IPPAI Power Awords 2012


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Dr. Pramod Deo
Chairman, CERC
at RPR 2012, 23-26 August, Goa, India

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IPPAI Power Awords 2012

  1. 1. Awards Presented to Winners byDr. Pramod Deo, Chairman, CERC On August 24, 2012 at Goa
  2. 2. Introduction• First Private Industry Awards• 11 Awards• Unique Features: 1. Award for ESCOs 2. Award For SERCs 3. Award for IPPs in Thermal generation
  3. 3. IntroductionDistinguished members of the Jury:1. Prof. S L Rao, First Chairman, CERC2. Mr. Anil Razdan, Former Secretary, Ministry of Power3. Mr. Ajay Shankar, Former Secretary – DIPP, Ministry of Commerce & Industry4. Mr. V Subramanian, Former Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy5. Mr. Ashok Khurana, Director General, Association of Power Producers
  4. 4. FROM IPPAI• Mr. Harry Dhaul, Director General, IPPAI• Mr. Ashok Dasgupta, President, IPPAI Supported by:• Mr. Raghav Upadhya• Mr. Dinesh Kr. Arya
  5. 5. Knowledge Partners Deloitte for all categories except ESCOs Team led by Mr. Shubhranshu Patnaik, Senior Director, Consulting, Energy & Resources Supported by: Mr. Anand Kumar Mr. Amit Goenka Ms. Gunjan Kapoor CRISIL for ESCO category• Represented by Mr. Gautam Verma
  6. 6. DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS• Data Collection by IPPAI (except ESCOs)• Data Analysis by Deloitte (except ESCOs)• Data Collection & Analysis by CRISIL for ESCOs only• Data from applications cross checked and validated• For SERCs and State Awards, data independently collected by Deloitte
  7. 7. Primary Purpose of the Awards To recognize speedy addition to power availability To recognize major contribution to energy efficiency To recognize new and emerging contributors to the power sector:  Solar Energy  Wind Energy  Firms specializing in offering services to improve energy efficiency
  8. 8. Award Categories1. Best Solar Power Producer2. Best Wind Power Producer3. Best Energy Services Company4. Best Thermal Power Station5. Fastest Growing IPP (Thermal)6. Best Power Producer (Hydro)
  9. 9. Award Categories7. Fastest Growing IPP (Hydro)8. Best Power Transmission Company9. Maximum Improvement within DISCOMs10. Best Performing State in the Power Sector11. Best State Electricity Regulatory Commission
  10. 10. Best Solar Power Producer• Solar power generation is a new area in India Category Parameters• Total Installed Capacity• Average Period Per plant for commissioning (in days)• Capacity Utilization Factor• Contestants included those with one plant and others with more than one• In future years, with more plants with operating experience, parameters and their relative weights could change
  11. 11. Best Wind Power Producer• Applicants account for 30% of capacity in India• Applications not received from: • Many small units set up under accelerated depreciation scheme • Many of the big plants• Category Parameters• Installed Capacity• Capacity Utilization Factor
  12. 12. Best Energy Services Company• For data and validation from clients, we approached BEE who referred us to their empanelled grading agencies• Of these agencies, CRISIL agreed to collect, collate and vet data from applicants. It did so in record time.• More than 90% of the applicants are into energy audits. We excluded equipment suppliers.• Category Parameters:• Number of energy audits completed• Number of Customers• Number of qualified auditors on rolls• Energy efficiency in KTOE• Feedback from customers
  13. 13. Best Thermal Power Station • We did not consider 250 MW and below • Category Parameters: • Installed Capacity • Plant Availability Factor • Plant Load Factor • Station Heat Rate (data from CEA & BEE but unverified) • Auxiliary Consumption
  14. 14. Fastest Growing IPP (thermal)• We decided to recognize this as a separate category as private growth here has been good• Plants with less than 250 MW capacity not considered Category Parameters:• Installed capacity• Capacity added in XI Plan• Plant Availability Factor• Auxiliary consumption• Station heat rate
  15. 15. Best Power Producer (Hydro)• Very few applications received including those from the IPPs Category Parameters:• Number of Projects• Total Installed Capacity• Plant Availability Factor• Actual Energy as % of Design Energy
  16. 16. Fastest Growing IPP (Hydro)  Few IPPs and very few applications received  Category Parameters:  Capacity added in XI Plan;  Plant Availability Factor;  Actual Energy as % of Design Energy
  17. 17. Best Power Transmission Company• Only state level transcos and private transcos evaluated Category Parameters:• Transmission Line Availability• Additional transmission lines built in the last 3 years• Average Technical Losses
  18. 18. Maximum Improvement Within Discoms • Reasonable level of participation Category Parameters: • AT&C Loss Reduction • Average Energy Shortage • DT Metering • Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum
  19. 19. Best Performing State in the Power Sector Category Parameters: Average Loss Reduction as % of Normative Subsidy received as % of Subsidy booked (3 yrs) Energy Shortage (Avg. of 3 years) Peaking shortage (Avg. of 3 years) ARR-ACS Gap (Avg. of last 2 years)
  20. 20. Best State Electricity RegulatoryCommission (2010-11) • Category Parameters: • Quantum of Regulatory Assets as % of Discom expenditure • ARR-Gap in Cost of Supply and Revenue Realized (2009-10 and 2010-11) • Open Access Notification • RPO Notification issued and when • Average Delay in Issuance of Tariff Order • Standard of Performance Regulation • Frequency of Tariff Revision in last five years
  21. 21. THANK YOU