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Facewatch Together We Will Beat Crime - Simon Gordon


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Facewatch Together We Will Beat Crime - Simon Gordon (Securing Asia 2015)

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Facewatch Together We Will Beat Crime - Simon Gordon

  1. 1. 2 0 1 4 STRICTLY PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL 1 Product update April 2015
  2. 2. What is Facewatch? Facewatch is a crime reporting platform that enables businesses, communities and police to work together to help reduce high volume acquisitive crime. 3 Products: The Platform (& Apps) Facewatch ID Crime reporting portal 2
  3. 3. The Platform (& Apps)
  4. 4. The Facewatch Platform • The main platform is the heart of Facewatch, it is: – Police and CPS approved – Fully Data Protection compliant – Legally formalised: User T&C’s; Police data sharing agreements – Hosted in secure cloud with Sungard – Fully scaleable with rest API’s to services • Simple user interface and fully optimised for large or small screens • Associated Tools and Apps: – Facewatch Mobile – Facewatch Communicator – Facewatch CCTV viewer – Facial recognition
  5. 5. The Platform - main user interface For full overview of screens on Facewatch website click here
  6. 6. Facewatch Mobile App Coming May 2015 (Beta version available April 15) • Brings Facewatch to your mobile with a completely native App • Simple and clean user interface • See Facewatch group posts and alerts • See Group watch list(s) • See incidents reported • Report incidents: – Instant ban (appears on Group Watch lists and promulgates facial recognition systems instantly) – Crime report – CCTV upload
  7. 7. Facewatch Mobile App
  8. 8. Facewatch Communicator App Coming May 2015 (Beta version available April 15) • To supplement or replace radio schemes • A simple App that allows instant sharing of images, video, audio with your group • Instant messaging with video, images, audio • GPS located Alerts function • SOS button to notify group of a problem, with location and last 30 seconds of sound • Optional extra: Push to Talk, with your whole group or one to one (Radio style) • Devices, SIM cards and accessories available separately (professional external mic; speaker; earpieces etc)
  9. 9. Facewatch Communicator App Available from July 2015 via Android and IOS app stores. Push to Talk and smartphone with O2 SIM available separately
  10. 10. Facewatch CCTV Viewer Coming May 2015 (Beta version available April 15) • Emergency services CCTV viewer • Works for any Facewatch connected site • See all cameras from any internet connected mobile device • Provides situational awareness on the way to incidents • Reduces false alarms • Single viewer which works with all major CCTV systems • Rewind and Fast forward option to view recorded CCTV • Push clips directly into Facewatch incident/crime reports • Codecs and DVD’s become a thing of the past!
  11. 11. Video access for emergency services Try demo (live view version): Click here (Request username and password from:
  12. 12. Facewatch Facial recognition partners Coming May 2015 (Beta version available April 15) • Facewatch acts as an independent central database for watch lists • Police can use Facial Recognition for searching images in database • Links to multiple facial recognition systems • Facewatch ensures compliance with Data Protection (data weeding; authorities; watch list management) • Multiple watch lists available (Suspects; VIP’s; Members; Self excluders) • Clients can choose any system and can even mix systems so do not get tied in to one supplier • Alerts are pushed direct to selected mobile devices • Images stored centrally in secure Facewatch server so no data held on local facial recognition servers View demo:
  13. 13. Facial recognition overview Enrol face Warning!
  14. 14. Facewatch ID
  15. 15. Facewatch ID • Free mobile App launched June 2012 to the public • Available on IOS; Android stores (and as webpage on others) • Post code centric images of police images requiring identification • Public can enter any information about suspect and report instantly and confidentially via the App or via Crimestoppers link (Facewatch is partnered with Crimestoppers) • Downloaded over 140,000 times • Police are receiving actionable intelligence on around 20% of images • Large numbers of arrests resulting from identifications • National system, enables images to be made viewable in multiple locations (police decide where they are shown) • Fully data protection compliant and only police can add images after appropriate investigation • Discussed with Liberty and Big Brother Watch before launch
  16. 16. Facewatch ID Available to download now from App stores
  17. 17. Facewatch Online Crime Reporting Portal
  18. 18. Facewatch Online Crime Reporting Portal Available now • Designed and built with Hampshire police • Chat facility reduces police time on help calls • Reduces police 101 call centre costs • Force logo displayed • Links to Niche police crime reporting system • Will be linked to all major police information management systems (eg Athena, Accenture Capita) • Available free to police forces • Hosted by Facewatch in secure cloud for annual hosting fee
  19. 19. Facewatch Crime Reporting Portal
  20. 20. Benefits to Police and Businesses
  21. 21. Benefits to police • FW helps prevent, solve and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. • FW enables the police to be open, responsive and accountable to victims. • FW can help a coordinated and effective response to major incidents and public order events. • FW helps deliver a more responsive and effective service to the public and businesses. • Helps the police use their resources more effectively. • Supports partnership working in a coherent and integrated manner. • Helps minimise the impact of the cuts to the police.
  23. 23. Benefits to Business • A better understanding of how, where, when it is suffering shrinkage/theft/security related incidents and by whom across the entirety of its business. Facewatch can help join up the dots on a critical issue that currently escapes any business not using Facewatch. • No new equipment requirement • Once the data from the incidents of interest has been analysed using the Facewatch analytical tools, mitigating strategies can put in place that deliver: • Enhanced levels of safety for employees through the distribution of up to date watch lists that contain pictures of offenders taken from the business's CCTV. • Enhanced levels of public safety. • Improved protection of business value. • Reduced expenditure on security with improved targeting of resources. • Improved working relationship with the Police. • Improved delivery of any corporate social responsibility programme by making the community a safer and more secure environment.
  24. 24. Facewatch For further information