2007 Facility Program Event Piece - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition


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2007 Facility Program Event Piece - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition

  1. 1. Hay, Hay, Hay Come Spend tbe Day! Special Events at Prairie Farm are Ewe-nique Harvest Fest FREE! This fun family hoe Old McDonald is not the only one with a farm. The Champaign Park District has a farm too! down is held every And on our farm we have some pigs, EIEIO. With an oink-oink here, and an oink-oink there. fall at Prairie Farm. Enjoy hayrack rides, We also have cows, sheep, horses, goats, and exotic animals too like llamas and love birds. children’s games, and tasty treats. Live bands will keep your Touch-a-Tractor FREE! toes tappin’ and the Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? Open Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day animals will make a A: To go touch some really big tractors! Daily Hours: 1:00 – 7:00 pm final encore appear- Celebrate the summer and see some of the big ance before they fly equipment that works the fields of Central Illinois at For dates and program information, check your current Funformation guide or visit us on the web. south for the winter. this fun interactive event. Crafts, live music, and other children’s activities await you at this country celebration. 2007:1000 2202 W. Kirby Ave. | www.champaignparkdistrict.com | 217-398-2550
  2. 2. Prairie Farm was dedicated in 1966 after John L. Franklin, in memory of his wife, contributed $15,000 towards the cost of purchase. The farm was designed to be a place where young and old alike can experience the central Open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, Prairie Farm hosts a variety of fun activities like Story Times, Barnyard Fun Camp, and Movie Nights. Some of the animals are also available daily in the petting Family Favorites Illinois farm environment – sounds, smells, and all. area for pets, scratches, and tummy tickles. Lend a Hand, Help a Hoof Prairie Farm was established as a “no admission” facility, giving patrons the ability to get up-close and personal with the animals free of charge. That’s right, FREE! Zero, zip, nada! These cute and cuddly animals don’t feed themselves though, so the farm welcomes donations to offset costs for feed, veterinary care, and general maintenance. FREE! Petting Area Farm Tours Little Bo Peep has found her sheep – they’re at Prairie Bring your kids to check out our kids (baby goats) and other Farm waiting for you to come pet them! Lots of other aspects of the farm. Educational tours of Prairie Farm are animals anxiously await your arrival too. Petting animals offered every morning, depending on availability. Tours are is at your own risk, even though the area is supervised 45 minutes in length and include close contact with the and the animals are tame. Please wear tennis shoes or animals. Schedule your tour at least one week in advance by boots to protect your tootsies from the dancing donkeys. calling 398-2583. Reservations begin booking in mid-May. FREE! Movie Nights at the Farm Grab your blankets and lawn chairs and join us for a moo-vie! After the animals go to bed, we’ll watch a movie starring one of our furry friends. Enjoy free popcorn and lots of laughs. “Mommy, do brown cows make chocolate milk?”– Lauren, age 4
  3. 3. Got Your All About Animals Barnyard Fun Camp Goat! Just Kid-ding! Ba Ba black sheep, have you any wool? Yes siree – our sheep have lots of wool! Find out more fun facts about your favorite animal or attend all sessions to become a real animal expert. Classes also include feeding and caring for the animal of Hey diddle diddle, the cow jumped over the moon. And over the mud puddle and over her shadow, and over that rock over there. They’re jumping for joy because they can’t wait to get to know you during Barnyard Fun Camp! Through a variety of hands- on activities and field trips, campers will learn about the care and maintenance of the farm and animals. Crafts, games, speakers, and plenty of time with the animals Pee Wee Farmers Getting Crafty FREE! the day, a neato craft, and yummy snack. Wear tennis shoes or boots to protect your tootsies. make this an eggs-traordinary fun time! Hay, hay, hay! Here’s a fun class for little Hold your horses – it’s time to have Ages: 1st – 6th grade ones to enjoy with their parents! Sessions some fun and make animal crafts! All supplies will Ages: 3 – 7, with parent include plenty of contact with the animals, be provided along with helpful guidance from Prairie arts & crafts, games, songs and tasty treats. Farm staff. From puppets to paintings, you’re sure to Wear tennis shoes or boots if you want to have a hoof-stomping good time! enter the petting area, and get ready to