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Technology Drives Innovation in Parking


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IPS Group, one of the leading providers of smart parking solutions, brings an insightful presentation to city leaders on how smart parking technology and big data are helping cities modernize infrastructure and increase revenue. The presentation shares real life examples of how different cities nationwide have utilized data to set smarter policies and do more with less. For more information, visit or email

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Technology Drives Innovation in Parking

  1. 1. Technology Drives Innovation in Parking Presented by: Amir Sedadi, P.E. VP of Intelligent Transportation Systems with IPS Group, Inc.
  2. 2. AMIR SEDADI, P.E. • More than 24 years experience in transportation, parking management, engineering, and public policy • Currently VP, Intelligent Transportation Systems for IPS Group, Inc. • Formerly Assistant & Interim General Manager for City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation • Parking Director, City of Pasadena
  3. 3. YOUR CITY IS GROWING For an increasing number of residents and visitors to shop, dine, visit, work, and play—they first need to park their cars! Smart parking management is the key to generating parking turnover. Many smart cities have made parking a pivotal part of the economic conversation.
  4. 4. WHAT IS A “SMART CITY”? A city that does more with less while using data and optimized asset management to drive decisions and achieve results. Increased Revenue Happy Citizens Earth-friendly Practices/ /
  5. 5. “Technology, economics, and the customer experience converge to create more livable, sustainable cities.” – International Parking Institute, 2014 In 2007, IPS Group, Inc. invented the smart single- space parking meter, launching a smart parking revolution. WHAT IS SMART PARKING?
  6. 6. 1Parking meters are a thing of the past 2Parking rates are so low that no one uses credit cards. 3Transportation in the future will eliminate the need for cars and parking spaces. COMMON MYTHS ABOUT PARKING
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY CONTINUES TO DRIVE PARKING 0% 10 % 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Move toward innovative technologies to improve access control and payment automation Prevalence of mobile applications Collaboration between parking, transportation, and decision-makers Demand for electronic payment Real-time communication of pricing and availability to mobile/smartphones Demand for greater parking revenue Demand for environmentally sustainable solutions Wireless sensing devices for traffic management Need to accommodate electric charging stations Need for improved customer service 53% 47% 46% 44% 41% 35% 27% 22% 20% 20% Top 10 Emerging Trends in Parking Source: International Parking Institute, 2015
  8. 8. HOW CAN SMART PARKING IMPACT YOUR CITY? 70% 7BILLION 88.6 2.4% by 2050 MILLION On-street parking = critically valuable real estate
  10. 10. PARKING HAS AN IMPACT Smart technology has the power to maximize your most important asset and prepare for the future.
  11. 11. MAKE YOUR ASSETS WORK FOR YOU A stronger, smarter parking system will increase revenue, improve efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  12. 12. THE BOTTOM LINE: REVENUE 20% - 30% What would your City do with 30% more revenue?
  13. 13. SMART POLICIES: INFORM YOUR DECISIONS Smart meter data can inform new pricing structures and systems to increase your City’s revenue: • Demand-Based Pricing • Anti-Meter Feeding • Meter Re-Set Function • Variable Rates
  14. 14. $3,000,000 Increase Source: LADOT LOS ANGELES PARKING MODERNIZATION
  15. 15. CASE STUDY: Los Angeles Parking Modernization Initial 10,000 meters from IPS lease-to-own 50% increase in revenue = $3 million annually • IPS meters operating at 99%+ up-time • Meter citations up 15% • Contested meter citations down 75% Currently over 34,000 IPS meters installed Source: LADOT
  16. 16. CASE STUDY: Los Angeles Express Park Results June 2012 - June 2013 • 2.5% increased revenue • 16% increase in paid occupancy • 7% increase in paid hours • 6% reduction in congested blocks Change in Average Rate • Decrease – 52% • No Change – 25% • Increase – 23% Source: LADOT
  17. 17. SANTA MONICA 40% Increase ROI in about 12 months Source: City of Santa Monica
  18. 18. Source: City of Santa Monica CASE STUDY: Santa Monica Purchased 6,000 meters and sensors from IPS to manage their parking program Implemented policy changes, including reset function, saw 40% increase in revenue Increase paid for the entire parking modernization program in about 12 months
  19. 19. SAN FRANCISCO 30% Drop In Greenhouse Gases Vehicles didn’t have to drive as far and for as long to find parking Source: SFMTA/SFpark
  20. 20. CASE STUDY: SFpark & SFMTA SFpark Results: • Meter rates dropped 4% • Garage rates dropped 12% • Target occupancy met 31% more often • Blocks were full 16% less often • Avg. parking search time decreased 43% • Meter-related citations decreased 23% • Greenhouse gas emissions decreased 30% SFMTA purchased additional 25,000 IPS meters Source: SFMTA/SFpark
  21. 21. BIG DATA: DO MORE WITH LESS Big Data drives policy decisions. Without it, we’re just guessing.
  22. 22. INTEGRATIONINTEGRATION Open platforms can integrate data into one seamless system • Enforcement and violation data • Revenue statistics and trends • Adjudication reports • Parking demand statistics • Occupancy patterns • Payment Data
  23. 23. SUSTAINABILITY Smart meters support earth-friendly practices. • Utilize solar energy • Increase parking turnover • Reduce circling • Reduce collective carbon footprint • Increase city revenue and help support sustainable practices A Smart City is a sustainable city.
  24. 24. THE FUTURE OF PARKING • Acceleration of Smart Parking solutions • Blurring lines between parking and other transportation systems • Future proofing the wireless solution • True managed enforcement • Further integration of all technologies, meters, sensors, payments, and enforcement
  25. 25. IPS GROUP, LEADING THE CHARGE IN THE “SMART CITY” REVOLUTION proven innovative possibilities/ /
  26. 26. Stop in to request a FREE parking assessment for your city VISIT OUR BOOTH 323 THANK YOU!