Training and technological methodologies for combating Naxalism Securing Asia 2013


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Mr.SK Pandey, IPS, ADGP (Naxal Operations) Madhya Pradesh, India

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Training and technological methodologies for combating Naxalism Securing Asia 2013

  1. 1.  Every legally elected government/state faces violent confrontation.  Many such movements/conflicts develop due to perceived notions/misplaced grievances.  In growing & developing societies such threats will continue to emerge, develop and grow.
  2. 2.  State has to put security apparatus in place to face and deal with such menace.  In many countries Army performs this role. In India – Law Enforcement Agency i.e. Police does the same.  One of the gravest internal security threats - Naxalism.  Spreading its wing affecting 1/3rd of India.  Naxal movement - lost their ideology and turned increasingly brutal ,senseless & violent .
  3. 3.  Naxalites- Left wing extremists.  Take their name from Naxalbari- a hamlet in West Bengal where an agrarian revolt started in 1967.  Spread to Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India.  Prefer to call themselves Maoists now.
  4. 4. Philosophy  Reject democracy and elected Government.  Rage protracted war to seize power.  Steadfast offensive campaign.  No scope/inclination for talks or any form of engagement.  Build bases in village.  Form guerrilla zones.  Try to establish parallel administrative set-up – jantana adalat .  Prevent organized development to alienate the populace.  Encircle urban areas and seize power.
  5. 5.  Sudden Attacks.  Blitzkrieg -use of disproportionate and overwhelming strength/ resources.  Ingenious use of IEDs.  Exploit intimate knowledge of terrain and conditions.  Use of innocent civil populace to shield and exploit sit.  Stall economic and developmental activity through bans and boycotts.  Psychological warfare.  “manner of killing should frighten more than killing itself.”
  6. 6.  Need to set up specialized units. ◦ Intense and dedicated training -combination of technology & experience. ◦ Equipped with modern weapons & ammunition, intelligence gathering equipment, tactical accessories & suitable transportation.  Extremely mobile, agile and capable of undertaking swift and precise operations.  Undertake operations based on precise and actionable intelligence.  Establish ground based human intelligence network.  Paradigm shift in combat doctrine -Present arrangement – exposed the vulnerability.
  7. 7.  Dense Vegetation  Limited visibility  Streams n rivers  Heat n Humidity  Far n Few Roads  Treacherous Tracks  Limited communication Thus it requires spl tactics, techniques n procedure to combat this menace.
  8. 8.  Combat Training including physical and mental conditioning.  Tactical Operations Training with stress on honing Field and Battle Craft.  Shooting skills including dynamic and under stress/ operational situations.
  9. 9.  Emphasis on Practical's/Outdoor Ex. To achieve:- ◦ Thinking soldier. ◦ Physical conditioning & toughness. ◦ Unarmed Combat. ◦ Know about weapon (behave & potential) by dry and different unconventional firing practices. ◦ Operations with minimum or no administrative tail.  Implementing the maxim ‘Fight a Guerrilla like a Guerrilla’ only can beat the enemy in their own way of fighting.
  10. 10.  CASO  SADO  QRT  ROP  CPD  Patrolling especially Jungle terrain and villages.  Ambush including Area and Counter Ambush.  Raid – hideouts and training camps.  Search-Sweep and Encirclement.  Room Intervention and Clearance.  Surveillance and Observation drills.  Counter IED drills. 
  11. 11.  Small Team Concept as also rehearsal in buddy pair.  Map Reading & GPS  Jungle Survival  Handling of IED and explosives/chemicals  Intense practice in night operations – move, firing, identification, terrain reading etc.  Hands on trg in handling comn system, first aid etc.  Planning of operation and briefing on Sand Model.  Dry rehearsal/practice on Mock set up.  One Minute Drills - to make response more faster and work as a team in different situations.
  12. 12.  Under stress and operational conditions with minimum collateral damage/ innocent kills.  Firing on the Move including firing from difficult positions and situations.  Reflex and precise shooting on Pop Up targets with varied movements.  Left and Right shoulder/door firing skills.  Multiple target firing.
  13. 13.  Night firing.  Jungle Lane Shooting.  Room Shooting.  Grenade Firing including UBGL.  Indirect weapon firing – 2” Mortar.  Sniping and Precise shooting at longer distances.  Change of direction and Fire.
  14. 14.  To enhance human performance of the operator.  Offers minimum obstruction, restriction to human biomechanics.  Keeps the body thermal condition optimum.  Retains 360 of natural mobility of body.  Sort of force multiplier in achieving the mission of neutralizing the assailants.
