider is approved by the California Board Vice President, Product Management, RL Solutionsof Registered Nurses CEP 5770. Edward StewartHow well do your infection prevention and environmental Director of Environmental Services, Sinai Hospital ofservice departments collaborate to reduce the risk of hospital- Baltimore, Baltimore, MDacquired infections? At this session, Dr. Curtis Donskey will Learning Objective:introduce the concept of hospital hygiene. After his presentation, Participants will be able to describe the value of collaborationinfection prevention and environmental service leaders will across departments in reducing the risk of HAI and achievingdiscuss current and forward-thinking approaches to hand hospital hygiene goals.and environmental hygiene programs. About 3M Learning Connection: With 3M’s Learning Connection, you can register for free monthly CE credits to learn about today’s top health care issues. These one-hour programs are interactive, Web-based and hosted by experts to help you lead by implementing best practices in your organization. For more information, please go to 3M.com/IPEducation. *To learn more about the APIC Strategic Partner Program and APIC’s Corporate Guidelines,2012 APIC Strategic Partner * please visit www.apic.org/partners.
  2. 2. What Good are Clean Hands if the Environment Isn’t Clean?Achieving Hospital Hygiene through CollaborationFaculty:Jacqueline Daley, CIC, CSPDS, HBSc, MLT (Micro) (continued)Jackie Daley has been the Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Sinai In addition, Nancy was an investigator to study the use of an adenosineHospital for the last 9 years, and is a certified Infection Preventionist with over 25 triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence assay system for monitoring theyears of experience. She has been a certified Sterile Processing and Distribution effectiveness of cleaning practices in patient care areas and mobile medicalSupervisor through CBSPD for the last 11 years. Jackie is also a member of AAMI equipment to be cleaned by nursing personnel. She has conducted prospectiveand sits on a number of working groups, including the Ethylene Oxide and Water studies to compare fluorescent markers systems to aerobic colony counts and anQuality Working Groups, of which she is the user co-chair. She also represents ATP bioluminescence assay for monitoring cleaning practices as well as the useAPIC on the ASTM Protective Barriers Committee, where she is the sub-vice chair of ATP with other disinfectants. Nancy has presented her work both nationallyfor the Biological Hazards subcommittee. Jackie has presented to local, national and internationally.and international audiences on various topics related to infection prevention andcontrol as well as sterilization and disinfection. She is a member of the Maryland Catherine LathemHealth Care Commission Advisory Committee on Health Care-Associated Catherine Lathem comes to RL Solutions after 21 years of supporting health careInfections. Jackie has also authored and co-authored publications related to businesses at 3M. She has amassed a varied perspective on health care afterinfection prevention and control including surgical site infections. working in Canadian, American and international business ventures, including the role of Six Sigma Black Belt. Catherine brings her passion for developing productsCurtis Donskey, MD and discovering client opportunities to RL Solutions, where she leads the company’sCurtis Donskey, MD, is Chair of the Infection Control Committee at the Louis Stokes Product Management team. She is a graduate of the University of Western OntarioVA Medical Center in Cleveland and Associate Professor of Medicine at Case and the Canadian Institute of Management.Western Reserve University. His research focuses primarily on infection control ofClostridium difficile and other health care-associated pathogens and the impact Edward Stewartof antibiotic therapy on intestinal ecology. He has published more than 100 peer- Ed Stewart is regionally recognized as one of the industry leaders in the contractreviewed articles as well as several book chapters and review articles. Recent cleaning industry. He has served the health care market for more than 20 years,studies from his group have clarified the natural history of shedding of C. difficile serving in a number of roles. Along his career path he has worked for nationallyspores on patients’ skin and into the environment. He is currently working to develop recognized companies such as Marriott Management Services, Professionaland implement improved strategies to reduce environmental and skin contamination. Services and is currently employed by Crothall Services Group. In his early days,His research has been funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs Merit Review he honed his skills at New York University Medical Center, and shortly movedprogram, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Agency for on to Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn Hospital, Hospital for SpecialHealthcare Research and Quality. In addition to his research, Curtis has received Surgery, Jersey City Medical Center, and Pascack Valley Hospital. He presentlyawards for teaching medical students, residents and fellows. serves in the capacity of Resident Regional Manager for the LifeBridge Health system in Baltimore, MD. Ed has held positions of leadership in local, regionalNancy Havill and national organizations. He is a member of the National Association of HealthNancy Havill is a graduate from the University of Bridgeport, where she earned a Services Executives, as well as MD H2E, Maryland Hospitals for a HealthyBachelor of Science in Medical Technology. She is certified by the American Society Environment, where his contributions helped LifeBridge Health receive Trailblazerfor Clinical Pathology and Certified in Infection Control. For the past 11 years, Awards for four consecutive years. Ed is certified in many areas of InfectionNancy has worked in the Infection Prevention and Epidemiology Program at the Control, Facility Management, Waste Treatment, Safety, Emergency PreparednessHospital of St. Raphael. She has co-authored articles on the potential role of and Business Continuity, and Sustainability Practices. Ed has appeared on thecontaminated environmental surfaces in transmission of pathogens. She was an CBS Morning Show, NY1, and was featured on Brooklyn News 12. He has beeninvestigator on trials to evaluate the use of hydrogen peroxide vapor technology honored numerous times for his achievements and involvement in theand a mobile ultraviolet (UV) light device for terminal decontamination of patient Brooklyn, NY, community.rooms in hospital settings.Infection Prevention Division3M Health Care3M Center,Building 275-4W-02 Please recycle.St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 Printed in U.S.A.1-800-228-3957 3M is trademark of 3M.3M.com/infectionprevention © 3M 2012. All rights reserved.