India's Homeland Security Market: Challenges and Business Opportunities Securing Asia 2013


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Mr Maroof Raza, Mentor, Security Watch India Author & Media Commentator

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India's Homeland Security Market: Challenges and Business Opportunities Securing Asia 2013

  1. 1. CHINA SRI LANKA Multiple secessionist movements in Northeast Growing threat of Maoist insurgency, now infested in more than seven states of India Kashmir Insurgency along with cross- border terrorism. Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Another significant threat is to major cities, the economic hubs of the country
  2. 2.  Law & Order is a State Subject in India.  Union Home Ministry performs the function of advisory and assisting the state police forces to maintain law & order  Union Home Ministry has an array of Central Police Forces for border guarding, special counter-terror operations and intelligence gathering.  The estimated Strength of Central Armed Police Forces is 780000  Total Strength of State Police Forces is 2 million.
  3. 3. Major Central Police Forces :  CRPF – 300000 plus personnel  BSF- 240000 personnel  ITBP- 50000 personnel  CISF- 145000 personnel  Assam Rifles- 65000 personnel  SSB- 50000 personnel  NSG- 5000 personnel  SPG- 3000 personnel
  4. 4.  National Investigation Agency (NIA)  National Security Guard (NSG)  National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)  National Counter Terror Center (NCTC)( proposed) An estimated $900 million - $1 billion were spent on modernization of Central Police Forces in the last fiscal year.
  5. 5.  89,641 light weight BP jackets,  67,965 AK-47 rifles;  16,430 Assault rifles;  2537 X-95 assault rifles for CRPF  34377 Carbine Machine For BSF  1,805 Automatic Grenade Launchers;  2,608 Glock Pistols;  1,164 hand-held Thermal Imagers;  1,576 MP-5s;  8,109 PNS Weapons sights;  105 Mine protected vehicles;  8 ALH Helicopters;  118 Light Armoured Troop Carriers;  3,174 Deep Search Metal Detectors;  9,792 Passive Night Vision Binoculars etc  25 Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices, RCIED Jammers for CRPF Road Opening parties.  16,791 Digital VHF/UHF hand held radio sets for BSF has been sanctioned.  Under the Modernisation of Police Force scheme, the state level police forces have been provided with 26465 bullet proof jackets, 1077786 assault rifles and 17824 vehicles.  An estimated 30,000 MP-5 are under the process of being purchased by Union Home Ministry for NSG and State level Special Forces.
  6. 6.  Modernization is being sponsored by Union Home Ministry.  Key Areas of Modernization are:  Mobility (including purchase of bullet proof and mine proof vehicles)  Weaponry  Communication Systems  Training  Forensic Science Laboratory/ Finger Printing Bureau  Equipments  Buildings Under the Modernization of State Police Forces Scheme,  100% of the expenditures of Police Forces of J&K and Northeast States are reimbursed by Central Government under Security Related Expenditure Scheme (SRE)  For all other states, 75% of the expenditure is reimbursed under (SRE)
  7. 7.  The Concept of Megacity Policing as a subset of Modernization of Police Force was introduced in 2005-06.  At present Megacity Policing includes the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Chennai and Hyderabad.
  8. 8.  Under this scheme financial assistance is given by the Union Home Ministry for the procurement of the following equipment : 1. Night Vision Devices 2. GPS/GIS for Dial 100 system and patrol cars 3. Surveillance Camera and CCTV systems 4. Security equipment like portable X-ray machines, vehicle scanner, vehicle number plate identification system, cyber patrol and communication monitoring system, Integrated GIS based automated vehicle tracking and management system.
  9. 9.  Since the happening of the 26/11, an estimated Rs 500 Crore ( $100 million) has been spent on the modernization of Mumbai Police.  As is the norm 75% of the cost was taken care of by the Central Government.  A special Force named Force One was created on the lines of National Security Guard. Plans are afoot for the installation of 5000 CCTVs in Mumbai alone.  There is also a proposal for induction of Mini UAVs for Mumbai.
  10. 10.  Weapon systems bought include M-4 Assault Rifles, Anti-material Weapons, AK-47, MP-5, as well as Bullet Proof Jackets, Amphibious Platforms for patrolling of city coastline, armoured vehicles and motor bikes.  Similar scale of modernization can witnessed in most cities of India.  For 2012- Plans to procure 1368 MP5 Submachine Gun and 3440 Glock Pistols.  Also Delhi Police is awaiting for allocation of the following from Union Home Ministry.  1000 Glock Pistols,  900 AK-47 rifles,  513 number of MP-5 Submachine Gun and  31 number of 9mm Pistols  In 2011- Purchased 700 INSAS Rifles, 503 number of 9mm Pistols and 59 AK-47 Rifles.
  11. 11.  10,000 number of 9mm pistols  3450 Glock Pistols  3509 Assault Rifles  59 numbers of AK-47  11 Sniper Rifles  4528 numbers of INSAS Rifles  226 Multi Detectors  20 Minesweepers  240 X-Ray Baggage Scanners  2 number of Jammers  2 number of Mobile Cargo Containers  2 number of X-Ray Baggage Inspector Systems  Automated CDR Analysis Kit  High-end Forensic Workstation  10 Explosive Detectors  35 Under Vehicle Video Scanners  5 numbers of Bomb Blankets  4 number of X-Ray Baggage Scanners Source – MSN News DELHI POLICE : MODERNIZATION AND PURCHASE OF EQUIPMENT
  12. 12. • CRPF has plans to procure 3000 sniffer dogs for anti-Naxal operations. • More fund is being availed by the Central Government for modernization of state level police forces than is being spend by the states. • Reports state that an estimated $300 million being allocated by Home Ministry for training of police personnel on sophisticated weapons is yet to be utilized by states.
  13. 13.  Phase I of Modernization of BSF was from the period 2002 to 2011 under which Rs2330 Crore ($500 million) was allocated.  Under Phase II of modernization Rs 5667 Crore ($ 1 billion) has been allocated.  As Per Union Home Ministry, modernization is being done under the broad heads of : 1. Arms and Ammunition 2. Motor Transport 3. Clothing Tentage and Stores 4. Machinery & Equipment 5. Administration and Logistics 6. Solar Energy. Similar scale of modernization is being undertaken for others CAPFs also.
  14. 14.  In the Post 26/11 era, improvement in Coastal Security has been given the highest priority.  Indian Navy has been made the nodal agency responsible for the entire arena of coastal and maritime security.  The three layers of maritime security Includes:  Indian Navy  Indian Coast Guard  Coastal Police
  15. 15.  By 2020, Indian Coast Guard is expected to have 300 ships and 100 aircrafts.  For better coastal security and surveillance and to thwart a repeat of a sea bound attack as it happened on 26/11, Indian Navy has created a specialized force namely Sagar Prahari Bal which consists of 1000 personnel and 80 interceptor boats.  It is expected that with the phased induction of eight P8i Poseidon long Range Reconnaissance Aircrafts from 2013, Indian navy’s martime surveillance capability would get a substantial boost.
  16. 16.  The Government is also setting up a chain of radars to properly monitor India’s 7500 km long coast.  Under Phase I of the Static Sensors Projects of Coastal Surveillance Network of Indian Coast Guard, 46 radar station clusters would be put up across India’s coastal region.  Under Phase II of the same, an additional 36 such coastal radar stations would be put up in addition to 10 more for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  17. 17.  The Maoist movement have been termed by India’s Prime Minister as the greatest internal security threat.  However since 2009, the Maoists have been at the receiving end with several of their top and middle rung leadership having either being neutralized or arrested.  While the CRPF have been assisting the state police in anti-Maoist operations, most of the Maoist affected states have been on a modernization spree and have come up with their own special forces to combat the Maoists.
  18. 18.  Some of the most successful state level special forces created for anti-Maoist operations include 1. Greyhound- Andhra Pradesh 2. C-60 & Special Action Group – Maharashtra 3. Counterinsurgency Force & STRACO- West Bengal 4. Special Operations Group (SOG) – Odisha 5. Anti Naxal Force (ANF) – Karnataka 6. Special Task Force (STF) – Bihar 7. Jharkhand Jaguars – Jharkhand 8. Chhatisgarh Armed Force – Chhattisgarh 9. Hawk Force – Madhya Pradesh
  19. 19.  Additionally CRPF has also set up 10 battalions of COBRA force for anti-Maoist operations and they are equipped with Israeli made Tavor Assault Rifles.  The Union Home Ministry is also setting up 21 Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorist (CIAT) training schools across India.  Further Union Government is fortifying 400 police stations with state of the art equipment in the severely Maoist affected districts of India.  The estimated expenditure for the whole project is Rs 800 crore or $150 million.
  20. 20. The broad areas where market exists in India are as follows : • Internal Security Intelligence Market • Riot Control Equipment Market • Non-lethal Weapons Market • Critical Infrastructure Security Market • Aviation Security Market • Maritime Security Market • Border Security Market
  21. 21. The broad areas where market exists in India are as follows : • Perimeter Security Market • Biometric Identification Market • Private Sector Security Market • Aerial Reconnaissance Market including both manned & unmanned Systems. • Special Weapons and Training Market for Special Forces including assault rifles, ballistic shields, combat gear, special forces vehicles, helmets, bullet proof vests and night vision devices.