Ages: 3 – 10, with parent ham it up! Ages: 0 – 4, with parent Farmhands Birthday Story Time FREE! Parties Here’s a program where horsin’ around at the Farm and getting dirty is encouraged! Kids can Duck, duck, goose! Cow, cow, pig! Llama, Llama, love bird! Kids will flock to Once upon a time, the Prairie Farm animals hosted develop an appreciation for animals and Prairie Farm for these fun, unique birth- a story hour. Children of all ages stopped by the learn about their care through hands-on day parties! Guests enjoy their own pri- farm to enjoy animal stories. Some children brought activities. A down-home, farm-friendly vate use of the farm, including a special blankets and picnic baskets filled with goodies. Oth- picnic for all Farmhands will wrap up the tour with upclose and personal contact ers just brought their smile, but they all lived happily summer. Wear clothes that can get dirty with the animals, a piñata, games, ever after. and tennis shoes or boots and get ready and party favors. Don’t be a chicken, Ages: All to have some fun! call 398-2550 to schedule your party and leave the Ages: Pre K – 5th Grade stress and mess to us! “When chickens kiss, do they taste like chicken?”– Larry, age 7
  4. 4. Prairie Farm Raise a Rooster Adoption LIst Calf Chicken Conure Cow Yes, I want to be a Prairie Farm Parent! Category.  $25  $50  $100 Payment type.  Check enclosed (payable to Champaign Parks Foundation) Adoption Deer  Visa  Mastercard Categories Donkey Adoption information. - - - Dove Credit Card #: _____________________________________ 3-4 Digit CCID# Have you ever wanted to raise a rooster, nurture a $25 Benefits include: Draft Horse Duck Animal: _____________________________________________________ Expiration date: (on back of card): nanny goat, or pamper a piglet? Become the proud • Personalized Certificate of Your Name: __________________________________________________ Adoption Fawn Card holder (print name) ___________________________ parent of a Prairie Farm resident of your choice by • Animal Fact Sheet Goat Address: ____________________________________________________ enrolling in our Raise a Rooster program. Goose Authorized signature _______________________________ • Name on Prairie Farm’s Horse Phone:______________________________________________________ Your home and yard will remain clean and odor-free, Proud Parent Wall  Bill me later. Kid because your new addition will reside at Prairie • Prairie Farm Parent Stickers Lamb Email: ______________________________________________________ Farm. Visit your adoptee all summer long, free of $50 Benefits include: Llama Thank you for adopting a charge! Imagine the look on friends’ faces when Llama Kid you introduce them to the newest member of your • Personalized Certificate of Adoption Lovebird Gift information. Prairie Farm animal! • Animal Fact Sheet Please return to: Champaign Park District, attn: Raise a Rooster, family… a piglet! Milking Goat Recipient’s Name: ____________________________________________ • Name on Prairie Farm’s Proud Parent Wall 706 Kenwood Road, Champaign, IL 61821-4112. Miniature Horse And it’s sow easy! Just call 398-2550 and request an • Prairie Farm Parent Stickers Miniature Horse Colt Address: ____________________________________________________ adoption packet. For as little as $25, you, your fam- • “I’m a Prairie Farm Parent” t-shirt Peacock ily, or business can have the satisfaction of knowing Piglet Gift card to read: _____________________________________________ $100 Benefits include: that you are helping to provide for the welfare of Rabbit ____________________________________________________________ • Personalized Certificate of Adoption your adopted animal. Your adoption money goes Sheep • Animal Fact Sheet Sow toward the feeding and health needs of all the ani- • Name on Prairie Farm’s Proud Parent Wall  Please send the gift package to me. mals at Prairie Farm. So call today, and start raising Turtle • Prairie Farm Parent Stickers  Please send the gift package directly to the recipient. your rooster tomorrow! *All adoptions are good • “I’m a Prairie Farm Parent” t-shirt for one year. • Picture of you and your animal
  5. 5. Front of Postcard Black outside stroke is the die line
  6. 6. Back of Postcard Pocketbook Anthropology October 20, 2007 to January 20, 2008 Celebrate women’s most cherished fashion accessory–her handbag–in this special exhibition. See over 75 purses dating from 1880 to the present day, as well as period costumes and fashion postcards. The exhibit explores the emotional and cultural significance of purses and showcases funky, elegant, whimsical and utilitarian examples of these much loved items. Visitors will have a chance to view handbags made from a myriad of different materials ranging from cigarette packs to silk to beads to precious metals. A program of with The Illinois Arts Council and The National Endowment for the Arts Call 847-968-3400 for more information Lake County Discovery Museum Route 176 & Fairfield Road, Wauconda, IL www.LakeCountyDiscoveryMuseum.org Image courtesy of ExhibitsUSA Black outside stroke is the die line
  7. 7. Finished Postcard on Display Finished Postcard in Hand
  8. 8. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2007 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2007 8 AM - 1 PM From Lake Avenue through the morning haze, Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, you can see me and my friends while we graze. $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. As the sun rises, we meander to the barn to deliver our milk for Wagner Farm. But today is special; we’ve been waiting all year. 847.657.1506 Today oats and hay are not the only food found here. The tent has been raised and we hope to see you. Sponsored by Egg Harbor Cafe of Glenview Come fill up on a tasty breakfast in Glenview. Winner of the Illinois Park and Recreation Association’s 2006 Special Event of the Year. 1 5 1 0 WA G N E R ROA D GL E N V I E W, I L L I NOI S
  9. 9. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2006 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2006 8 AM - 1 PM Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. Elsie says: “Have you ever thought about how much I do for you? The cheese on your pizza, the milk on your cereal, the cream in your coffee, the cottage cheese with 847.657.1506 your peaches and the ice cream in your sundae all come from me! What other animal has an entire food group just to themselves??? Isn’t it about time you bring the family Sponsored by Egg Harbor Cafe of Glenview and meet me and my friends at Wagner Farm’s 5th Annual Dairy Breakfast?” 1 5 1 0 WA G NER ROAD GL E N V I E W, IL L I NOI S
  10. 10. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2005 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2005 8 AM - 1 PM Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. From the farmer’s hands to the kitchen table, our food travels a complex path. America prospers because of this continuous and bountiful harvest. Come to 847.657.1506 the farm, see where that journey starts, watch the process in action. Join us in celebrating National Dairy Month by enjoying a hearty breakfast and touring Sponsored by Egg Harbor Cafe of Glenview the newly restored Wagner farmhouse. 1 5 1 0 WA G NER ROAD GL E N V I E W, IL L I NOI S
  11. 11. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2004 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 2004 8 AM - 1 PM There are many professions that we as Americans take for granted in our busy lives. Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, Towards the top of that list is farming. Day in and day out farmers tend their livestock, $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. cultivate their crops and protect our environment. Come celebrate National Dairy Month at Wagner Farm and learn what is involved with something as simple as pouring a glass of ice-cold milk. 847.657.1506 1 5 1 0 WA G N E R ROA D GL E N V I E W, I L L I NOI S
  12. 12. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2003 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2003 8 AM - 1 PM In the last 150 years our great country has seen many substantial changes. While nearly $7 in advance, $10 on event day everything from our modes of transportation to the way we communicate has changed one thing Purchase tickets at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Avenue, has not, we all wake up hungry. Today the American farmer raises enough food to feed nearly Glenview, Illinois 200 people for a year. Come to Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview and learn a little about farming, play some games and see the animals that make up a farm. 847.724.5670 1 5 1 0 WA G N E R ROA D GL E N V I E W, I L L I NOI S
  13. 13. JuNE 11 - Aug 10 CAMP LONE OAK•AgES 9-14 www.AtwoodPark.org NATuRE QuEST•AgES 5-10 www.AtwoodPark.org mp is where o R C A m P ! ”Ca plore new laura pigatti Williamson su m m E R is m A d E f ds, ex -long “best fr ien can make life me tched. At the sa Nate martin your child enged and stre ng! At the Rockford be chall Charlotte hackin concepts, and interesting, a nd exciti ave ur child can h douglas J. Brooks time, camp is FuN, dent camps, yo me, yet miles day and resi harris h. Agnew Park district’s close to ho p experience bOARd OF COmmISSIONERS an extra ordinary cam e ordinary. www.RockfordParkdistrict.org away from th Permit #4585 401 South Main Street • Rockford, iL 61101 CONTACT: ONS, PLEASE Rockford, iL iF yOu hA VE ANy QuESTi L CENTER PAid ONmENTA U.s. pOstagE NvIR AT WOOd E 6 (voice/TT y) PRSRT STd 57 815-874-7
  14. 14. TEAm EARTH (WEEk 1) pRAIRIE pIRATES (WEEk 5) Learn how to enjoy yourself, others and nature. A pirate’s life is the wonderful life! Come and join us on our journey to become real life Activities will include team building and Native American pirates on a hunt for hidden treasure. Arrrrrr you ready? games. in addition, nature projects, role-playing, and an dATES July 9-13 Code # 320100-05 X-care 320100-E5 Aldeen Park clean-up will be in the mix for this week of camp. go, Team! SpACE TREkkER (WEEk 6) dATES June 11-15 Code # 320100-01 What is out there beyond our home planet? This week will focus on the planets, stars, and X-care 3201100-E1 even the moon. There will be activities to help us appreciate our home planet—Mother Earth. The big dipper is just a blink of an eye away, so come out and play. NATURE OLympICS (WEEk 2) dATES July 16-20 Code # 320100-06 X-care 320100-E6 A week-long day camp for children ages 5-10, Nature Quest is AGES: 5-10 (as of June 1, 2007) Join us for a week filled with outdoor competitions. Play based out of the Linda K. White Center in Aldeen Park. Weekly like a lumberjack or perhaps as a Red Fox. Plus, we will THE GOOd OLd dAyS (WEEk 7) HOURS: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (Lunch Provided) field trips will allow campers to explore other exciting areas throw in some new Native American games. if you ever Experience what life was like long ago by visiting Midway Village. Explore life at the turn Extended Care, 7:30-8:30 AM and 4:30-5:30 PM around Rockford. wanted to be in the Olympics, here is your chance. go of the 20th century, then return to camp and spend time outside, just like in the old days. LOCATION: Linda K. White Center at Aldeen Park for the gold, or should we say gREEN! games, ice cream socials, and a county fair await you. Each week offers a unique theme and nature/environment h uncided 623 North Alpine Road related activity, in addition to everyone’s favorites, including: dATES June 18-22 Code # 320100-02 dATES July 23-27 Code # 320100-07 X-care 320100-E7 FEE: $97 per week ($126 non-resident) L X-care 320100-E2 rov • ARTS ANd CRAFTS • ARChERy NATURE ARTISTS (WEEk 8)* Extended Care – $20 per week • NATuRE hiKES • STORy TELLiNg Overnight (June 28; Aug 2)* – $25 P WATER WORLd (WEEk 3)* if you like animals, fish, and other beautiful sea Explore what it would be like to be an artist, a musician, or even a performer. Crafts, • SiNgiNg • PuPPETRy plays, songs, skits, just to name a few... we know Nature Artists Week will be right for REGISTRATION: Opens March 1, 2007 creatures, water you waiting for? Jump in and make you! An optional overnight will be offered on Thursday (Aug 2) for campers ages 9 and • gAMES • TiE-dyEiNg an under-the-sea mural. Even the field trip will have 10, for an additional fee of $25. We offer a convenient Extended Care Option right at the site campers dripping wet! An optional overnight will be dATES July 30-August 3 Code # 320100-08 X-care 320100-E8 (with early drop-off beginning at 7:30 AM and late pick-up until offered on Thursday (June 28) for campers ages 9 and Overnight 320100-N8 5:30 PM) for an additional $20 per week. during Extended 10, for an additional fee of $25. pIONEER CAmp (WEEk 9) Care, your child will be supervised by the same quality camp dATES June 25-29 giddee-up, partner! get on the stagecoach trail and head for the wild, wild west. There staff responsible for them all day long. Code # 320100-03 will be homesteading activities and horseback riding at Lockwood Park. yeeee-haw! X-care 320100-E3 dATES August 6-10 Code # 320100-09 Overnight 320100-N3 X-care 320100-E9 • Campers are divided into age-appropriate groups, led by highly qualified camp leaders • For their safety, children are required to wear closed-toed/heeled shoes • Snacks and lunches (many cooked over a camp-fire!) are provided each day • Parents provide transportation to and from camp • Family Nights (Thursdays, 5:30 PM) showcase the fun and skills campers experienced throughout the week
  15. 15. INTERNATIONAL WEEk (WEEk 3) CRAFTS GONE WILd (WEEk 7) discover the exciting similarities and differences of other cultures (both Not only will the crafts be great– so will the music, inside and outside the united States) through language, art, dance, dance, painting, and creative writing! This week will be a and cuisine. Try new foods and visit new places from the comfort of the brilliant, creative outlet for the aspiring artist in all of us. Atwood Lodge. Learn more about ourselves by learning more about Our possibilities will only be limited by our imagination! each other. dATES July 23-27 Boys code # 320300-B7 dATES June 25-29 Boys code # 320300-B3 girls code # 320300-g7 girls code # 320300-g3 CHOOSE yOUR OWN AdvENTURE (WEEk 8) HALFWAy TO HALLOWEEN WEEk (WEEk 5) This is every camper’s favorite theme, because they are in Coming to a close on Friday the 13th, this is the perfect week charge! Campers pick the menu, activities, games, skits, for the camper who simply can’t wait for halloween. Age- songs… everything! if want your vote to count, this is the 2007 marks the 50th year of summer programming in Seth B. Atwood Park. appropriate activities include trick-or-treating under the week for you! Since 1957, the park has not only provided campers with a summer home, but moonlight, ghost stories around the campfire, a spooky dance, dATES July 30-Aug 3 Boys code # 320300-B8 with leisure skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Camp Lone Oak haunted trail, and even a special CLO hayride. girls code # 320300-g8 celebrates its golden anniversary with “True Theme Weeks,” a revolution in dATES July 9-13 Boys code # 320300-B5 summer camp as we know it. Each week features unique and innovative girls code # 320300-g5 CAmp kISHWAUkEE (WEEk 9) activities, so that campers can more effectively choose a week that fits their Summer camp the way it used to be - return to the golden interests. Even if you’re here every week, you’ll never have the same WELCOmE TO THE (ILLINOIS) JUNGLE (WEEk 6) age of camping with a night under the stars, sitting experience twice! Sure, there are no jungles in illinois, but don’t tell that to the around the campfire with good friends and good stories, critters that live here! if you love animals, this is the week for and everyone’s favorite, Camp Tournament. This year’s AGES: 9-14 (age as of June 1, 2007) you. Meet live birds of prey and reptiles up close, plus explore tournament will be bigger and better than ever, so sign HOURS: Check-in Monday, 8:30 AM the habitats of deer, foxes, turtles… even insects! up early! Check-out Friday, 3:00 PM dATES July 16-20 Boys code # 320300-B6 dATES Aug 6-10 Boys code # 320300-B9 LOCATION: Atwood Environmental Center at Atwood Park girls code # 320300-g6 girls code # 320300-g9 2685 New Milford School Road FEES: $180 per week ($225 non-resident) REGISTRATION: Opens March 1, 2007 FUN ANd GAmES WEEk (WEEk 1) All of your favorite conventional sports including kickball and basketball, plus learn the art of Frisbee® golf and take part in the biggest game of CLO bingo ever! Win prizes and have fun in a non-competitive setting designed to teach new skills and enhance old ones. dATES June 11-15 Boys code # 320300-B1 girls code # 320300-g1 SURvIvOR: ATWOOd pARk (WEEk 2) • Seth B. Atwood Park (334-acres) is located along the Kishwaukee River corridor in New Milford, just east of the Rockford Airport No one gets voted off the island as beautiful Atwood Park is the setting for honing outdoor skills that will last a lifetime. Outdoor cooking, camping and backpacking basics, as well as primitive living skills and • Campers are divided into age-appropriate groups, led by highly qualified camp counselors Native American history will make this a week to remember! • Boys and girls sleep in separate dormitories on bunk beds in the Atwood Environmental Center Lodge; dATES June 18-22 Boys code # 320300-B2 girls code # 320300-g2 if weather permits, older children may spend a night out under the stars • Atwood Env. Center is air-conditioned with complete bathroom facilities, including showers CAmp LONE OAk: EIGHT TO FIvE (WEEk 2 ONLy) • A professional food service staff prepares meals; campers will eat in the Atwood NE New for 2007, CLO: Eight to Five is the perfect experience for campers old enough for CLO, but not quite ready to move in. Eight to Five campers will experience the same activities (listed above) as residential campers, with lunch provided daily. Campers participate in Family Night Thursday Environmental Center dining room and occasionally cook out over a campfire • Parents provide transportation to and from camp • Family Nights (Thursdays, 5:45 PM) showcase the fun and skills experienced W starting at 5:45 PM. daily drop-off is between 8:00 and 8:30 AM; daily pick-up is between 5:00 throughout the week and 5:30 PM. FEES: $120 ($156 non-resident). dATES June 18-22 Code # 320300-d2
  16. 16. AtWood CAmPs REgistRAtioN foRm 2007 pARTICIpANT INFORmATION HH Id#_______________ last Name First middle address City state Zip home Phone Birthdate / / Age Sex T-Shirt Size S ATURdAy, mARCH 24 •REGISTER for Nature Quest and Parent/guardian Name Work Phone Cell Phone 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Camp Lone Oak Parent’s e-mail address (for more info) Same group friend request? does participant have allergies (including food allergies)? c yes c No if so, please explain: ATWOOd •TOUR the Camp Lone Oak Lodge Will participant need to take medication during camp hours? c yes c No if so, a Medication dispension Form will need to be filled out (available from Customer Service) ENvIRONmENTAL May staff administer non-aspirin (like Tylenol) if needed? c yes c No does participant c Walk c Talk c Wet Bed in their sleep? c yes c No •HIkE the Camp Lone Oak grounds does participant have any other medical concerns we should be aware of? c yes c No if so, please explain: CENTER ThE ROCKFORd PARK diSTRiCT iS COMMiTTEd TO PROVidiNg SERViCES iN AN EQuiTABLE MANNER. Answering the following is optional, but helps us measure how we are doing. 2685 New Milford School Rd • Rockford •ExpERIENCE camp activities RACE/EThNiCiTy (select all that apply): c American indian/Alaskan Native c Asian/Pacific islander c Black c White c hispanic (any race) (CLO Lodge during the summer camp season. EmERGENCy INFORmATION Refer to CLO map at the bottom of the page.) w w w. A t wo o Contact Name Phone #1 Phone #2 Relationship dPark.org Contact Name Phone #1 Phone #2 Relationship Contact Name Phone #1 Phone #2 Relationship hospital Name Phone Physician Name insurance Carrier insurance Card # pROGRAm INFORmATION CLO WK 2 ONLy NQ ONLy NQ WK 3 & 8 We welcome the opportunity to assist guests FOUR CONvENIENT WAyS TO REGISTER SUmmER CAmp REFUNd pOLICy with disabilities to enjoy ALL our facilities, 1) ail your registration form and payment to: m 1) FuLL REFuNd – Cancellation notice must be given id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee programs, and services. For assistance and information two weeks prior to the first day of the camp for which id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee ROCKFORd PARK diSTRiCT on accessibility, contact Therapeutic Recreation Services at you’ve registered. id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee ATTN: Customer Service 815-987-1600 (voice/TTy). 401 South Main Street STE 109 2) 00% satisfaction guaranteed refunds available if 1 id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee Rockford, iL 61101-1321 program does not meet customer satisfaction. Request FEE ASSISTANCE for refund should be made prior to completion of the Credit Card Number Exp. date tOtal FEE “Fun For All Kids” is available to residents for this 2) Fax your form (credit card only) to 815-987-8877. week-long session. program. Call 815-987-8800 (TTy, 815-963-3323) for Signature (Authorization for Credit Card use) 3) EgiSTER iN PERSON at Rockford Park district R 3) n the case of injury, illness, or family emergency, i more information. Customer Service, 401 S Main St. Office hours are a partial refund may be requested for the camp WARNING OF RISk SUmmER CAmp FEES INSTALLmENT pAymENT pLAN AvAILAbLE Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM and Saturday, 8:30 experience. despite careful and proper preparation, instruction, medical advice, conditioning and equipment, there is still a risk of serious injury when participating in NATuRE QuEST– $97 ($126 non-resident) any recreational activity. All hazards and dangers cannot be foreseen. depending on the particular activity, participants must understand that certain risks, AM-Noon (March-July only). Camp lONE Oak – $180 ($225 non-resident) Set your mind and wallet at ease... the Rockford Park dangers and injuries due to inclement weather, acts of god, insect bites, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous nature of animals and birds, especially district is offering an installment payment plan for select 4) EgiSTER ON-LiNE by going to R CHILd CARE SOLUTIONS when frightened, angered or stressed, slips and falls, poor skill level or conditioning, carelessness, horseplay, unsportsmanship like conduct, premises defects, CLO: EighT TO FiVE – $120 ($156 non-resident) all-day programs and camps. Spread your payments out so www.RockfordParkdistrict.org. Nature Quest and Camp Lone Oak: Eight to Five qualify inadequate or defective equipment, inadequate supervision, instruction or officiating, and all other circumstances inherent to indoor and outdoor recreational EXTENdEd CARE (NQ only) – Add $20 for “ChiLd CARE SOLuTiONS,” a state-funded financial activities may exist. they’re manageable for your budget! Call 815-987-8800 Click on “Registration” for details. OVERNighT (NQ Week 3 & 8 only, age 9 & older) – Add $25 assistance program for families meeting certain income iF PARTiCiPATiNg iN ARChERy – The very nature of archery is hazardous and risky. inherent risks include, but are not limited to, getting hit by an arrow, and speak with Kellie for arrangements. self-inflicted wounds, improper shooting technique, carelessness of other archers, lack of proper protection, poor range conditions, poorly selected and requirements. available to qualified residents and non- maintained equipment, lack of conditioning, horseplay, carelessness, poor pulling technique, splintering of the arrow, inadequate supervision or instruction, OFFiCE UsE ONly c RESidENCy id ChECKEd residents. Eligibility requirements and applications can be premises defects, and other risks inherent to archery. in this regard, it must be recognized that it is impossible for the Rockford Park district to guarantee Amt Pd __________ date ___________ obtained through RPd Customer Service, 401 S Main St, absolute safety. iF PARTiCiPATiNg iN SWiMMiNg – The very nature of swimming is hazardous and risky, including but not limited to fatigue and overexertion, poor swimming C CK Chg EC FA PROMO ACh Rockford. For more information, call 815-484-9442, or visit skills, failing to avoid dangerous areas, horseplay, diving or cannon-balling into shallow water and striking the bottom or side of the pool, poor supervision Reg Clk __________________________ www.yMCAChildCareSolutions.org. or instruction, lack of conditioning, becoming disoriented, striking other swimmers, defective or inadequate equipment, striking one’s head on the bottom when using a diving block, slipping or falling on the deck or within the locker facility, chemical exposure and all other circumstances inherent to the sport of Receipt # _________________________ swimming. in this regard, it must be recognized that it is impossible for the Rockford Park district to guarantee absolute safety. iF PARTiCiPATiNg iN LAKE CANOEiNg – The very nature of canoeing is hazardous and risky. Risks include, but are not limited to, dangerous weather and NATURE QUEST is located at the Linda K. samuelson water conditions such as deep or cold water, above and subsurface rocks and obstacles, and insect bites. Other risks include capsizing, hypothermia, sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, inadequate supervision or instruction, horseplay and carelessness, poor canoeing technique, loss of balance, collision with other dOES yOuR ChiLd hAVE A diSABiLiTy White Center in Aldeen Park, 623 N Alpine Rd, canoes or stationary objects, inadequate or defective equipment, and failure to wear a personal floatation device or other safety equipment. in this regard, it ThAT WiLL REQuiRE RPd ASSiSTANCE OR between guilford Rd and E State Street. The must be recognized that it is impossible for the Rockford Park district to guarantee absolute safety. ACCOMMOdATiON? center is located at the northeast parking lot. Blackhawk WAIvER ANd RELEASE OF ALL CLAImS ANd ASSUmpTION OF RISk c physical disability Please read this form carefully and be aware that in signing up and participating in this program/activity, you will be expressly assuming the risk and legal liability and waiving and releasing all claims for injuries, damages or loss which you or your minor child/ward might sustain as a result of participating in c developmental disability 20th St any and all activities connected with and associated with this program/activity (including transportation services/vehicle operation, when provided). i recog- nize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury to participants in this program/activity, and i voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of c visual impairment New Milford School any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity, that my minor child/ward or i may sustain as a result of said participation. i further agree to waive and relinquish all claims i or my minor child/ ward may have (or accrue to me or my child/ward) as a result of participating in this program/ activ- c hearing impairment r ee Rive ity against the Rockford Park district, including its officials, agents, volunteers and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “district”). i do hereby c other (medical needs, mental illness, CAmp LONE OAk is located at the Atwood Kishwauk fully release and forever discharge the district from any and all claims for injuries, damages, or loss that my minor child/ward or i may have or which may accrue to me or my minor child/ward and arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with this program/activity. conduct/behavioral disorder) ________ Environmental Center in historic Seth B. Atwood Ryd 11th St. / iL 251 atWOOd paRK i have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims. if registering be r Park, 2685 New Milford School Rd, just east of iL 251. on-line or via fax, my on-line facsimile signature shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as an original form signature. _________________________ g Atwood Park encompasses 334 acres of woodland, _________________________ Participant’s Name (PLEASE PRiNT) prairie, river and marsh habitat. The center is located miami Rotary c Please have staff contact me to discuss at the north entrance to the park. Parent/guardian Signature date accommodations needed. PARTiCiPATiON WiLL BE dENiEd if the signature of parent/guardian and date are not on this waiver.