  15. 15.  Surgical operation in the most challenging physiological and psychological condition.  In the sub second time frame of close combat, even minor differences and defects in design-lethal.  Solution selected must be appropriate for specific needs.
  16. 16.  Ballistic and fragmentation protection equipment .  Tactical body armor System.  Man-armor interface that allows maximal human interface.  Right combination of technical material ,ergonomics design and equipment construction.  It should be able to reduce blast energy upward and absorb splinters in its sidewalls.
  17. 17.  Defense control rescue assault system.  Speed and precision allow instant domination and rapid termination of threats.  MPV -with & fully loaded operation in the hull
  18. 18.  Present weapon system designed more for close shoot out  Requirement for medium range application.  Assault Rifles,12 bore pump action gun, Sniper Rifles.  Equipped with modern sighting systems such as  Magnified optics telescopic sights,  holographic/ reflex sight,  night and thermal sights.  Aiming in low/no light .  Quick target acquisition with pin point accuracy.  Both eyes – better situational awareness advantage.  Big sight and realistic picture.  Precise Shooting Assistance Accessories such Laser grips, Vertical fore grip and Laser fore-grips.
  19. 19. Body Apparel  Breathable Camouflage dress  Tactical Vest  Knee and Elbow pads  Nomax (face) mask  Tactical boots  Gloves Armor Systems  Body Armor – Light weight and modular  Ballistic helmet  Ballistic Shields
  20. 20. Tactical Gear and Tools  Holster system with passive retention around trigger guard and allowing rapid presentation  Anti ballistic goggles  Hand held Night vision and Thermal detection system  Micro mini UAV  Long range Spotterscope  Swatscope  2/4 wheel Remote control surveillance robot.  Near distance surveillance system –Throw able surveillance cube,  Covert audio video system and  Endoscopic cameras for surgical strike.
  21. 21. Tactical Gear and Tools  Forcible Room Entry tools  Multi purpose tools  Life saving and rescue equipment.  Field command post equipment. Communication  Personal Handheld Radios  Headsets with VOX/PTT  Throat Mic System  Tactical Communication during disturbed noise.  Vehicle mounted Base Radio  Ear muff with communication window.
  22. 22.  Indoor and Outdoor Combat Range ◦ Static Target Systems with Pop Up systems for snap shot exercises. ◦ Dynamic target system depicting different motions . ◦ Dynamic exercises to prevent setting of predictability scenario. ◦ Provide feedback of position of shot on firing point equipment and master control system (MCS) ◦ Able to run multiple lanes with same & different exercise simultaneously. ◦ Deployable for various target exercises as also have customized exercises. ◦ Target illumination at different distances for night firing. ◦ Cross fire detection. ◦ Operating temperature 0-50 C.
  23. 23.  Dynamic Simulation System • Providing freedom of movement. • Ability to develop exercise based on local terrain and jungle conditions. For eg proper forest backdrop with pop up of target amidst trees/ bushes. • Promote software, electronics and optical mechanical solution for simulation.  Kill house/shoot house to practice life fire room entering.  Dynamic track free mobile target system for outdoor ranges.  Sniper firing using location of hit miss system.  Grenade firing ranges.  EOD & counter IED range.  Mock House equipped with Ram doors to practice Forced entry and Clearance.
  24. 24.  Live Training Systems based on Air Soft guns.  Simulator based Systems • Conduct live exercises with troops as in actual Combat. • Major sets for men and equipment and integrated GPS, control unit and communication module. • Record kills, grievous injuries, near misses,bullets fired etc. • Covering area up to 5 km diameter. • Combat target identification /friend or foe
  25. 25.  RIDD -Rolling illuminated destruction and disorientation device. o To act rapidly and surgically in an unknown space. o Visual acuity and depth perception of photopic vision.  Incandescent/LED/Laser illumination tool to blind or disorient an opponent.  Headlamp with adjustable illumination – hands free concept.  IR based Illumination system – for covert detection as also assist in identification of own forces.  Tactical weapon, mounted illumination system.
  26. 26. Separate Dedicated Team  To monitor communication and movt. of Naxalites.  Communication interceptor.  Raising of agents/informers.  Surveillance on suspects.  Data mining.  Border control.  Interception of mails.
  27. 27.  Capability and capacity building of a force especially to undertake complex and sensitive operations – resource, time and man-power intensive.  Once established-long term assets in continual training & up gradation of skills.  Planning implementation & training – takes considerable time, perspective planning and effort.  Concentrated, Systematic Planned and Consistent approach – key factor.
  28. 28. Surendra Kumar Pandey Addl DG MP Police E mail: