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Intro to swi_3_may1


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Intro to swi_3_may1

  1. 1. Guiding India to a Secure Future<br />
  2. 2. Security Watch India<br />Business Insight<br />Thought Leadership Events<br />Enterprise Facilitation<br />Risk Forecasts<br />
  3. 3. Who we are<br />Security Watch India (SWI) works in the space of Indian homeland security sector as an information disseminator and business facilitator. It guides and facilitates potential investors interested in the Indian homeland security business. It has been a thought leader, hosting cerebral, cutting-edge conferences across the globe. It also serves as an information analysis service provider offering risk assessments and security advisory to enterprises operating in India. <br />
  4. 4. What we do<br />We facilitate homeland security technology & service providers from across the globe to establish their businesses in India from scratch. Our services include commercial insights, corporate briefings, office support, customized research and advisory.<br />We host conferences around the globe, discussing latest ideas on Homeland Security and exploring business opportunities. In 2010, we hosted conferences involving governments and industries in 14 different cities with a combined audience in excess of 3500 security professionals and industry leaders. <br />Research<br />We offer risk assessments and security advisory to enterprises operating in India allowing businesses & governments to make critical strategic and operational decisions.<br />
  5. 5. What we do<br />
  6. 6. Global Presence<br />Washington<br />New Delhi<br />London<br />Mumbai<br />Bangalore<br />
  7. 7. Our services: Business Facilitation <br />Business Support:<br /><ul><li> Customized B2B meetings
  8. 8. Networking events
  9. 9. Research for Market Studies</li></ul>Multi-City Tour:<br />Prospective clients also have the option of participating in a week-long trip to up to four selected metropolitan hubs in India. <br />Office & Logistics Support:<br /><ul><li>Equipped & Furnished Office Space
  10. 10. 100-seater auditorium
  11. 11. Dedicated logistics department for domestic travel
  12. 12. Complete Reception Services
  13. 13. Located two kilometers from RashtrapatiBhawan – the home of the President of India, Parliament House, and Connaught Place.</li></li></ul><li>Our services: Events<br />In 2010 SWI hosted 23 public and closed-door events in 14 cities across three continents with an audience of 3500 security experts <br />Our flagship events:<br /><ul><li> Secure Cities: This multi-city series of conferences is intended to create a common knowledge-base of ground-level experiences in combating terror.</li></ul> Secure Cities-I held in 7 cities across India in June 2010<br /> Secure Cities-II held in 9 cities across India in December 2010<br /> Secure Cities-III scheduled to be held Dec ‘11<br /><ul><li> Protecting 1.1 Billion: Conference Tour discussing the role of technology in combating terror was held in New York, Washington and London in September, 2010.
  14. 14. India Strategic Dialogue: India’s Most Focused Expo and Conference on Homeland Security discussing Critical infrastructure security corporate security & business continuity to be held in November 2011</li></li></ul><li>Our services: Research<br />Actionable Information and Precise Forecasts<br />ConstantMonitoring<br /><ul><li> Security Intelligence Reports: Fortnightly in-depth analysis
  15. 15. SPEAR: Daily updates
  16. 16. Special Reports: Quarterly analysis</li></ul>Planning and Foresight<br /><ul><li> SOP Advisory: Developing Emergency Reponses
  17. 17. Customized Security Solutions: Analysis from Operations Protection to Supply Chain security
  18. 18. Security Audits: Vulnerability Assessments of your premises
  19. 19. Briefings & Training Modules: To strengthen your security staff</li></li></ul><li> SWI Membership Program<br />For IndianBusinesses<br />For Foreign Businesses<br />Corporate Membership:<br /><ul><li> Security training for your staff
  20. 20. Vulnerability Assessment of one location
  21. 21. Access to SWI's proprietary research
  22. 22. Complimentary participation in four SWI/IPPAI national and regional events
  23. 23. Discounts on sponsorship fee
  24. 24. Customized B2B meetings during SWI events</li></ul>Enterprise Solution Membership:<br /><ul><li> Multi-city business tours
  25. 25. Office and Logistical Support
  26. 26. B2B Meetings</li></ul>Corporate Membership:<br /><ul><li> Business Guidance and advisory
  27. 27. Access to SWI's proprietary research
  28. 28. Complimentary participation in four SWI/IPPAI national and regional events
  29. 29. Discounts on sponsorship fee
  30. 30. Customized B2B meetings during SWI events</li></ul>Individual Membership:<br /><ul><li> Access to SWI’s fortnightly (24) SIR
  31. 31. Free participation in two SWI events
  32. 32. Access to SWI research at discounted rates</li></li></ul><li><ul><li> Business Facilitation</li></ul> Events<br /> Research<br />Guiding India to a Secure Future<br />
  33. 33. Business Facilitation<br />Business Facilitation<br />
  34. 34. The Indian Market <br /><ul><li> Indian expenditure on Homeland Security is 0.95% of the country’s GDP. In 2011, the country expects to spend close to US$16.89 billion on HLS.
  35. 35. The expenses on HLS are expected to grow by 16-25% every year, at least until 2020.
  36. 36. India has number of Homeland Security personnel (2.7 million) approximately equal to the number of active military troops of US, UK, Germany and France combined. Equipping and training them with latest weapons and technology is going to represent one of the biggest overhaul of Homeland Security Infrastructure on the planet.</li></ul>Global Expenditure on Homeland Security<br />
  37. 37. What we do<br />“We provide just the right ingredients for you to bolt-on your Homeland Security business in India”<br /><ul><li> Provide you with exact elements of a business platform for developing your operations in India from scratch.
  38. 38. Identification and vetting of potential business alliances
  39. 39. Office and Logistics Support
  40. 40. Market assessments
  41. 41. Marketing & Branding opportunities
  42. 42. Customized B2B and B2C
  43. 43. Networking Opportunities</li></li></ul><li>Entry Strategy for India<br />& how SWI can help<br />MANUFACTURING<br />AT HOME<br /><ul><li> Market Assessment & Projection
  44. 44. Compliance Issues
  45. 45. Customer Identification
  46. 46. Opportunity Identification</li></ul>EXPORTING<br /><ul><li> Business Partner ID
  47. 47. Vetting for partners
  48. 48. Government Liaison</li></ul>OFFSETS<br /><ul><li> Logistics Support
  49. 49. Office Facility
  50. 50. Service Strategy Dev.
  51. 51. Business Partner ID
  52. 52. Vetting for partners</li></ul> INDIRECT<br />DIRECT<br />“PIGGY-BACKING” <br />Pool of SWI Clients allows us to help you develop the most effective business alliances<br />
  53. 53. Support Facilities<br /> Our Research Department will guide you through the Indian Market and provide customized analysis for your business model to create best possible entry strategy. With right mix of youth and experience, our team speaks over eight regional and international languages and has expertise over fifteen different sectors and geographical regions.<br />Research Department<br />Logistics Support<br /> Our logistics support staff has proven capacity to organize large-scale events and operations within a very short time across India and around the planet.<br /> Our team combined with our sister company Indian Eye Security, has mix of India’s foremost defense analysts, safety evangelists, and ex-members of the Indian Army as our team members. Their role in supporting security initiatives in India has been recognized by one and all. They are perfect set of eyes on the ground for understanding your business requirements.<br />Technical Advisory<br />
  54. 54. Virtual Office Facilities<br />Office & Logistics Support:<br /><ul><li>Equipped & Furnished Office Space
  55. 55. 100-seater auditorium
  56. 56. Complete Reception Services
  57. 57. Located in Five-Star Hotel Premises</li></li></ul><li> Business Facilitation<br /><ul><li> Events</li></ul> Research<br />Guiding India to a Secure Future<br />
  58. 58. Events<br />
  59. 59. What we do<br />We deliver substantial conference programmes that address high level strategic issues within the Indian Homeland Security Domain to offer practical and technical information regarding the domain and its market potential through a variety of seminars, exhibitions and workshops.<br />
  60. 60. SecureCities<br />Secure Cities - I<br />Multi-city tour inJune 2010:<br /> New Delhi<br />Ahmedabad<br /> Bangalore<br /> Mumbai<br /> Chandigarh<br />Pune<br /> Chennai<br />Secure Cities - II<br />Multi-city tour in December 2010:<br /> New Delhi<br />Ahmedabad<br /> Bangalore<br /> Mumbai<br />Kolkata<br /> Raipur<br /> Hyderabad <br />Chennai<br />Bhubaneswar<br />
  61. 61. Protecting 1.1 Billion <br />Washington<br />London<br />New York<br />Held in September- October of 2010, this global conference was intended as an introduction to the Indian Homeland Security market for foreign companies as well as an unique opportunity for the Indian Government and Security Professionals to exchange ideas and experiences with their American and British counterparts.<br />
  62. 62. The Challenge of Terrorism to India’s Infrastructure and Economy -II<br />India’s largest Exposition and Conferences discussing asset protection & business continuity<br />October 27-28, 2011<br />New Delhi<br />
  63. 63. Reception of our Events <br />
  64. 64. Research Division<br />
  65. 65. Who we are<br />SWI Research Division is an independent information analysis service provider offering risk assessments and security advisory to enterprises operating in India. Our comprehensive analysis and precise advice allows Businesses and Governments to develop and implement successful project blueprints with conviction and speed. <br />
  66. 66. What we do<br />“We provide actionable information and precise forecasts to secure your operations in India”<br /><ul><li>Constant review and forecast of Homeland Security Situation in India for
  67. 67. Insurgency and Terrorism threats
  68. 68. Political Unrest
  69. 69. Cyber and Technological Security
  70. 70. Critical Commodity Security
  71. 71. Market assessments for Indian Homeland Security sector
  72. 72. Risk Analysis for Businesses in India
  73. 73. Vulnerability Assessments for Physical Locations
  74. 74. Supply Chain Security for operations in India
  75. 75. Advisory Services for Governments
  76. 76. Advisory for Emergency Response Standard Operating Procedures</li></li></ul><li>How we can help<br />SWI can help you in every stage of your business cycle<br />Vision<br /><ul><li> Initial Assessment
  77. 77. Political Risks</li></ul>Strategic Plan<br /><ul><li> Locale Selection
  78. 78. Supply routes selection
  79. 79. Local political analysis
  80. 80. Physical security analysis</li></ul>Operations<br /><ul><li> Constant Risk Assessment
  81. 81. Customized Research for upcoming threats</li></ul>Expansion<br /><ul><li> Risk Forecasts
  82. 82. Threat mitigation strategy development</li></li></ul><li>Why Us<br />Niche Presence<br />We are the only organization in South Asia with a comprehensive portfolio of services providing you with a single-point interaction for all your security requirements for developing a business strategy.<br />Quality Analysis<br />While we use a disciplined process to provide most comprehensive analysis in minimum time possible, we consciously create a room nurture creativity and innovation providing you with all the options possible.<br />Select Expertise<br />With right mix of youth and experience, our team speaks over eight regional and international languages and has expertise over fifteen different sectors and geographical regions.<br />
  83. 83. Analysis Process<br />
  84. 84. Product Portfolio<br />Constant Updates<br />Planning and Foresight<br />Security Intelligence Reports<br />Customized Solutions<br />SECURITY REQUIREMENT<br />SPEAR<br />SOP Advisory<br />Security Audits<br />In-depth Research<br />
  85. 85. Security Intelligence Report<br />SIR is a report published on the 16th and 29th of every month by SWI assessing the Homeland Security situation in India. The report analyzes recent developments and provides relevant advice for policy deliberation and business continuity. It is meant for companies, security professionals, Governments and individuals interested in Indian/South Asian affairs.<br />SIR can be availed by joining Security Watch India Membership Program or opting for an independent annual subscription at INR 4800 (US$ 110) only.<br />Please find attached a sample report<br />
  86. 86. Client-Specific Research <br />In today’s fluid economic landscape, it is not enough to know the fundamentals of one’s own business. Investors and businesses also need to understand the environment that surrounds their enterprise. Information about Risk Management, Political Forecasts and Geopolitics has become a critical aspect of business cycles, both at planning and operation stages. Understanding, monitoring and preparing for these risks can provide a real competitive edge. Conducting a detailed and focused risk assessment for new investments can be a catalyst in realizing success.<br />To prepare for and mitigate such risks SWI provides client-specific research that assesses the political and security risks associated with a particular business ventures and recommends ways of mitigation.<br />
  87. 87. Customized Security Solutions<br />SOP Advisory<br />We help you develop precise Emergency Response Mechanisms and Standard Operating Procedures to develop business resilience and operations continuity in face of an expected attack or disaster.<br />Briefings & Training Modules <br />The briefings and training modules are tailored for your specific needs to train your personnel for risks and challenges of operating in India<br />Security Audit<br />Security Audits are conducted by expert security professionals to ensure detailed vulnerability assessment of your premises.<br />
  88. 88. Guiding India to a Secure Future<br /><br />